What do you watch or listen to while working?

I'm curious to know what people do to distract their ears and, in fits and starts their eyes, while working. Some people need music or video content playing while they study or work. What do you need?

My latest go-to has been, thanks to Hasbro, episodes of old 80s cartoons. I just finished all the Transformers episodes (some are pretty racist cringy, ouch!) and am ready to embark on GI Joe. This stuff is so nostalgically familiar that my brain just kind of tunes most of it out while I'm working, but when I need a break there's familiar sights, voices, and music to delight my old-man eyes and ears.

Any kind of loud music, preferably instrumental or at least something I‘m familiar enough with that the vocals won’t engage the wrong parts of my brain.

I'm working right now! Currently playing Man or Astro-man through headphones while doing some programming.

I like instrumental or lyric-lite music as well.

One of my more recent additions is putting on a lets-play (with or without commentary) of a game that I've played before. It works well as background noise, and I sometimes it's nice to tune in at full attention for a few mins to distract myself from actual work.

Throughout the day I just listen to white noise, but at night, I turn on my iTunes library, which I've stuffed with all manner of random shit. Everything from Kokoro Bosoi Na to The Only Thing I Know For Real, from Shining Collection (unfortunately no YouTube link) to the Willy Wombat theme.

Any kind of music that steers away from the radioformula from my country (Spain, so Guess what, I hate Spanish mainstream pop and reggaeton). I usually hear podcasts or a wide variety of discs (for example, I heard Tears for Fear's latest album).

my criteria seem pretty similar to @"billy "#p60730. I quite often end up listening to one song on repeat for the whole day. These are the two songs I listened to today (from the same album):



(of course they're both unavailable on the forum and you have to click the link to listen)

70s - 90s console and computer game music playlists on YouTube. :heart:

@“Exquisivision”#p118380 this is me, especially of the kind labeled “relaxing [insert console] music.”

Then in brief moments of downtime I'll watch part of a YouTube video. Been watching a fair amount of Tim Rogers' Kotaku videos lately, as I never saw them when he worked there.

They're a bit goofy but I do love those “PSX Jungle” mixes that are all over youtube recently. Anything too relaxing and I zone-out. My go-to in high school was the Mario Kart 8 ost, I would measure how long my homework took me by how many times it looped.

lately a lot of ambient stuff, sometimes trawling thru the ambient tag on bandcamp. i've also been into the various mixes on https://musicforprogramming.net/

I'm still not entirely over @“JoJoestar”#251 making me aware of the existence of this


listen to:

  • - Soma FM (usually the Underground 80's station, DEFCON, or poptron, though I really do think just about every station is excellent)
  • - [ryan celsius](https://www.youtube.com/user/ryancelsiuss), the aesthetic deity, all fuckin day every fuckin day
  • - whatever mixes on YouTube look good. lots of drum n bass lately. [dedeco](https://www.youtube.com/@dedecoVGMDJ) is always good but i feel like i'm missing out if i don't pay attention to the captions so that's usually not Leave On In The Background material
  • watching (on an old iPad I set up next to my monitors, silently):

  • - [Toonami Aftermath](https://www.toonamiaftermath.com/)
  • - something on twitch
  • - something on crunchyroll
  • - something on hidive
  • whatever has the coolest vibes at the moment. since i'm doing audio work i can't really Listen so it's mostly just having neat things going to supplement my minimum ADHD stimulation needs.