Wherein I inquire about 3rd party Joy Cons

Are there any third party Joy Cons which can be used wirelessly (detached) which are any good as an alternative to the Real Deal ™? Like, I know the Hori dpad Joy Con is pretty cool when used attached to the Switch, but you can't use it as an independent controller. There are lots of 3rd party Joy Con options from random Chinese manufacturers. Are any of them any good?

I used these random Chinese manufacturer JCs recommended by various YouTubers when I was between addresses and couldn‘t send my Joy-Con in to Nintendo for repair. They’re significantly cheaper than the Real Deal and have a regular d-pad. I think they do everything a normal JC does except wake the Switch up from sleep and maybe read NFCs? They also come in newer, thicker varieties with added mappable buttons, I think. They were pretty good – I like the tininess and colors of the Real Deal, but lots of folks might prefer these because of the grip and comfort.

All I want is a joycon with more robust motion sensors. I‘d even happily mod my official ones if it would stop them needing recalibration so often when I play Wii Switch Sports. (For anyone having this issue, fresh batteries are a really good idea, but don’t expect that to completely fix the issue!)

Just mailed off my faulty left Joy-Con yesterday for repair. I picked up a Hori Split Pad in the meantime but I‘ve also wondered about if the small third-party Joy-Cons are any good. Can’t use the Hori in Ring Fit Adventure.


@“tokucowboy”#p71265 They also come in newer, thicker varieties with added mappable buttons, I think.

I was looking at these newer ones too! They have mappable rear paddle buttons which is a nice touch.