What's that (obscure!) game!?

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p152236 not quite, but thats a good guess. The minigame depicted here does involve singing and birds.

I can't expand the screenshot without giving a way a big clue, so I will say that this game was developed by a now-defunct Santa Monica-based developer that was bought then shut down by Activision.

@“Viralata”#p152381 Is this… Shrek 2 for the Nintendo GameCube?

@“Tradegood”#p152388 Nice one!

@“Viralata”#p152391 So much to do, so much to see!


This one might be a toughie:


@“Tradegood”#p152441 is this Lady Lode Runner, a game I just made up?

“I‘m pretty sure it’s not Jill of the Jungle.”

`*`looks it up, discovers it is in fact *Jill of the Jungle*`*`


@“Video Game King”#p152457 Nicely done! This is probably the best game Epic Games has ever made (I've never played any others)

I love that it has a Turtle button.


This probably belongs in the Easy Mode thread, but what the hell?

That font feels Kingdom Hearts but that game usually prompts you to do stuff with triangle. I'll say Final Fantasy X-2

Right platform, but that’s about it.

Let’s see if pulling the image out helps.


I'm going to guess this is a fishing game. Hmm, Top Angler: Real Bass Fishing?

I was hoping for more guesses, but considering it’s been two weeks without any…


Let’s see if this immediately gives away what the game in question is.

I like to think being the active player when the forum switched over to Discourse means I’ve won the What’s That Obscure Game thread.


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I don’t think this is actually it – I don’t recognize the UI – but is it something in the ballpark of the worst River King game, Harvest Fishing?

The general look almost smacks of PSP, but I’d imagine the PSP’s development guidelines prohibited colored button prompts…

You’re on the right track. It is animal themed, and it isn’t for the PSP.

How about I just give the answer away?

No giving away the answer this time

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I think that’s wise! It’s Barbie Horse Adventure: Wild Horse Rescue, right?

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