What is your arcade "holy grail" you hope to find and play someday?

@“YoohooKangaroo”#p113310 I played Rapid River a few months ago. I wanted to like it, but it got stupid hard very quickly and was pretty expensive for the amount of time you get. I bet it'd be a ton of fun on freeplay.

This one's pretty good.

@“bwood”#p113446 oh mans, this would be another choice of mine. Have no idea about the game, but the OST just slaps!!

there's one game I saw at California Extreme once. It's basically Osu Ouendan Tatake, except you play it with a gun.


@“p3ters”#p113463 I tried to play this once but it was broken!! Dang it

@“bwood”#p113443 I use this post as a springboard to say: Arcade likers, please go check out Funspot in NH. It's truly something special, their selection is gigantic. It even has some plaques to read about notable games! What more could you want, really.

||Literally any Street Fighter is what I want, Funspot. How can you have three floors of arcade games and no Street Fighters!||

For a while, Cho Chabudai Gaeshi was a holy grail, until it got to play it at a Taito Station in Shinjuku in 2011. It was okay! (I think that’s the takeaway for me for holy grails— they often don’t live up to expectations for me)


Not a holy grail but I'd like to see a Sega Turbo sit down cab again someday. It has been years. They used to be all over the place when I was a kid (along with Pole Position) and it would be fun to reminisce.

@“TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee”#p113515 What kills me is there‘s a wikipedia article that lists all the games at Funspot, many which are favorites of mine, and I’ve never seen them there. The Star Wars Trilogy, Space Harrier, and a few other cockpit games are always turned off. I've never seen Super Hang-On, X-Men or a good Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And yes, the game you mentioned, or Darkstalkers… give me something.

I would love to play any of the rhythm games I‘ve seen from Japan. The one with the bongos looks great. Or the rhythm game with the lasers, knobs, and stuff. I’d sink $100 into one of those.

@“Karasu”#p113517 I felt very similarly about this one and I played it in 2018 at eSpot in Richmond BC, had fun but not nearly as much as I thought I would

A lot of these games I feel like they had at the Playdium that I went to in Junior high - I have really distinct memories of Ollie King and Rapid River.

As for Holy Grail Arcade games, at this point I think I'd like to play anything in an arcade that I played or didn't play as a kid now that I have money - TMNT, Simpsons, MK3, etc. with friends in person. Should look into whether they have any in my city anymore...

I‘d kill to get a chance to use that banana joystick on monkeyball cabs, there’s just something so neat about that theming. I can‘t imagine that there’s many arcade games with analog joysticks outside of flight sims so the experience would be pretty unique too.

It would be wild to see one of these: https://segaretro.org/Virtua_Formula

I heard rumors of this game in middle school, it sounded completely made up to me at the time, but too wild to be invented by some dumb kid at my school.




@“YoohooKangaroo”#p113310 I want to play the Arcade version of Crisis Zone (the Namco one related to Time Crisis) because A) it can’t be emulated, B) has chunky plastic gun controller with a seeming jackhammer motor contained inside of it and the metal foot pedal, and most of all C) the arcade version has brighter colors and textures than the PS2 port. Big bright loud arcade format is right for all the environmental destruction debris flying all over the place.

Oh man. I played the hell out of Crisis Zone back in the early-2000s and I can't understate how much the machine gun motor added to that game. I'd never seen any game look or feel so chaotic before this one, and it's been a high water mark for me since. The PS2 port's art style changed and smoothed out some of the rough edges, in the same way the Time Crisis 2 port changed too, but I think it was for the worse in Crisis Zone's case. I wonder what it would take to maintain a cabinet.

I would love to play the giant After Burner with the full cockpit and seat and such. Damn Terminator 2 got that thing stuck in my mind. Also Lucky & Wild! Learned about that through the show and I think that's still a pretty untapped space for co-op.


@“bwood”#p113307 Pac-Man pinball

Just for clarity, you mean _Baby Pac-Man_, the hybrid video game/pinball that @"HeavenlyHalberd"#p113373 is talking about right? I agree with that review. It was actually one of my Arcade Holy Grails and then I played it at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo circa 2018 and loved the fact that I could play it, but was underwhelmed. I think the underwhelming also had to do with the fact that the machine wasn't in very good repair and the flippers needed to be replaced or strengthened. So never meet your heroes I guess, even if they are Baby versions of Pac-Man. 😛

@“antillese”#p114144 One of the most disappointing aspects of Baby Pac-Man isn‘t that the pinball is bad or video game is bad, it’s that both are bad, like BAD bad. They don‘t even look good. I’m at a loss to understand how they didn't at least get the video game part right. At least we have Jr Pac-Man as a consolation prize for ill-conceived but still very playable Pac-Man spinoffs.

I am 100% a garbage Pac-Man fan who will play both when I see them though!

(EDIT: looking it up just now, and Baby Pac-Man couldn't even manage to have an interesting fruit selection.)

@“Karasu”#p114148 It‘s not that terrible IMO. But I agree that it’s “bad” on the relative “by Namco Arcade Pac-Man games” standard. I mean, there are a lot of other games that are way worse.


@“fivedollardare”#p114120 After Burner with the full cockpit and seat and such

Oh dude... yeeeeessssssss. I would absolutely role-play as that story that may or may not be apocryphal of the Sega engineer who got stuck in the 360 cabinet and was upside-down overnight until his colleagues came in the next morning.

@“tomjonjon”#p114168 I always love the weird outlay on prize pools like this.

Grand Prize: 1x @ $3000-5000 USD in 1995 dollars.
First prize: 4x @ $60 = $240
Second prize: 4x @ $25 = $100

So stingy!

@“antillese”#p114171 Capcom must have been low on cash after developing all the versions of Street Fighter II.