Where is all the fanfiction?!

I've been listening to the backlog of podcast episodes and heard this from the one and only @Jaffe .


The Hallmark of a successful forum is whether or not they have a fanfiction subforum.

So I ask, where is all the fanfiction and who wants to go first?!


“No Brandon! I said insert credit!”


the best fanfiction so far on this forum was created by me and billy: https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/395-whats-that-game-easy-mode/836


The Hallmark of a successful forum is whether or not they have a fanfiction subforum.

yes, the fact that there is not a fanfiction subforum here means this one is successful.

what if bonk was on rugrats? that‘s a decent idea. He’d probably have a bald baby rivalry with tommy or something

@“Syzygy”#p68897 in case you‘re not joking I’m tagging myself as The End so I only need to participate for a week

I think I'm confused about fanfic: is that the one where two or more properties team up or is that something else?

@“yeso”#p68908 Cross-over fanfiction exists, but it‘s more like a subgenre. The only criteria for “fanfiction” is that it’s a fan-created fiction of an existing work. It can be iron-clad beholden to the existing work‘s canon (imagine someone writing a story about Cloud Strife’s time in SOLDIER prior the events of Final Fantasy VII) or it can be Cloud Strife meeting Fred Flintstone; if it's fiction made by a fan, the shoe fits.

@“yeso”#p68908 is that “slash?” Or does that mean characters have to get it on? Maybe that‘s “ship?” I don’t know what I'm talking about someone please help I need an adult.

@“kory”#p68912 slash is a subgenre of fan fiction that is explicitly romantic and/or sexual and, most importantly, gay. A story about Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy dating and sleeping together, for example.

Ship is a verb that means you want two fictional characters to be in a relationship. "I ship Aerith and Tifa."

One could argue that the reason this forum is tolerable is its lack of success

@“Jaffe”#p69453 that depends solely on measuring it by a certain metric of success. I think we're wildly successful

I am, of course, saying that as someone who wrote a piece of Disco Elysium+Ace Attorney crossover fanfic for an art jam

@“Gaagaagiins”#p69480 wait, i didn‘t know that you didn’t actually have to submit art to the art jam!

(this is a joke; i have not read your fan fiction (yet) but will assume it's pretty good)