What recent games have the feel of the arcade?

Looking for titles or series from the last 5-10 years that feel like arcade experiences. Interpret ““arcade experiences” as you will.

Shmups for sure. Since 2010 there's been some good ones:

Rolling Gunner
Devil Engine
Blue Revolver

And most run based roguelites have that "one more quarter" feeling. Nuclear Throne and Risk of Rain in particular feel arcadey to me.

Not sure Bumblebear counts because they make actual arcade games, but Killer Queen and Black Emperor are both all time great arcade games in my book.


Photosensitivity warning for this one:

Off the top of my head, the most arcade-style fun I've had in recent years…

  • - Super Crate Box
  • - Thumper
  • - Ridiculous Fishing
  • - Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes
  • - Horizon Chase Turbo
  • - I love Killer Queen Black
  • - I do not care for _Horizon Chase Turbo_
  • - _BlazBlue/Guilty Gear_ feel more "Arcady" than _Street Fighter V_ did for me; I think it's the DLC/in-game-gold systems
  • - _Mario 35_ makes me want to play "One more game"
  • - _Super Bomberman R_ has the same kind of everyone pile around a cabinet vibe that I remember _NBA Jam_ having
  • - Ninja Warriors Again and all the other Tengu projects
  • - [Petal Crash](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/274-my-game-petal-crash)
  • - Ridge Racer 6 (heh heh)
  • a lot of games that really try to recreate the feeling of the arcae sure do not do it, but you can't go wrong here.

    @MichaelDMcGrath#10596 I picked up Blackbird a few months ago and only played it once. Need to get back to my Switch to dig into it some more.

    Actual arcade game most definitely count! Killer Queen has been on my wish list for a while.

    @antillese#10646 Your mention of Mario 35 got me thinking - is the Super Mario series (at least the NES games) an arcade style experience? Mario got his start in the arcade via Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. and there was a dedicated Super Mario Vs. machine for arcades.

    I don't feel like it is. I see Super Mario Bros as very much post-arcade design philosophy albeit still early. Most importantly the play sessions are much much much longer than what designers were targeting for the arcade in the 80s. If one could argue SMB1 still had some arcade DNA in it, I would be hard pressed to find that in SMB2 or SMB3.

    @antillese#10894 Good points - SMB1 certainly straddles the line between arcade and home. I suppose many NES/Famicom games are similar. Commando and Bionic Commando come to mind.

    “Arcade” as a genre, or at least a playstyle, is great. I think there's always space for “arcade-style” gameplay.

    Katamari was always kind of arcade-y

    Downwell would be really fun on a tate CRT cabinet with just 3 buttons (left right shoot)

    Come on guys we had one job here.