When do you (if you do) buy full-priced games?

I‘ll pay full price if I’m absolutely ravenous for a particular game. If I‘m riding that hype train I’ll pay anything. The hype train doesn't often stop at my station however.

@CidNight#27625 It‘s one of those games that took me a couple of attempts to get into properly but when I did it was fantastic. If you ever liked any kind of 2D platforming you gotta try it. It’s big on precision though so controller quality makes a real difference in my experience

I honestly can‘t remember the last time I’ve bought a game full price that wasn‘t for a Nintendo console??? I just figure with those, there’s no chance of them ever going on sale + I am bound to like them anyways, so it's all cool. With all the Sony exclusives, I normally will wait a year or so till they drop to $30 or so.

I have certainly dropped more than full price on physical copies of indie games that I love/want to support (like Celeste, Dead cells, hades, etc.) I feel like in that case, paying full price (and then some) is actually worth it as supposed to giving more money to some AAA dirtbag.

I also feel like nearly every game that gets released has a 6 month period of updates that need to be released before you get an optimal playing experience, so why would anyone really bother buying something at launce (and therefore, at full price)?