Where do you hang out when you've read everything on here?


@Syzygy#7927 More positively, you are not beholden to other people’s platforms. You can, still, make and host your own home page.

While I think this is definitely true, I feel like a lot of the infrastructure that used to exist for finding other people's personal websites has disappeared, or been replaced in a worse way by modern social media. A lot of the blogs I find these days feel more isolated than how I remember blogs being in the mid-2000s. Like, every blog used to have a big list of links to other websites the author liked. Now, when I see these kinds of lists, there always either to websites that haven't been update in five years, or to more sterile websites that are less somebody's personal homepage and meant to be like professional publications.

I suppose I'm not helping any of this, since I haven't had a website in years. I guess I could try making one again!

Maybe I should make a thread for people to post their blogs and personal websites, if that doesn't already exist. I'd be curious to see what kind of stuff the IC community writes.

@saddleblasters#7952 Your post makes me wonder whether you‘ve tried that game Hypospace Outlaw. It’s a nostalgia trip for anyone who remembers when the internet felt kind of like the wild west, and I thought it might bring on a wave of old-style websites (and maybe even webrings!) but that does not seem to have been the case.

@saddleblasters#7952 I‘ve thought about making a blog with blogspot or something free but I’d basically be shouting into the void. Inversely, if you try a forum that‘s too popular then you’re shouting into the cacophonous crowd. The Goldy Locks nature of this forum has 1. Made me write more about games, and 2. Actually created some fun engagement with cool people.

Sorry insert credit. I don't want you to become popular.

@whatsarobot Yeah it looks hilarious. Great tribute to GeoCities pages and the terror of being a mod during that time.

I used to rummage through music blogs, but most of that is dead now since piracy has kind of fallen by the wayside (in terms of obscure finds and high quality rips). The cynic in me says Spotify figured out the minimum you needed to do to make people feel like it was alright to let them rob everyone.

The same with DC++ (and things like it) or what.cd. I think once what.cd went that was the final nail in the coffin for enthusiasts. Bandcamp and Bleep are probably the last good place on the internet to find music. So I mostly just hang out there going through pages looking for things.

This actually reminds me of a real cool music blog that existed. It was run by this person who was at college, but their dad had this massive record collection. Loads of rare vinyl (no reprints), so every week when they went home they'd do flac rips of a few albums. They'd take requests, and every week you'd just have some excellent top quality records.

I've never used reddit, neogaf, or anything like that, and I've never really had a blog because I don't really enjoy writing since I'm not very good at it!

YEAH!!! So I guess go rummage through Bandcamp and Bleep for some good music!


@saddleblasters#7952 Maybe I should make a thread for people to post their blogs and personal websites, if that doesn’t already exist. I’d be curious to see what kind of stuff the IC community writes.

Just gonna say this is prime Web Ring territory and frankly I wouldn't mind having a web ring again!!

I think an interesting thing about this community here is that we're not even to 400 people yet, but it does feel quite populated, with folks contributing, folks lurking, the whole spectrum of interaction, but hopefully everyone here gets to feel *invited* in one way or another.

To the pseudonym point (even I'm using one) I think it's an interesting relic - it gives us one layer between our true selves and what we post, which almost makes it feel like a more private sharing of information, somehow, like things you share here are safer. The idea of safety is of course completely false in the grand scheme, but that kind of layer of "I will be understood yet I need not say my name to do so" gives this interesting in between space I think.

most of my internet voice was born in like, world of warcraft and IRC chats, so i‘ve always leaned towards faster moving ephemeral spaces. i read a lot of these forums but don’t really post super frequently, though this & the action button discord are my two favorite places that are about games.

@shane#7997 re: what.cd, the redacted.ch forums are good for chilling in but it's honestly harder to get onto redacted these days than it was to get into what.cd during its peak. i find most Music Sites (like rateyourmusic) to be kind of insufferable.

@Syzygy#8256 Hmm, it‘s an interesting question because I was adamant about us using our real names on insert credit articles. And when I was job hunting back in 2003/4, the only place that hired me that was the only place that hadn’t heard of insert credit before, so… I don‘t know what that all means, but there’s something in there.

@golok#8266 yeah. a lot of places don‘t really capture what I enjoy about music at all! so it’s hard for me to bother hanging out there. with redacted.ch I never joined because to me it basically carried over all the problems of what.cd.

  • * the interview is mostly stupid and pointless because people can just google the answers without really understanding them. (they still want you to know LAME. why is anyone still uploading mp3?!! surely it should be lossless only now.)
  • * it's still difficult to build your ratio (without a seed box). is that actually the metric you want to use to say someone is a valued member of the community. It sure didn't promote rare finds.
  • * there's still no definitive version of anything. the best will rises to the top I guess?!
  • * it's still just one take down notice away from going away again
  • Ultimately I think my main problem with these sites is they're still running them like it's the 00's. I've thought a lot about what.cd (and various other music platforms that I enjoyed), what worked/failed, and came up with a solution that I reckon would be very cool! I just need like a few million dollars to ever make it! hehehe.

    @copySave#7970 This touches on an interesting subject regarding the nature of online communities. I must admit I‘ve been very protective of this forum so far because in my personal experience, every online community I’ve been a part of either got abandoned or lost its identity when it became too popular, just as you said.

    The best online communities, such as this one, are those that hit that sweet spot between the amount of people/different voices and points of view involved and the popularity of the place. As it is now, this forum has a fair amount of people active and engaged, willing to start and be part of conversations and also, able to share interesting insights regarding those conversations. The paradox resides in the fact that if this forum became too popular, that diversity and texture would be lost, and that makes me not want to share it too much, but in the other hand, if you guys wouldn't had been open and willing to share this space with strangers, the community wouldn't exist in the first place! Or at least, I wouldn't be a part of it.

    I feel there is something beautiful in that contradictory nature, in the sense that it makes me conscious of the fact I'm being part of something special that needs to be handled with care. The choice I have made is that I want to be as welcoming and nice to anyone who finds their way here as you guys were with me, but I will never ever tweet about it!

    Yeah, it‘s a tough one - I do think that the very nature of this forum means it won’t get hugely popular. Forums are a niche, and this is a niche forum within niches, and not everyone will contribute, so we'll get some new folks to contribute as others forget the forum exists (because who wants to navigate to a website every day in 2020).

    It shouuuuuld be okay but if it gets real big we might have to break things up into sections a bit more.

    I hope nobody minds I invited my vietnamese gambling friends to post here

    @exodus#8349 In a sense that feeling of something special has to do with the fragile and ephemeral nature of these spaces, the bonds and friendships you make with people you really know nothing about other than your interactions here, the shared feeling of care and appreciation for the community, and the knowledge that it is something that someday will end as all things do (even if it becomes a new incarnation of the same idea, which I believe it is the case here?).

    I think it is one of those "you need to risk something to earn something else" scenarios, so sharing the forum, spreading the podcast and attracting new people is something that I actually believe is necessary in order to keep the place alive and healthy and the conversations flowing. It wouldn't help if the place becomes too hermetic either, a lot of us would probably lose interest and stop participating altogether.

    You make a great point with this being a forum. Forums are a bit old school and not very hip by today's standards so that alone already defines the type of people that will hang around here. Discord, Twitch and Twitter are the most popular platforms by today's standards.

    I should maybe clarify that it wasn't my intention to sound too wary or concerned, these messages were more about me opening up a bit and sharing my appreciation for this place than anything else :)

    Yeah, I get it! it‘s an interesting thing to work through one’s thoughts on.

    welcome to my web site


    I think it'd be great to have a web ring! I joined the XXIIVV one. I can't say much happened after joining it... but I do go back to the list and check out the new sites occasionally.


    One thing that I think would make a webring more accessible would be an aggregated feed, sometimes called an "RSS Planet". Basically you take the RSS for all the sites in the webring and put them together, so you can sign up to get everyone's stuff at once. You have to be a little careful, typically limiting posts to one a day or something, but it's a great way to put a face on a community.

    I haven't seen many places doing this, but there is one guy who runs a couple for RPG blogs.



    it me the mp3 user. Why are they a disaster in your eyes? Flac takes up so much space!!

    @Rudie#8628 Wellllllll!!!

    Basically the format is pretty old and not actually very good on really any qualitative measure! If you care about space ogg/oga, opus, acc all provider better sound quality at even higher compression levels.

    Also if you consider the argument of space! There's all kind of relative. Back in 2000 a 256gb hard drive was a lot. So you'd have mp3s that were 128kbps. Now in 2020 most mp3s are 320kbps. So your entire 128 collection is mostly gonna sound like trash.

    Really the only reason in my view mp3 is still around is because most music players can't be bothered supporting anything else. Apple (aac) and microsoft (wma) have spent their entire time pushing their proprietary formats to lock people in.

    There is obviously value in having smaller formats! I just think mp3 is the worst (but most convenient) of the bunch!


    Above I was talking about mp3 in the context of what.cd and other torrenting sites. Where basically everyone is uploading format variants of same album to build their ratio. So you'll have flac, acc, mp3 320k, and other things. Which causes the seeds to be spread across several albums, rather than being pooled together (which can make it difficult to download if it's not popular). If you're on a site like that, 100% you know how to transcode an audio file from flac to mp3. So it's just a completely pointless trait.

    If you wanna look at a modern way of doing this, see what bandcamp does. Artists upload flac/wav, then the server just transcodes it to the various formats on request. So when someone wants to download an album they just tell it the format. The most important part here is bandcamp is only interested in maintaining a copy that can be transcoded, so it can always retain the original quality.

    you mean you don’t own a Pono???

    I didn‘t think this was worth a new thread but, I just wanted to say that I’m glad this community exists outside of Discord or Reddit! Those places are all “monetizing” and toxifying, and I have finally had enough and deleted some long-held accounts on those platforms. I'll have to be more intentional, and participate more thoughtfully (what a forum should be)

    oh I should tell you about the new insert credit NFT scheme

    (the scheme is to hope NFTs go away forever and take the blockchain and crypto with them)