What is your arcade "holy grail" you hope to find and play someday?

Arcade game are often a unique case in terms of the experience they provide, preservation, and accessiblility because they often have special control schemes that make the experience not quite as satisfying if you‘re experiencing them via ports or emulation, and with many cases with more niche or more modern arcade games aren’t even able to be experienced with emulation because they're on unique engines only used for a handful of titles, perhaps even only one game. As a result, there are a lot of games that you can only sit and dream of somehow finding in the wild someday and playing. With that in mind, what is your “holy grail” arcade game, and what makes it so enticing and interesting for you?

Hopefully, if anyone knows an arcade location that has one of the games someone mentions in this thread, they can let the poster know so we can all help each other find these someday!

For me, it's Ollie King by Sega. To me, it sounds like heaven: Jet Set Radio is one of my all-time favorite games, and SmileBit made another extreme sports related followup complete with an [another amazing soundtrack by Hideki Naganuma.](https://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5ShI1dTeUI&list=LL&index=43) It has the same "blue skies, good vibes" aeshetic as a lot of Sega arcade games do, plus it oozes style from the character designs, art style, and announcer. Plus, it's about skateboarding, a passion of mine IRL, and a Sega arcade game about it is a dream come true. It has a cool control scheme where you're on a fake skateboard and move your feet to certain parts to do an ollie or bend down for speed, and from what little gameplay footage is on YouTube, the sense of air on the ollies looks so satisfying.


Ollie King was an old fav of mine.

I‘ve found imitators (that aren’t very good), but haven't seen the original machine in a very long time.

I'd really like to play Primal Rage 2 someday, AFAIK they still have it at Galloping Ghost up in Illinois.
I was a huge fan of the original, I know it wasn't "great" by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure was cool.

@“mtvcribs”#p113255 I've been meaning to get to Galloping Ghost - word on the street is they have a Lucky & Wild cab.

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p113144 Would this be a pseudo sequel to Top Skater?

I wanna play Outfoxies!!


my local arcade has the laggy azz mame cab with all the games on it, but this is the one game that isn't on there >_<

@“p3ters”#p113300 Same here! I always kinda wrote it off as just a footnote that a platform fighter existed before Smash, but after listening to the top 20 arcade episode of IC where they talked about all the mechanics and depth it has, it sounds absolutely brilliant and I wonder why it‘s never been rereleased unless there’s some sort of liscencing issue with art or music.

I want to play the Pac-Man pinball, F-Zero, and the Star Wars game with the insane graphics.

I want to play the Arcade version of Crisis Zone (the Namco one related to Time Crisis) because A) it can’t be emulated, B) has chunky plastic gun controller with a seeming jackhammer motor contained inside of it and the metal foot pedal, and most of all C) the arcade version has brighter colors and textures than the PS2 port. Big bright loud arcade format is right for all the environmental destruction debris flying all over the place.


Konami’s **GTI Club**, a sit-down racing game where you drive around Cote D’Azur. It has a handbrake. I’ve never seen that game in real life but yes please. Sit-down for **Sega’s Emergency Call Ambulance**, I don’t know if it’s good but I want to medically-urgently drive through a Sega City for the sake of people’s lives. (They should have done a 2-player where one person drives and the other person conducts a Trauma Center: Under The Knife style surgery in the back, like Lucky & Wild?) Some other steering wheel ones like **Virtua Racing**, which I have played but not since 30 years ago. I want to press the pedals and spin the wheel and see big bright loud arcade art. I’m sad that I’ve never seen a **Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune** cabinet in real life.


I tell myself that I want to play Namco’s Rapid River, where you paddle in the raft down the raging river, but I don’t know. I don’t necessarily think it will be fun but I’d be laughing if it was me and my sweetheart playing.


If I ever move out of an apartment and can create some kind of basement bunker home gym, you bet there's going to be a Prop Cycle unit with the resistance cranked up.



original trio the punch probably

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p113304 One of the speculated reasons I‘ve heard from JP port-house folk is that there’s a concern it couldn't be reissued with a lower-than-CERO Z rating, related to one of the player-characters being twin children.

@“bwood”#p113307 I have played Pac-Man Pinball! It was also something I was really interested in for a long time, but it was a huge letdown. It‘s a fantastic concept, but both a bad, barebones pinball table and a bad Pac-Man game (it’s running on some hardware and engine that's Bally made and not the same as the other Pac-Man arcade games, so it both looks ugly and feels slow and off). It you want to seek it down, I believe I saw it in Game Galaxy near Nashville (amazing arcade!) last year.

Not a rarity or anything, but I would buy a Forgotten Worlds/Lost Worlds cabinet in good condition with working spinners in a heartbeat!

@"HeavenlyHalberd"#p113144 I've encountered Ollie King in the wild exactly once, and all I can say is that I wish I could say it lived up to its soundtrack, lol.

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p113396 this was at the arcade where my ex worked in like 2005. I played it once!! I wish I'd played it additional times.

GGA does indeed still have Primal Rage 2. It’s pretty good, and more complete and playable than you might expect too. They’ve got other weirdo unreleased arcade fighting games like Tattoo Assassins and B.I.O. Freaks as well. GGA is rad!

Mine is the Wavenet version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. It’s a special online version of UMK3 that was tested in Chicago arcades. It also has a few gameplay changes. There’s balance tweaks and Noob Saibot is a hidden playable character. (He’s playable on Genesis/SNES and Trilogy but not arcade UMK3.) Wavenet is not emulated and is not at any arcade. I actually know someone at work at NetherRealm has an original, authentic machine in his home arcade. He got it from another employee, who was at Midway when it was new. I briefly brought it up, but I don’t think he realizes it’s lost media and didn’t seem interested in preserving it. A big bummer. I’m hoping he’ll change his mind at some point.

At a barcade in Manhattan I played a game that was a lot like Fire Truck, but it was in color. I'd really like to play that one again one day.

Big seconds on Outfoxies, Ollie World, and Propcycle!

@“Osu 16 Bit”#p113401 Really gotta make it back up to the Chicago area one of these days.

Last time I was there was only for a night to see the Nier orchestra in 2020 before absolutely nothing of note happened.

GGA looks like a really cool place.


@"HeavenlyHalberd"#p113373 Good to know. I was thinking of saving up for a few years and buying it, but if it isn't much fun, I'll pass. I'll hopefully play it one day, though.

Fire Truck is at Funspot in NH.