What’s the generic subgenre taxonomy for “souls-like” games?

Is it Lock & Roll ? It should be Lock & Roll.

As a super Souls fan who is digging into Nioh right now. Lock & Roll is an amazing turn of phrase.

I also might call them Shuttle Runners based on the way you always trying to just get a little bit farther in an area and then back to a bonfire / shrine / etc

i started calling them Animation Memorization Games as a dumb goof, but i might have to switch over to Lock and Roll now lol

Animation Memorization is exactly what I don‘t like about those games, so I’m glad it got brought up!!!

lock and roll is pretty good. though gears and lost planet will throw people off.

third-person strafers, if we're goofing around

Incredibly wrong and cynical hot take but my definition of Souls Like is ‘Everything North American AAA designers want to do but dont’

To that end I‘ve always called Goblet Grotto a “Souls Like” because it’s a 3rd person game where you get hopelessly lost and theres dozens of inscrutable systems that affect the game that are hard to understand fully, and the end effect is being in a world you don‘t understand with rules you can’t grok and having to survive, which is a very compelling experience http://harmonyzone.org/GobletGrotto.html