What's that (obscure!) game!?

Ohhhh, hold up, is this Space Mouse? I’m only aware of it thanks to Mindware’s 2016 remake and 2020 sequel (incidentally starring the spritesona of dōjin developer Neko800, whose 3DS Balloon Fight-like I localized a few years back). I met the Mindware guy at Game Legend – he’s a lovely bloke, and we shared an awkward moment where he asked what my Twitter is so he could follow it… and it turned out he was already following me, but I wasn’t following him. Woopsi doopsi.

Space Mouse is one of those games where I feel like if you know you know, and if you don’t you don’t: It’s a certified classic if you’re into Japanese vintage home computers more primitive than the PC-88 or MSX – the issue being that it’s a fairly slim segment of the population that are into Japanese vintage home computers, let alone the less celebrated ones, hahah. Certainly qualifies as obscure.