What Sega property would be the best food?

Stolen wholesale from this tweet:


Those Puyo Puyo cookies do look pretty good!!
I'm sure Sonic fruit snacks would be a cute treat, maybe having each characters balled up form and having different colors?

What else? Daytona eclairs? Yakuza gingerbread men?

Edit: [URL=https://i.imgur.com/sAiWH3R.jpg][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/sAiWH3Rh.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
Thanks @yeso
2nd edit: the sonic twitter read my mind

immediately remembering the mutant-faced sonic ice cream bars

in a proustian meditation about sonic with eyes where they should not be

Sonic fruit snacks sound like the objectively right answer. You‘ve got a bunch of characters with distinctive silhouettes and colors - it’s really kind of too easy.

Cookies or candies that look like Ideya from NiGHTS would work really well. Maybe even macarons? Do a themed box with a circle of orange ones and some blue ones in the center.

Golden Axe would also adapt well to fruit snacks. Or you could go the more absurd angle and have chicken leg steaks. Or heck, some energy drinks that are the blue magic vases.

chemical plant zone sports drink

@Syzygy#9667 i completely forgot about sonic and chili dogs!!

From the title, I thought this was going to be more metaphorical like “which sega game transmogrifies into a delicious meal based on content/aesthetic/overall package”

Because if that was the question, it would absolutely be


@billy#9677 I like Sushi.

This feels wrong, so wrong.

Mean (red) Bean Machine





@Personasama#9673 I was thinking about this, but also “What Sega game makes you think of a specific food based purely on its aesthetic and sound.” Which I think was already a topic on here at some point.

Anyway, Bonanza Bros arcade makes me think of a cherry tart or pie. But that's probably getting off topic.

The real answer is Puyo Puyo mochi.


fantasy zone has food energy I think. The soundtrack is probably good eating music

Puyo Puyo should be JELLY BEANS in a MEAN MACHINE

Anyway to me sonic kind of looks like a potato, I can't explain why. like the kind you have for breakfast, the round boys.

I think Gain Ground would be a really crunchy granola.

Fantasy Zone would be a cotton candy of some kind.

Shining Force III would be black licorice, tough to get into but once you're in there you're hooked. also too much of it will kill you.

Phantasy Star Online is a Zima.

I could probably go on forever with this

Continuing on from “Sonic is a potato,” I think Tails could be a piece of toast, Knuckles is (obviously) a tomato, Chaos are eggs, Shadow is a mushroom, Big the Cat is a sausage, and that's a whole breakfast.

@wickedcestus#9788 you could sneak in some beans as Robotnik‘s mean machine beans, and you’re in territory of a proper English fry up.

I hate mushrooms so shadow is definitely a mushroom, yeah.

You know, the english pride themselves on their tea, but English Breakfast doesn't have any tomato or beans in it, so I'm not sure what they're trying to say here.


I'm afraid I must insist that Knuckles is in fact a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper


I own a hard copy of this one for the joy of inserting a curry cartridge

Rabbit with a spicy rub.