What even IS in the Bay Area?

Used to listen to 106.1 all the time as well.

Completely unlocked a memory I had forgotten about - there was a Bay Area radio station about a decade ago that was rebranding (it was 105.7 Latinomix --> HOT 105.7) and as part of the rebranding process only played Hot in Herre by Nelly for 3 days straight

@“Hunter”#p140020 lol that seems like a great way to not get any new listeners at all!

Several months ago I was about to order the 2024 hoodcats of Oakland calendar.

Then my buddy said “don’t worry I’ve got you I always buy 5 packs and hand them out”

Well he failed to do that and now they’re sold out!

Anybody order extras this year?

@“treefroggy”#p147015 I totally forgot! Looks like it's that kind of year.

located in San Bruno