What's the game that made you realize "videogames could be bad"??

Both of mine are licensed games and these memories both exist from some time around when I was between 9 and 12 or so and when I was pumped to get any of the EA Lord of the Rings games.

[Bionicle for Game Boy Advance](https://www.mobygames.com/game/bionicle_)
I wasn't repulsed by this game, but I was certainly rejected by it. It's an isometric platformer run n gun, and the ammunition limits felt incredibly restrictive. Granted I played this at like age 10 or so, but it was stil far too impenetrable for me at that age. I remember getting to the first boss a couple of times and either running out of ammo or just not having the muscle thumbs necessary to not die. Either way, just a game that felt too ugly and too unfriendly. (I did just watch a longplay and the music is pretty chill.)

[Finding Nemo for GameCube](https://www.mobygames.com/game/gamecube/disneypixar-finding-nemo)
The main gripe I have with this game is that I didn't want it and was somehow bullied by my mom into using my own Toys R Us gift card to purchase it, largely for my sister's sake. I'm not prepared to unpack that memory right now.

Granted, I tried to muster some enthusiasm, because I enjoyed the GBA version that I borrowed from a friend. That one was a pleasant swimming 2d platformer with some stuff. Frankly, I don't have that many distinct memories of the GameCube version, but it vaguely just seemed to be a boring action game that had some progress gated by sliding tile puzzles, which I've always sucked at. This was also at a period in my life where I got one game at a time every couple of months, which was particularly frustrating.

@“captain”#p62603 Galaxy 1 has better vibes with the whole bedtime story setting. You get Luigi earlier in Galaxy 2 though, which makes it a better game.

JJ and Jeff. I love it but even 5 year old me couldn't deny it was trash.


@“dylanfills”#p62627 Bionicle for Game Boy Advance

lol yeah dude! What a video game. I played the GameCube version more, which for its full 3D camera/graphics was more appealing to me by default, even though I suspect it may actually have been a shallower game (all the Bionicles have these different-looking weapons which double as traversal gadgets, but in combat they all just fire beams?? One of them [size=8]not going to pretend I don't know his name it's Pohatu[/size] who has climbing claws and steel-toed hyper feet is only playable during a _mine cart_ level! I never did play Finding Nemo on GameCube, but the GBA version was the first game that was completely "mine" (not one I shared with my brother). I think I got to the last level and never finished it.

This thread makes me think of all the junk I didn't recognize as junk at the time. Did you ever play [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfrvJmGAgCI) Bionicle game for GBA? Played many hours of this one


@“YerryMina”#p62652 Luigi

Man I don't care if that guy _is_ The Pope, he ain't my Mario!


@“captain”#p62655 this Bionicle game for GBA?

I didn't play Lego Bionicle, although it looks more pleasant than Bionicle (very distinct names). I did pick up the Bionicle Wii game for about a dollar years later, although I never played it and I believe threw it out without opening it.

I think I knew some games sucked pretty early on but by N64 I definitely knew.

men in black the movie the game – shipped with my psx.

I remember making some very regrettable and ungrateful declarations that christmas about games

thinking back on it, the super horrifying The Thing level was pretty cool in a sense, but yeah, mechanically and tonally all over the place.

Growing up in the UK I was subjected to hours of terrible N64 rare games. I despised Banjo Kazooie as a child but I was too polite to ask my friend to change the game. There was such an absurd number of pointless things to collect, the noises were annoying and I couldn't stand the music. Rare are definitely not MY blokemates

Probably the Star Trek TNG game on gameboy.

I remember hating Faxanadu and Ecco the Dolphin when I was little but maybe, it turns out, they were cool all along?

Also: Myst lol, but it's been a long time and I never got very far in it, and I swiped my mom's old PowerBook specifically to play it and Riven again all the way through, so I'll decide how I feel when/if I get around to that.

It‘s hard to remember specifics cos usually, as a kid, I just stopped playing when a game was boring. And it’s hard to remember games I've only played for less than an hour in my life.

Another example is I've always hated first-person dungeon games (talking about the late 80s and 90s). It's disorienting and I can't see my characters. I still feel the same.

I don't understand the notion that kids can't tell if a game was good or not. Kids have opinions like everyone else.

When I was a teenager, my brother bought me as a present a really bad PS2 game called Buccaneer. It seemed fine at first and I liked the pirate idea, but the game was clunky as hell and I felt like anything made sense at all.

@“rootfifthoctave”#p62410 I gotta say, I liked Twilight Princess but it was definitely the first time where I even considered putting down a Zelda game

I love superman 64 lmfao. I am a proud owner of the game and admit I bought it because of the "superman 64 is the worst game ever" discourse. It's terrible, but I've grown to love the really stupid flying controls.

First time I realized there were things that felt bad in games: playing Sonic and Knuckles and having to do platforming/movement after coming to a standstill. I hated how slow I felt.

First time I realized that games could be just too difficult for me: Shinobi on the PS2

First time I realized that the circumstances surrounding playing a game could itself be really frustrating and change my overall impression of a game: Final Fantasy XI, PlayOnline, hours and hours of downloading on 56k, and monthly subscription fees.

@“Connor”#p62719 @MaloDogfish oh my. When I was a kid my family went on vacation with a couple other families and I brought my Nintendo Power magazine. This other kid was entranced by it and no joke looked at the Superman game and lauded it and was legit excited naming every single ability you could use and getting the most hyped and most excited a boy could get. I could already sniff a stinker at that point and was like ‘is this kid for real?’ He was. He left with plans to purchase said game after drooling over that Nintendo Power all weekend. I saw him again but forgot to ask about it. I wonder if he ever regrets it to this day.

@“DavidNoo”#p62737 On another vacation this kid was at he bought a mood ring. He sat in the back of the van being crabby while we were driving from thing to thing. He said unprompted “My Mood Ring says I'm Angry”. I told his brother to throw it in the lake.


@“Syzygy”#p62708 Maybe play Riven first

What??????? This is helpful to know as I plan to play these soon

Dr. @recorder do you concur?

an alternative would be to play through myst with a walkthrough which would probably take like 20 minutes, but the dilemma there is that just spending time in that atmosphere is the main thing…

But yeah idk if someone is missing too much by skipping to Riven (much much more playable and better game) if Myst isn't working for them

@“Syzygy”#p62708 I actually had Riven for PSX back in the day. I never got very far in it, just rode the mine carts from island to island (disc to disc lol).

Also also: apparently, there was a DVD version of Riven that I can run with an OS X port called [Riven X](https://macintoshgarden.org/games/riven-x), maybe even just by mounting the image.

@“yeso”#p62742 this was my plan. I might set myself a timer so that if I'm taking too long to make progress at any time, I bust out the faq.

@“captain”#p62741 I would not recommend that new players start with Riven, but if someone bounced off of Myst they might still enjoy Riven depending on what they didn't like about Myst. Also, I initially bounced off the OG Myst, but had a much better time with the realMyst: Masterpiece edition released in 2014. There is a new new version made in the unreal engine with VR support that looks really pretty. However, based on what I played I would still recommend the 2014 Myst over the most recent one, though that is mostly because of some slight changes that I disagree with, like the removal of the FMV cut scenes and the move from a more stylized art direction to a more realistic one.

To answer the prompt, I would say the first game I remember playing that I knew was bad was Shrek: Fairy Tale Freakdown on Game Boy Color. It was, unfortunately, the first game my mom bought me to play on my Game Boy Advance.