What if a man was mega? A MegaMan thread

Whether you call him Rock or Mega, this Man is in a lot of games. Let‘s talk about ’em!

My first experience with the series was MegaMan 64 in the days when my only gaming machine was the n64. It was previously a rental copy, so there were a bunch of endgame saves already on it. After getting stuck on the first pirate attack, I opened up one of those other files and luxuriated in the world for huge amounts of time. I eventually played the game start to finish as you do, but that wasn't until years later.

When I later got a GBA, I had my eyes on MegaMan Zero. My friend showed me the game and I thought it was the coolest thing. A MegaMan with a cyber sword and windswept pony tail?? (I didn't know about MegaMan X yet) I asked for it for Christmas, and in classic grandparent fashion, my grandparents got **_a_** MegaMan, but not **_the_** MegaMan. It was Battle Network 3 that I unwrapped that Christmas, but much to my surprise, I ended up loving it more than Zero which I got later that year. Battle Network 3 came the closest to feeling like MM64 in the way you explore its little town. Zero on the other hand took a lot a of time and patience to overcome it's difficulty, but it eventually became a favorite too.

Then, from age 9 to 18 I knew I loved MegaMan 64 and always wished there was a sequel. Believe me when I tell you that I did not know there was a MegaMan Legends 2. A friend in college got me into emulators and helped me set up ePSXe. We were talking about games we like and when I told him one of my favorites was MM64, he asked, "Well have you played Legends 2?" My mind ripped in half. The sequel I always wished for was real?! And it had existed for like 10 years?! The experience of playing legends 2 was so special. It's a sequel that builds upon nearly everything great about its predecessor and gives so much more.

I'll pause my MegaMan story here. I love the series! I've enjoyed (and slightly less enjoyed) many games from the Classic, X, Legends, Zero, ZX, and Battle Network series and there are still so many I haven't played. Let's post MegaMan stuff!

Too bad I already did my gushing across 10 different threads.

Nah I still have the rest of MML2 to go.

Listen up yall, this is the way to look at it if you’re a fan of Zelda:
MML1 is ocarina of time (link to the past, even)
MML2 is majoras mask (wind waker, even)

My first mega man game was Mega Motha Man Fucking 8 on the Sony PlayStation in the year 1997. Then I got MML2 and would rent MM64. The I got Mega Man Xtreme on GBC. Then mega man battle network in 2001.

My first time playing the classic games was on that gamecube collection, but I didn’t really get down on some NES cartridges until around the time Mega Man 9 was announced, then I hit the local flea market and was getting those games for 1-12 bucks each. That was like 2008.

I‘m afraid to play the Battle Network games because I’m worried they'll turn out to be better than the Legends series which is where my heart currently lies wrt Rockmen.

Learning a lot from this

TIL Sex Pistols only released one album

My first MM game could have been 1 2 or 3 of the NES games. I think we had 2 and rented the others. I believe anyone who says 4 or whatever is better than 2; I'm not so big of a fan as to defend it. MM7 is good!!!

I'm intrigued by the saga MMX and the Zero games might be trying to tell.

Jeremy Parish's 10 or 100 worst games of all time—forget how many bones he had to pick—was how I discovered toastyfrog in 2001. MM64 was at the top/bottom of the heap. I'd pay to see that guy do a let's play of MM64 today.................................................. >!or *Xenogears*!<.

I super don't like all of the side scrolling MM games but have loved MMBN since the original GBA days. I got the recent collection to finally play some of the later ones in the series.

Froggy's explosions of posts about MML are making me want to actually play then forreal. When I was a kid I rented the first one and played until you get to the little town and then proceeded to spend the weekend only running around the town lol. I've tried a couple more times since but still never made it much further than that.

Big Mega Man fan reporting for duty! I've been playing some Megas Men lately!


I've played 2-5.9 (I'm not done w/ 5 yet) and have been enjoying my time with them and not worrying about the difficulty or trying to figure out boss weaknesses.

I'm of the age that I recognize the all of the flaws and issues with the NES games, but like, those are the _Mega Man_ games for me. I loved 10 and 11 when they came out in the 360 era, but haven't revisited them.

I have played a bit of _Battle Network [1]_ on the Miyoo Mini and it took me a while to even figure out what the game loop was. It's cool and interesting! I'm going to keep poking at it, but it may not be for me just due to the length of the game. Haven't played the Zero games... yet.

I love the SFX that Mega Man makes when he lands. More colorful platformers need that landing sound rather than a button press sound. I certainly make more noise when I land than when I jump in real life! One of these days, I'm going to make the thread I threatened about landing SFX noises.

I also wrongly passed on purchasing the various _Legends_ when they were being bargain binned in the early 2000s. I knew it was the wrong decision at the time, and it remains a Big Gaming Regret.

You just made me realize that rockman.exe can’t jump!

@“connrrr”#p146893 I think Battle Network is in its own space enough that you can love them both. They're different genres of anime. One a lower stakes middle school shonen thing and the other an imaginative adventure series.

This thread unlocked a memory.

When I was in Grade 1 or 2 my parents hosted a Japanese exchange student through my older sister's highschool exchange program.

So one day I was playing Mega Man 1 on the original Gameboy when this exchange student looks over and goes 'Yes Mega Man is strong!' and gestured with her bicep like in those war propaganda posters. I don't recall if she called it Mega Man or Rock Man though.

This almost sounds like those 'spiritual awakening to Japanese culture' moments. But no - I just think her thinking Mega Man was strong was kind of cool as a kid.

Now that I finished the second dungeon boss on MML2 there are a few ways the game seems more over ambitious and some seams are showing compared to the first game:

There’s been some graphical glitches, mega man’s head turned all the way around when I stepped away while opening a chest. The difficulty curve isn’t as smooth as the first game. Being surrounded by an overwhelming number of enemies, targeting them is very frustrating, not at all a smooth as in Zelda. I’m getting stunlocked a ton (like from full health to death) which is super annoying. I’m at the third island/town now and I don’t like either of them as much as yosyonke. But I think there’s still a lot more to the game.

I‘m tired but for now I must say that I’m a huge MM fan.

I don‘t quite remember the first game I ever completed but I’m pretty sure it was either The Lion King or MM 6 when I was very young.

Anyone else remember Mega Man X: Command Mission?
Really cool!
Random battles were a little too common but at least battles were generally fun.

The ZX games are also great and I rarely see them mentioned.
I love them.

I do not remember when I first played Megaman but it was in the early NES era. In my mind it was either renting MM1 or playing that terrible PC version on my dad’s computer(at the time I loved it). Either way, I’ve been playing since nearly the beginning and I’m a huge fan. The X series is my favorite. I have MMX1 as a permanent fixture in my all time list and I’d argue it’s one of the greatest, most close to perfect video games ever made.

Here’s my ranking of X games: 1 > 4 > 2 > 3 > 5 > 6 > 8 > 7.

Also I think about the voice acting in MM8 all the time.


@“Osu 16 Bit”#p146994 1 > 4 > 2 > 3 > 5 > 6 > 8 > 7

Agree 100% with this ranking. I love x4 for its bombastic graphics and "what am I fighting foooorrrr!", but you just can't beat the original for being able to blaze through it in a couple afternoons and have a real smooth time.

I have X1 and have played a lot but haven’t beaten it yet. It’s high on the list! I do intend to play at least up to X4 which I’m really looking forward to. I have intense nostalgia for MM8 and X4 really hits it because it’s so similar in production


Yeah I think something 1, 2, and 4 get right that the rest are not as good at is how smooth a playthrough is once you know what to do. There is some mandatory backtracking if you want items but it's minimal. The others are not as well designed for replays. Like X3 I NEVER use those suits because I don't even get the main one you need for the others until the near end of the game. X5 also has the worst ever, where you HAVE to replay a slow paced stage twice.

Episode 349 of Retronauts has a lengthy portion devoted to Mega Man X6's soundtrack—bad game, good music.

I love the melodrama in the *X* series mixed with rad spectacle and guitars. Those games know how to open in medias res. I'm a big fan of how X2 and 3 open: one with X slamming his [ride chaser](https://megaman.fandom.com/wiki/Ride_Chaser) full speed into a [cannon driver](https://megaman.fandom.com/wiki/Cannon_Driver) and the other with X and Zero jumping onto a [spycopter](https://megaman.fandom.com/wiki/Spycopter) and feeding it their X-buster and Z-saber before riding its carcass into the ground. It's X-treme!! When I see animations like that on a 16-bit system I can't not appreciate the ambition and experimentation with what can be depicted using in-game spites.

Something I noticed while looking at the games up to and especially *X5* is how informed by scrolling shoot-em-ups they are, even employing tropes like that boss **[color=red][u]WARNING[/u][/color]** alarm. The explosions are so shoot-em-uppy too, looking at them with this in mind. They're like on-foot shoot-em-ups. (Ok maybe I'm forcing this comparison a little.)

And let's not forget the most overlooked entry in the *X* series: ***Math Tornado***


@“connrrr”#p147062 [size=1]ahem, excuse me…[/size] [size=39]MATH TORNADO?![/size]

@“kyleprocrastinations”#p147070 Yeah, I'm pretty shook from this whole revelation myself.

@"connrrr"#p147062 The weird midi arrangement of "Back in the USSR" is quite the choice!

MM definitely kickstarted my love of videogames as a child. Specifically playing MM4 on my cousin‘s NES in their basement when I was prolly 7 or 8 (before he got the Playstation for Xmas in ’96). And it‘s to this day my favorite, and the one NES game I can sit down and beat, without issue. A comfort game. Another good videogaming memory was playing through and beating every MM and MMX game up until they got too confusing (X4 is the last one as far as I am concerned) with my best friend and I trading off lives one summer during college. The series captured my imagination as a kid, for some reason. We would even ’play‘ Mega Man outside, with our MINDS, a shirt wrapped around my arm for the Mega Buster acting out stages and weapons. Do kids do that sort of thing anymore? I wouldn’t know