What's in the mail?

that’s what that sound was, i knew it


Here’s Box #1 of things from Japan that just arrived. The beatmania set is pretty redundant because it works with any USB keyboard AFAIK, but I wanted the dumb thing, dangit!


My copy of Taitronica has made it home!


This box does not fill me with confidence, especially as I know that it’s holding a smaller, more fragile box. Let’s take a look:

Perhaps we’re ok?

It’s a bit crunched, but I took another look at the listing and some of these creases were there already, and the contents are ok. Phew! This was probably not a wise purchase, especially since I already have the PSP version and because I know GBA piracy is rampant (I nearly bought a cart-only copy of this in a shop a while ago but it turned out to be a fake, which I know because the shop guy told me). But so far as I can tell this is a legit copy. I enjoyed it on PSP, not sure how older me will go with it but I like that this version doesn’t have the art upscaled and filtered, and the lack of voice acting is a plus for me.

This was the first game I played on PSP, and kept me from realising that my PSP had pretty bad stick drift because it correctly doesn’t accept stick input for its entirely digital interface. It wasn’t until I played Disgaea and had the cursor randomly moving in menus (usually immediately before I hit the button to select something, so it’d select something else instead) that I realised I had a problem. I should have taken it back, I’m sure it was still soon enough after purchase that they’d have swapped it, but for whatever reason (I don’t remember, but I’m guessing anxiety) I put up with it for a few years and eventually bought another PSP.


generally try to refrain from letting my record collecting sickness go into vg soundtracks but this was a pleasant surprise/mandatory purchase. sounds great.


That is beautiful and to say I’m jealous is an understatement. So glad someone I know got one and it’s the limited edition too!

Edit - two people! Even better news!!


Inaugural what’s in the mail post for the new forum!


After scouring ebay listings for weeks only finding broke ass gross looking PS1 DualShocks I decided to try Yahoo Japan Auctions. And sure enough after going through a few pages of listings I found one for a reasonable price that looked to be in pristine condition. Got it today and yeah it’s essentially brand new. Exactly what I wanted!! Tried a couple games with it and seems perfect!


Got some lovely shooters delivered.


I’m waiting patiently for Radirgy 2 to show up with a bunch of other games too. It looks great!

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I’ve been looking for a decent PS2 controller myself but my go-to store doesn’t even seem to carry one? I’m at loss. maybe @TomoftheFog can tell me where he sources his stuff from?

For my Saturn stuff I’ve had a lot of luck on Vinted here in Europe, I’ve gotten some great controllers from there so I’d give it a go. Having looked there they have quite a few PS2 controllers in their original boxes too, but how many are the real deal and not fakes it’s hard to see. I know there’s guides on how to spot a fake out there.

For the rarer stuff I’ve tried buyee.jp which is a proxy buyer for yahoo auctions and got my last set of goodies from there. Price is good but be careful on customs taxes which added a lot to my order. A friend is using fromjapan and has had good results there too.

Hope it’s some ideas for you there and happy hunting!

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import taxes are insane in europe!! I’m jealous of ouf US peeps who don’t have to put up with that stuff. I guess I’ll try Vinted but I have a staunch hate at the idea of paying for shipping

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The shipping from Japan is quite high so a few euros for shipping for me I can live with. Even including their fee and shipping it can still be quite a good price in total.

One thing I had forgotten that I noticed is when I order from amazon.jp they usually ship with DHL to France and I have never paid import duties on items that way. So when my next order is finished I will try using another shipping company instead of relying on Chronopost who always do.

I’m not entirely sure why but I’ve got a soft spot for PS3/360 era RPGs and am filling some gaps.


Nice. Unheard of New Zealand video game magazines and a Chick tract.


I got a nice big order of mostly samurai and yakuza films through the mail this week. My microwave has always been there.


Tagging myself as the “Big Time Gambling Boss”.


I’ve been wanting to try this kind of layout and it’s really hard to argue with the price they’re asking for these!


I once watched a youtube video (back in ~2012) of a guy explaining why Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel was then and perhaps remains today the greatest video game of all time. How close to correct was he?

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