What games have you bought over and over throughout your life?

I reflexively shelled out $29.99 today to purchase Myst VR on Oculus. I first played Myst on PC in 1995 when I was 8 years old.

Cyan games and the likes have stuck with me forever. The worlds of games like Riven and, more modernly, The Witness, live in my memory like real locations and have always provided me a comforting personal escape.

Since Myst is so completely exactly what it is the game has not changed much at all over the last 28 years. Each release is essentially a hardware or graphical update. Since, to me, the experience is mostly about "being" in the place I instantly purchased every possible update to bring me back every few years. It's almost like if a walking sim version of a childhood home you moved out of as kid was released every few years with more vibrant detail. I also bought Myst on pretty much every platform I ever could. There was always some reason.

This is all started with me thinking "How many times have I bought Myst!?" Here's my list:

Myst - 1995 Gateway PC
realMyst - PC 2000
realMyst: Interactive 3D Edition - PC 2001
Myst - PS3 2012
realMyst - iPad 2012
realMyst: Masterpiece Edition - Mac 2014
realMyst - iPhone 2017
realMyst Masterpiece Edition - Mac/Steam 2018
Myst - Nintendo Switch 2020
Myst - 2021 Oculus VR

That's at least 10 times. Doesn't count Riven and the sequels and I'm definitely missing one or two purchases between 2001 and 2012 where I bought some nonsense special edition or something.

What games have you bought over and over and over?

Bonus question: What other games have had so many releases and remained essentially the same exact game? Not even something like Pac-Man with lots of different iterations and presentations.

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I‘ve bought several copies of stuff over the years, but nothing as impressive as your ten Mysts!! I’d love to see if anyone on the forum can top that. I am always sure to support new versions of games I really care about as they come to new platforms, though. Some ones I can think of are:

Okami (PS2, Switch, Steam (I'd like to get the Wii one some day too!))
Katamari Damacy (PS2, Switch, Steam (For this reason, Okami and Katamari are forever linked in my mind.))
Final Fantasy IX (PS1, Switch, Steam)

And looking into the future, I already have both the PS2 and Game Cube versions of Ribbit King, but I'd like to have the Japanese versions of both releases as well. Once that happens, Ribbit King will be the game in my collection I have the most copies of. But it's still a work in progress!

Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 I've bought on:





and if the Switch ports ever come West then I will buy them again!!!

Shenmue II 4x, Armored Core IV 3x (forgot I owned it), Front Mission IV 3x, SMT Nocturned 3x. I guess this is what happens when you’re not a “collector” and you want to play something again… IDK if mmo subs are applicable but probably a dozen resubs for FFXI

Symphony of the Night is probably the game I've bought the most.

PSX disc when it was new
and Dracula X Chronicles on PSP

and now that I think about it Doom 93 is another

Final Doom on disc for PC
Doom 3 collectors edition specially to play the port of Doom on there

I think my top is either Ninja Gaiden or SF 2 depending if you count different versions of SF2 as different games.

Ninja Gaiden:
NES Mini
Wii U
Switch Online subscription

Street Fighter 2:
Wii (twice: turbo and new challangers)
Xbox 360 (twice: Hyper Fighting and HD remix)
Wii U (twice: turbo and new challangers)
Switch (three times: Ultra SF2, SF Collection, Capcom Arcade Stadium)

I've been somehow been suckered into purchasing Kingdom Hearts several times, maybe more than any other game:

Kingdom Hearts PS2

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix PS3

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX PS4

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX PC

Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far PS4

If we're only talking standalone games I think it's Chrono Trigger which is:

I should probably find some way to buy another Chrono Trigger copy so my default answer isn't Kingdom Hearts related.

I own multiple physical copies of Resident Evil 4, and digital versions as well.

I own:

  • 1. GameCube
  • 2. PS2
  • 3. Wii
  • 4. PS4
  • 5. Switch (digital)
  • 6. PC (digital)
  • 7. iOS (delisted iirc)
  • I will buy the Oculus Quest 2 First person version when it drops too. I have a problem.

    Off the top of my head I must own the original Sonic at least half a dozen times across different compilations but if that doesn‘t count then I’ve bought a lot of games twice but few more than that. The ones that spring to mind are:

    Ikaruga x3
    Super Monkey Balls 1+2 x3
    Final Fantasy 4 x3

    Not that many at all!

    @“Squit”#p41677 hilarious, because reading the thread title my first thought was myst.

    Uhhh besides ones already mentioned (Dark Souls and Sonic 1) maybe Metal Slug for me. Probably the first 3 (plus or minus X) consistently.

    Metal Slug collection for the Wii
    Metal Slug collection for the PSP
    Mainline Metal Slugs bought individually on the switch
    And finally 1, X and 3 for an actual Neo Geo MVS machine

    Collectively me and my friend in high school purchased the same copy of Symphony of the Night twice and I think that should count. He bought it new and we played the heck out of it together, then he traded it in to Babbages without telling me he was going to do that and I had to drive over to the mall the next day and give the store probably at least twice as much money as they had given him

    I think the big ones for me are Resident Evil 1, and the first three games in The Legend of Heroes trilogy. Between RE1 and REmake I must have about a dozen different versions of the game, and for the others I own every significant version of the first two (ex: I‘m glad I’ve got the New LoH PC remake but I‘m not fussed about buying the MSX version in addition to the PC-88 release), and for LoH III I’m pretty sure I own it on every format it‘s ever been released on (6-ish? I’ll have to check).

    I‘ve been trying to think about this, and I can’t really recall any games I have bought many times. Some come to mind I know I've bought twice

  • * Ultima VI, VII, VII Part 2, VIII - original boxed versions as well as later digitally on GOG
  • * Ico, Shadow of the Colossus - original versions as well as the "Ico & Shadow of the Colossus" pack
  • * Destiny 2 - PS4 version, and then later once cross-save was deployed the version on PC
  • * Nier Automata - PS4 version and then this year I bought it on PC after playing Replicant
  • * MGS 1, 2, 3 - original releases plus the "HD Collection"
  • There are likely many more I am forgetting.

    If we're including different regions, I could probably go on a lot longer but top of mind:

    Sonic 1 & 2 - Genesis, Sonic Jam on Saturn and the M2 3DS Ports
    Streets of Rage 1 & 2 - Genesis and M2 3DS Ports
    Guardian Heroes - Saturn & Xbox360 version
    Grandia - Saturn JP and PS1 (Yeah, I've skipped on the HD remasters based on what I heard regarding the quality)
    SotN - PS1 and PS3 (but I recall that was free with the PS3 Castlevania Game as a bonus? Lords of Shadow was it?) SO maybe this doesn't count?
    NiGHTS into Dreams (Saturn & PS2) - The analog controls for the PS2 kinda killed the enjoyment for me...
    Secret of Mana - SNES & Trials of Mana Collection on Switch
    Mega Man 2 NES, Mega Man Collection for Switch (I think I have a Mega Man Collection on PS2 as well?)
    Mega Man 8 PS1 and Saturn
    Street Fighter 2 - SNES and Switch 30th Anniversary Collection
    Final Fantasy 4 and 6 (US) on SNES and PS1 Anthology Collections
    Zone of the Enders - PS2 and PS3
    Oboromuramasa - Wii and Vita
    Chrono Trigger - SNES and DS
    Skies of Arcadia - DC (US & JP) and GameCube
    Virtual On Oratorio Tangram - US & JP Dreamcast plus Xbox360
    VA-11 Hall-A on the Vita and Switch
    Iconoclasts on PS4 and Switch
    Klonoa - PS1 and Wii
    Fire Emblem Awakening - x 2 (Lost my cartridge 40 hours in... Don't ask, long story) >_<
    Crystalis - NES and Switch SNK Collection
    Links Awakening - Gameboy and Switch remaster
    Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni - JP CD's and JP PS2 versions

    Does PS1 FF7 and PS4 FF7 Remake Count? XD

    The first home videogame console I owned was the n64 and ocarina of time was one of the first two games I got for it. My parents split up when I was real young and as a function of that lingering resentment I was not allowed to bring any toys between my dad‘s home in North Carolina and my mom’s in Indiana, so my mom had to buy me another n64 and another copy of oot for me to play at her house (now I wish I had been open-minded enough to harangue her for a DIFFERENT console instead of one I already half possessed). Oot is on the disk that was bundled with my gamecube years later and per some adventure I do not recall I also own the oot/masters quest disk.

    The only game that I ever bought with my own money that I already owned was a digital copy of breath of the wild after my cartridge stopped working. Its not like there was much game left for me to play at that point, but after hemming and hawing for half a year I double dipped, played botw for an hour or two, and then got bored and never played it again. well!

    anyway it's like I always say, you can only have too much 3d zelda

    I bought FFX three times because I couldn‘t decide if I liked it or not, and finally got a CIB black label PS2 copy (again) for completion’s sake. I‘m overdue to give the game a second playthrough, because I still don’t know if I was too harsh on it.

    I don't know if I have a better story than that. I try to mitigate overspending by pirating whatever game I've already paid money for if I decide I'd like it for another platform.

    The one that immediately jumped to mind reading this thread’s title is Rage Racer on the PlayStation, because there was a period in my life when I kept buying the same game every year during my trip to Japan for TGS, afflicted by some weird residual mental note that I still had not bought Rage Racer. I bought it three years in a row. I don’t even like the game that much! This became such an annoyance that it forced me to start noting down which games I wanted and had not acquired yet.

    Regarding more traditional cases of “I just instinctively buy this game on whatever, whenever it comes out” ... I just erased a very long and detailed answer as it was getting depressing somehow. Accounting for ports, revisions, remasters, Virtual Console, mini-consoles and collections, there are a bunch of games for which I realize now I own six to nine versions. I am a complete sucker for re-releases.


    I "conveniently" didn't mention Mini's or Virtual Console etc either so I know where you're coming from on that point.

    I realized this week that I have another option now. I picked up a Mega SG, and before my flash cart showed up, I stopped in my local retro game store and grabbed a few Genesis carts. I bought another copy of Out of this World and realized I now own:

  • 1. SNES
  • 2. Genesis
  • 3. Steam
  • 4. iOS
  • 5. Switch
  • And I’ve still yet to actually make my way through the entire game. Lol