What's your level? - An age related conversation

After the great post by @Billy here about the age demographic their listeners on Spotify are

and realising that I’m due a level up to the 45-59 club in less than three months, it made me think about what was the best thing about the level I’m in and what will be the good/bad/ugly about the next one!

For me, 35-44 was the best period of my life to date and I did the best things I’ve ever done in that level. I skilled up parenting, husbanding, careering, Frenching and became a member of this wonderful forum to name but a few. I did lose some points in hairline, ability to drink a cup of tea without going “mmmm” on the first mouthful and keeping grey hairs out of my beard. Overally a better level than most, specifically anything from the first three groups for sure!

How’s about you wonderful people, what’s your level and what’s so great about it?


I’m in the 35-44 level and I’ve gotta agree that it’s been the best of my life so far: career is going very well so I can treat myself to things, I’m very very happily married and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been!

I also have a so much more fully formed and healthy relationship to myself; I spent the previous couple levels being very unkind to myself and all the work I’ve done and all the joy I’ve found for myself is really lovely now


I am 35-44 and my body wishes that was not the case.


i’m 28-34. to me, that’s an unusual grouping, as i have thought of life as pre/post 30, but i’m not against it.

as for my time spent in that group—i’d say it’s been pretty good. i’m still young by most standards, but i’m starting to see age in my reflection in ways that sometimes shocks me. i generally have a stronger understanding of who i am and what i think which has brought some much needed peace and confidence, but there are also days where i feel like i know nothing at all. i make more money than i ever have which has allowed me a level of comfort and choice which in turn has given me countless beautiful experiences.

at the same time, age has brought new pains like loss, regret, and illness. the future does not seem as boundless and hopeful as it once did, but even that melancholy comes with the awareness that a future might not come at all for me. everything precious in this life hangs by a thread.

all in all, i’m blessed to be alive. i wish i realized that more often.


I’m currently in the middle of the 35–44 cohort. It’s been a mixed bag for me. I feel like I should have more of my life figured out by 40, but I don’t think I’m going to get the answers I want in the few months I’ve got left before that milestone

But, these have also been the best years of my life since 35 also coincided with the start of transition for me, and that’s why I suddenly care about figuring out my life in a way I never did before

Lots of people “find their calling” in their 40s, though, so I figure there’s still some hope for little old me


I’m in the 35-44 group. This has been the best time of my life. At level 38 I re-rolled and put more points into physical and mental. I lost a significant amount of weight and transitioned. Turns out being a happy, thin girl is a lot more fun than an apathetic, overweight dude with the diabetic status.


smack in the middle of 23-27. graduated college and got a relatively cozy job that I’ve grown to dislike and in general feel burnt out already, though i’ve been able to grow immensely in a professional sense.

previous level allowed me to explore my interests in a way that I’m trying to replicate at the current level but it’s hard without feeling like im not prioritizing my career goals etc. i also feel a need to figure out wtf I want to do before reaching the next level! i make music every moment i can while im not working but idk if i have what it takes to do that full time, so i have to figure out how to make money doing something else. the job search has been very discouraging. My RNG is super bad cuz why did I graduate in the middle of a pandemic then have to deal with a stupid high cost of living.

was considering grad schools to get a phd in a field i’m interested in, but just feel uneasy with making that commitment if im unsure what I want. as childish as it sounds i wish i could just get paid to make music and sit in a hammock to read. but alas!

im glad this thread exists because ya’ll are higher levels than me and your comments provide much needed perspective.

this is a nice thread @TomoftheFog :)


I’m glad it made you smile, that was my intention :)

I’d say you’re in one of those levels where there’s still a big option to change your skill tree at this point. One thing I realised not too long ago is that it usually doesn’t end up going where we think it will, but that doesn’t mean it won’t go somewhere more amazing than we imagined. A big bonus to leveling is you get experience - and I don’t mean points, I mean doing stuff - and that opens up what could happen. I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d be where I am now not because I couldn’t do it, but because I didn’t know it was an option to do it. And maybe after I level I’ll have to put all my points into a totally new skill, but that’s okay as well.

Of course I may level up and just put all my points into “miserable old man” skills, but so far don’t see that happening ;)


Leveled up to the 35-44 club last year. My body is simultaneously in marvelous shape from years of playing/participating in sports, while also being in somewhat horrendous shape due to all the wear and tear that comes with all that. Same thing applies to my brain. Due, likely in part to a touch of CTE, but mostly from all the life stuff we all deal with as humans who are fortunate enough to live this long, no matter the path we’ve chose.

Luckily I’ve always found ways and people to help me through the yin and yang of life, and keep enjoying the ride wherever it goes! One of those ways has always been video games. And I’ve found a re-lit passion for gaming and everything around it at this stage of life thanks to having more time and resources to invest, as well as having a more developed sense of taste and appreciation for art, history, design, philosophy etc.

So although I finally feel the wear and tear of life in every way possible, I’m also very grateful for the journey and look forward to the next levels, should they come. Mainly the wisdom, slow days, old man strength and complete lack of care for anything senseless or not fruitful to my existence.


i’m still in 23-27 with a mostly positive outlook on life. things are currently looking alright and moving forward and a steady pace. i’m getting experience in the career i’m looking for, have plenty of free time to indulge in watching and playing things, and 2024 has treated me well so far in all of that. i’ve been getting fitter since last year and that improved my sleep quality and general physical feeling.


I fall into the Level 35-44 demo. I spent my previous levels dumping a ridiculous amount of points into failed relationships and fast food buffs.

Things are much better now.

I eat less fast food, though I still heed the siren call of a basket of McDonald’s french fries on occasion. I have been married to my wife for 9 years and we have two wonderful daughters who are, as far as I can tell, the best kids in the universe. I don’t play as many videogames as I used to in my previous levels, but I don’t feel like thats really been much of a detriment to my overall stats. I’ll still dip my toes into the videogame bogwater from time to time, but the 10 to 12-hour sessions of yesterlevel have all but vanished. My most recent respec into the gardening skill tree has filled that time and focused my efforts splendidly. I just started some grape vines and am looking forward to putting points into jams and jellies once possible.


I am in 28-34, turning 34 later this year, and this exact range has been the best part of my life. Most of my 20s were really, really bad for a whole bunch of reasons. 28 was about the exact point I started making real positive changes in my life which, along with a little luck, have seen things steadily improving for me.

At 28 I did a whole respec to put a lot of points into Physical, lost 100 pounds, and turns out that kinda led to a lot of positive changes in many areas of my life. A few points into the Luck stat led to me stumbling into a gaming industry career that has been good to me since.

Hopeful that this steady climb continues!


I’m solidly in the middle of 45-59 (52)! My 28-34 self would have been by appalled by this idea, but I’ve had a real good run in this demographic! After absolutely demolishing myself in 35-44 through a combo of overwork, unhealthy work habits, sleeplessness, and booze, I really pulled back a few years ago and tried to make some healthier decisions for myself. It’s been good so far, in general! To put in in game stats terms, I decided that instead of pouring all my skill points into poison resistance, I should maybe not hang out on poison tiles quite so much.

Haha, I’m always super reticent to post about this kind of stuff, because I don’t want it to sound like I have my shit together or something. Because I sure don’t! I mean we’re all living in a capitalist hellscape still, and we can only do so good? But now I eat a lot more cake and sweat a whole lot less about somehow hitting it big in gamedev, which has been a relief.


I’m on the 28-34 gang! (currently 33)

The best thing about is… I own my house? Love having a definitive place to go back to.


I’m in the final days of my cosine era. In a few months I’ll be in an ambiguous equivalent age where sin(age)* and cosine(age) are equal. Then comes my terminal sine era. Unless I somehow make it to the age of… 135. At this rate it just seems unlikely!

Asterisk footnote (because if I start a line with an * markdown will bulletize it) that age is assumed to be in degrees rather than in radians because I’m not doing math, but using degrees instead of radians reveals me to be deeply unserious about math and potentially unqualified to even be making this ridiculous joke in the first place.


Currently in the lower portion of the 35-44 range (37 to be exact).

When I saw that bracket and how I’m included with the forty-somethings, I got kinda spooked since I’m coming up fast on 40 here pretty soon… But when I was a teen I was scared of my twenties and I had a lot of fun in my twenties. Then in my twenties I was scared of my thirties, but my thirties have been pretty rad so far too. So I’m actually looking forward to my forties quite a bit I think!

Next year my wife and I will have been married 10 years, together 15. That’s pretty nuts!! We told ourselves when we got married we’d finally take that Japan trip at 10 years, so maybe that will happen.

We started a business together last year that’s been going pretty awesome so far. It’s not at all what I imagined what I’d be doing with my life… Well, the content of the business is what I hoped I’d be involved in, but not the way I thought I’d be involved in it. But we’re having a blast together and it’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done with my life.

In my forties, I hope to have a camper van and spend my days traveling with the lady just living it up. :)


I’m nearing the end of my 28-34 stage in a couple weeks, though for whatever reason recently I’ve kept misremembering and thinking I’m 36. Maybe I’m just 36 at heart…

I’m looking forward to the next batch of years. The past four years of my 30’s have felt dense with a meaning and purpose that my 20’s never really had. They’ve felt much longer as a result and I’ve really enjoyed them. My twenties seemed to blur together with a sense of biding time.

I’ve definitely done a lot more personal work in 28-34 that felt critical - getting a better handle on my self and developing a set of healthier coping mechanisms.

Looking forward to the direction I’m headed for the next set!