What's in the mail?

I’ve not actually played this one quite yet! I played and liked the first one, by the time I got to 2 I’d burned myself out on RPGs for a good decade so I entirely missed out on Qoga. I’ll report back once I do get to it.


I found a parcel in my bin that had been delivered five days ago without any indication that it was there from the courier. Though the courier being Evri / Hermes, UK posters will be just as surprised that I didn’t find it on my roof / at a different address / in the sea.


Got my next package from Japan this morning. Was a bit earlier than expected but wow what a nice one:

Not only did it contain my favourite SF Zero series game, and the Satakore NiGHTS version but I finally found the modem in near mint condition.

All the paperwork and stickers are complete, but an added bonus is the games are all still sealed.

Now I’m two pieces away from my Saturn PC!


that’s such a bloody nice haul you mf


Well thank you! Should tide the collector in me over for a while. Until I find the next piece I want anyways!

Found some goodies at my door just now, including another Fire Emblem game somehow after I decided I’d wait to dive further into the series…


I bought Odin Sphere and Shadows of Mordor as my PS4 launch titles (because I bought the PS4 years into its cycle). Odin Sphere is too long and I didn’t finish it, but I also love it a ton. Have fun!


Soul Hackers 2 is my favorite deeply flawed game in recent memory. The level design is terrible even by Atlus’ low standards, but that might be my favorite RPG combat system ever and the characters are fairly likable.

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I was listening to some Street Fighter soundtracks the other day and decided to replace some of my PAL copies with the superior NTSCJ versions.

Zero 3 is immaculate and EX has some wear and tear but delighted to have spine card versions of both. I know the PS1 version of Zero 3 isn’t the best one but I have a lot of nostalgia for PS1 SF games and the cover is really hot.


Two of my favourite PS1 games, honestly, and I think the packaging for them is every bit as much a star. Really gives me lots of great feels to see them!


PS1 Street Fighter Alpha 3 has Dee Jay in it so it’s fantastic!


Update to this Twin Famicom I got last year with broken disk drive that was listed as disk drive tested. Seller originally offered $10 refund but I got $30 refunded after showing video of it not working. Got replacement belts and opened it up. Old belt was of course in pieces and stuck on gears. Ebay seller lies exposed!! I followed a “new method” belt fix youtube video but didn’t work. Looked at error codes and it looked like I was getting close so kept noodling magnetic head little by little for couple hours but no go… Finally tried the og fix method webpage and got it working in one go! Combined new method of less disassembly and og magnetic head alignment did the trick. Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School is the only disk game I have but it sure feels damn nice to have a fully working Twin Famicom.


I bought this 2x kit of GuliKit brand Hall effect sensing joycons. Since Hall sensors are non-contact, they won’t wear out like the potentiometers in the stock joycons.

I was able to replace all four sticks last night in about 90 minutes or so with no instructions. I have 20 years of systems and electronics experience so your mileage may vary, but overall it’s quite easy. If you can turn some screws and have steady hands, you can have joycons that work.

Literally the most time I spent was just trying to muscle the flex into the connector. I recommend a pair of tweezers that actually grip - the plastic ones that came with the repair kit don’t have enough friction on the flex so you can’t install it.

After recalibrating the new joysticks, I played some Virtua Racing to test them out and they seem fine. Meaning they work and don’t jump around. Time will tell if they hold up.


So do the saturn and dreamcast versions btw!!

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gotta say it was a good day


Everyone seems to love maniac mansion but I’d prefer a regular one myself


I’ll take a Maniac Tiny Home at this point tbh


Maniac Roomshare

that one seems not good IMO


A big ol’ box turned up today which was good!

Some nice ones for the collection, although a couple need replacement cases and Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 is badly smoke damaged and missing the Obi so not impressed by that one.

Also got a second saturn for testing purposes which needs some cleaning but is still better than my current one:

And a bonus for ordering Sentimental Graffiti First Window which really made me smile

All told, a good haul and didn’t pay import taxes so bonus!


By recommendation from @Jaffe

Hoping the weather on the coming weekend is nice enough that I can sit outside somewhere for a few hours and read this