What franchise has the best / most spin offs?

I was thinking about how good Dragon Quest Builders 2 was today and I started wondering if Dragon Quest had the most (and possibly best) spin offs. There's roguelikes, rhythm games, strategy games, board games, Minecraft clones, MMO, Pokemon-clone, card game, etc. Mario and Final Fantasy have a decent number as well but I feel like with Dragon Quest, they still capture the spirit of DQ and the quality (in my experience) is usually pretty solid.

I‘m pretty sure there’s over like 50 Pokémon spin-off games?

Dungeon Meshi profile pic heck yeah.

I would have to give this a good thinking but it has to be one of the more popular franchises, right? Mario and Final Fantasy have both a lot of spin offs and very good ones, specially if you consider stuff like Luigi's Mansion or the Wario and Yoshi games as part of the "Super Mario" umbrella. Final Fantasy has some really strong variety with stuff like Chocobo Racing, musical games (Theatrhythm) and even that Picross game for the DS.

Kirby has some fantastic spin offs as well and super strong variety to the point it's even hard establishing what is a "main" Kirby game. I like Kirby a lot so that's a strong candidate too.

But to me it has to be Shin Megami Tensei. There are too many games on too many genres that I like a hell of a lot in there. The Raidou Kuzunoha subseries, Digital Devil Saga, If, Devil Survivor, Soul Hackers, Strange Journey, and this may be cheating a bit but since Persona is also part of this series that also brings you all the dancing/musical games, the fighting games developed by Arc System Works and even that musou game that is finally going to be released in the west. What a bounty!

@JoJoestar#13331 My first thought for a slightly-out-of-left-field type answer was going to be SMT, for those exact reasons!

It certainly doesn't win "most", and probably not even "best" but at least worthy of note is Metal Gear, for then giving us Solid, Rising, and Acid.

Forza Motorsport giving us Forza Horizon also doesn't win "most" but dang that's a good spin-off.

We might have to give Sonic, That Hedgehog the award for most spinoffs that are better than the main series games (which is appropriate for a guy who often spins before setting off).

  • - Sonic R
  • - Sonic Spinball
  • - Sonic & All-Stars Racing Racing Transformed
  • - Mean Old Dr. Ro-BUTT-nik's Beans
  • - Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (lol)
  • - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
  • shots fired against the hedgehog empire

    you can also add Christmas Nights as part of the running gag

    Any neo geo game that made its way to the neo geo pocket. They did a good job of smashing down huge arcade games into little tiny button mashers.

    I especially like the NGP metal slugs. They're more like adventure games than action and you can really sink your teeth into them.

    Greatest Spin Off Of All Time? That's a tie:

    Final Fantasy Tactics and Symphony of the Night were both supposed to be spin-offs….

    But I totally agree, Dragon Quest maintains integrity with every spin off.
    I also agree that Dungeon Meshi is wonderful.

    Kirby has cool spin offs, look no further than Dream Course, Air Ride.
    Wario had himself a spin off that did pretty well, R.I.P. R&D1

    As far as the *most* spinoffs, rather than the *best*...
    Kingdom Farts and Final Fantasy has just been... Desecrated.

    I really like Bomberman Pocket Adventure, a Bomberman spinoff 2D vertical platformer than retains the classic bomber-mechanics.
    LandStalker series had a spinoff for super famicom called Ladystalker.

    I can third: Dungeon Meshi owns

    Also the compilation of FF7 with Crisis Core being the best out of all of 'em.' Though, I'm pretty interested in checking out Dirge of Cerberus someday

    Metal Gear!

    _Rising_, _Acid_ 1&2, _Ghost Babel_ and to some extent even _Survive_'s story mode are all great. Each one manages to nail the feel and aesthetic of the early games better than the last few mainline entries ever could, while taking the gameplay off in unexpected but well-realised new directions. Rising in particular is so good I'd rank it in my top 3 for the whole series.

    I had a lot of fun with _Portable Ops_ at the time, but that's a hard one to get back into now. Also just remembered that those digital comics for PSP existed.

    _edit: Sorry @rejj - you already mentioned some of these._

    @JoJoestar#13331 SMT is one series that I keep buying but too intimidated to play.


    I was taken by Persona 1 when it first came out on ps1 and bought 70% of post 16bit games on this chart plus many games that came out since. I've only finished Persona games, 1 ps1/psp, 3 fes, 4 golden, 4 dancing, Q, and 5. The one I enjoyed the most is actually P4 dancing. It helped me out when I was feeling low. I definitely want to finish at least 1 mainline SMT but I'm paralyzed with choices.

    @KennyL Yeah Nocturne is a real solid recommendation! SMT IV is also excellent, and easy to slip into and get comfy for a Persona series vet.

    SMTIV shreds hard as hell if you have a 3DS around!!!

    Eagerly awaiting the Nocturne remaster too even though it sounds like it has issues.

    Yeah honestly SMT IV might be the single best reason to own a 3DS.

    I... I actually like it better than Nocturne.

    IV is fantastic but “play nocture” is I think correct because it is cool as hell and a new to the series player will “get it” from nocturne outward

    I also do think it‘s worth saying that if you indeed go Nocturne first and bounce on it for whatever reason(I did this!) that going to IV might help you get primed for what kind of games these are and what’s required of you to play them. I did exactly that and felt that Nocturne was much more enjoyable after I had a better understanding of the way they worked in a more friendly(but not as like boring in its friendliness as Persona 5) way. It was a great primer.

    fuckin great game

    Oh yeah Nocturne is on the top of my list for sure. I‘ve started like 5 times throughout the years and love every thing about it but too intimidated to continue. Looks amazing on PCSX2 high res with widescreen hack. It also looks amazing on my mom’s old 13 inch Sony crt tv that she just dug up for me.

    Also I should've wrote I want to beat a non-Persona SMT games. Somehow in my brain I also roped Strange Journey, Soul Hackers, and IV Apocalypse into "mainline" SMT. I've tried tiny bit of all of them and totally digging but scared... Fan translations of SFC SMT 1 and 2 look good too. But yeah, I'll probably restart Nocturne again and dig in for real this time. Thanks for the suggestions.


    IV Apocalypse is an interesting one. I consider it just a mainline game because it's both mechanically and narratively a sequel to IV. I think your other ones count as mainline games too, Strange Journey especially. In general I feel people are too strict with SMT categorization lol.

    1 and 2 are fun playthroughs if you're ready for what they're gonna throw at you. I referenced guides a bunch but also just great games to wander in.

    I've been itching to play the Raidou games for the longest time but I don't have a PS3 on hand currently, don't have physical PS2 discs(god they're expensive now too), and my PC isn't quite up to snuff to run them well+I don't like sitting at my desk to play stuff. One day!