What’s that game (Quatrain edition)

Let's start with a (hopefully) easy one:

A fungus grows to testify
Of liquid energy refined.
A burdened man must tread the earth
To serve the ghosts of all mankind.

What am I?


i think i have an answer but also am confident i would not be able to write a quatrain if i were correct so I will refrain and eagerly observe the incredible poetry this thread will generate. :3



@tapevulture#16389 not FF7, but it is a little amusing to me how well the dumb joke i made reads as a FF7 reference!

@espercontrol#16391 it might be fun to give it a try~~~ don't worry about writing a quatrain "correctly" or anything like that. you don't even have to rhyme if you don't feel like it. there are no rules here!

@treefroggy#16393 it's not Mario, not even the Super Mario Bros. movie!

what other game prominently features fungi birthed from a certain liquid???

maybe obvious but: the last of us?

@yeso#16403 the last of us is not what i intended, but i‘ve never played it, so i don’t know how well my riddle might inadvertently apply to it.

the "burdened" part is used here very literally -- we're not necessarily talking about emotional burden

Death Stranding!

@billy#16406 yes! the game about taking liquid energy

and “refining” it in order to grow mushrooms

ok, your turn! have fun

changing clothes I now move free

your guards may keep you safe from me

just don't relax and get too close

to any well-placed balcony

@saddleblasters#16407 I like this game!

_He taunts them when they're vanquished
Gyrating, dancing, thrusting
Topless, hungry for revenge
He's totally disgusting_


Crash Bandicoot?

@Creekgrin#16412 Yep!

@Creekgrin#16410 I‘m pretty confident I know what this game is, but I’ll let others guess!

also, when everyone makes their guesses, it might be fun to explain what you think each line is referencing (at least when it's not obvious in the context of your guess) -- especially if you end up being totally wrong and you come up with some bizarre interpretations that the person writing the riddle never intended

@Creekgrin#16410 I'm gonna go ahead and guess Hitman

@billy#16411 I was gonna say Bonk's Revenge lol

@treefroggy#16443 ah, I see where you‘re confused, Bonk’s Revenge isn't the subject of poetry, it is itself poetry,

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Correct! I wasn't exactly subtle, I should try and make it more of a puzzle next time.


(uploaded a picture of my word doc because I was feeling the indents & blank space but couldn’t get it to show in a post 😅 )

That‘s Shenmue, isn’t it?