What should i play on my PC Engine Duo?

A great friend of mine gifted me his old PC Engine Duo that was in his closet since the mid 90's.

It's important to mention that we're from Brazil. Not many people here knows much about PC Engine/Turbografxs.
He never played it that much because all games are mostly in Japanese and he was a kid.
I told him "are you sure about giving this to me? i think this console, acessories, and games are quite valuable actually" he said "no problem, just don't ever sell it!"

Since it went unnused for more than 20 years, i took it to the repair shop first before turning it on (a trusted one, the store owner is the biggest PC Engine collector in Brazil) and all capacitors were gone, rust and leak everywhere. The shop owner said he could fix it but i would take months so he could order all the parts and stuff. And now it's back, running perfectly! My japanese level is beginner, i can understand simple conversations, read hiragana/katakana and 1st grade level kanji. I understand that some of these games won't need reading at all...

Since @"exodus"#3 often mentions PC Engine in the show, i figured the forums would be a great place to ask.

The games are:

  • - After Burner II
  • - Narazumono Sentō Bloody Wolf
  • - Bull Fight Ring no Hasha
  • - Cobra 2 Densetsu no Otoko
  • - Darius Plus
  • - Dead Moon: Tsuki no Sekai no Akumu
  • - Final Match Tennis
  • - Formation Soccer Human Cup '90
  • - Gaia no Monshō
  • - Image Fight
  • - The Legendary Axe
  • - Ninja Spirit
  • - Ninja Warriors
  • - Populous
  • - Prince of Persia
  • - Red Alert
  • - Shinobi
  • - SCI: Special Criminal Investigation
  • - Super Volley Ball
  • - ~~Tatsunoko Fight~~ [Edit: actually a Bootleg ps1 game lol]
  • - Thunder Blade
  • - Vigilante
  • - Violent Soldier
  • - Winds of Thunder
  • - Ys 3
    PC Engine![PC Engine](https://i.imgur.com/2PebKwB.jpeg)
    Games 1![Games 1](https://i.imgur.com/igssxXW.jpeg)
    Games 2![Games 2](https://i.imgur.com/Kcsu5OU.jpeg)
    Games 3![Games 3](https://i.imgur.com/34zV5ZB.jpeg)
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    Very nice! fun collection of stuff, and I‘m not sure I’ve ever seen that turbo stick before. First I‘d say… play all these games! Some nice ones you’ve got here are bloody wolf, darius plus, legendary axe, ninja warriors, ninja spirit, red alert, violent soldier, ys III, and winds of thunder.

    Next, there's a real big recommendation thread here: https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/50-favorite-pc-engine-games-not-on-pc-engine-mini

    Also, that Tatsunoko Fight you've got there is a bootleg PS1 game, heh. I say play what you've got already, then come back, tell us what you like, and we can recommend more. The main thing I'll recommend though is to get the new krikzz flash cart when it's out and has been tested, or maybe wait for a second round, as it's improving CD support. I hate to say it but it's too late to get into physical PC Engine collecting. pretty much nothing good is a reasonable price anymore, and that collection you've got there is probably around $800 USD (mostly because of the games I mentioned, with the exception of Ys III, which is cheap).

    Have a cool time with it!!!

    Thanks! I'll be checking that thread.

    Of course a PS1 bootleg _(as all brazillian PS1 games that existed here)_ managed to sneak in there! lol Also, in the same box with those games, i got a cd-rom for japanese karaoke machines. Who would guess, right?

    I follow krikzz and have been up with the new everdrive. I think maybe it is already sold out or something like that, so... I also saw cheaper older knock off everdrives but i think i'll just wait for this new one anyway.

    I know the PC Engine physical collecting is not possible anymore due to insane pricing, so it was never my intention to collect stuff for it. Guess i'll play these games for now, then wait for a better moment to decide when i'll join the everdrive ship!
    PS: the Winds of Thunder is a bootleg PC Engine game too! The repair shop owner gave it to me as a freebie.

    Thanks a lot!
    Here's a closer look on the Turbo Stick Turbo Stick![Turbo Stick](https://i.imgur.com/YgduLLw.jpg)


    There's also another recommendation thread: https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/1282-plz-point-me-towards-pce-enlightenment/ … no shortage of PCE love around these forums :slight_smile:

    Looks like it‘s NEC-made, so it shouldn’t be unusual to me! and yet… it is…. I guess it's the Japan version of the US turbostick!

    And yeah I think you should wait for the new one since it'll have cd support, which no other hucard--based solution has. Maybe some day I'll do a list of "currently reasonable" games for pc engine. If I can find any!! the valis-es aren't too bad for the japanese versions anyway...

    @“rejj”#p107659 Thanks! I'll read it through. I need to know more about this stuff!

    Incredibly lucky get there, PC Engine stuff is stupid expensive these days and that‘s a sizeable collection all on its own. I think you might be able to run regular old CD-Rs but I’m not sure on the specifics, I do all my PC-Engine stuff on the MiSTer.

    Gotta recommend checking out Rondo of Blood, Bonk's Revenge, and Bomberman '94. Those are my go-tos personally.



    Ninety dollars?!

    @“Mnemogenic”#p133950 small price for all the local girls of Hawaii