What’s That Game? Audio Edition ~The Dream Continues…~

This one is driving me crazy because I have definitely heard this before. Paper Mario TTYD?

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Wait no, it’s Chibi Robo!

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Sorry, this game is much more recent than those. It came out in the year 2024 (oh, that’s this very year!)

is it the newer bloodstained dlc Dominique’s curse?

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Nope! This is a full game release, not a demo or DLC.

So it’s not that Ys-like Melos Han Tani’s been making…

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No, it’s not.

Here’s another big hint:

This is a handheld exclusive title.

wait, It’s not Kien is it?

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No, but that’s a pretty good guess given my hints!

So it’s a playdate game? Are there other handhelds releasing games in 2024?

I don’t think any dedicated handhelds are still cranking games out quite like the Playdate.

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Oh, this is Mars after Midnight!


You got it!


Mars After Midnight is the latest game from Lucas Pope (Papers, Please, Return of the Obra Dinn) and is a playdate exclusive about facilitating supports groups at a community center on Mars (I know I said there were animals in this game, and there is one segment with gnats [learning how to properly handle knives]).

The game is a blast, and probably my favorite thing on Playdate.


Okay Insert Credit, what’s this?


*taps the microphone to test if it’s still on*

Mario paint!

Good guess! Here’s a longer clip:


Is it a Data East arcade puzzle game of some variety? Because that’s the impression I’m getting from these clips.



Closer! This is a Japanese arcade game from that era, though not a Data East one.

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