Wherein we solicit music recommendations (VGM and non)

@“wickedcestus”#p74266 I like the opening track (sorry, won‘t embed) off Rachid Taha’s album before that one, which might not help much because it's not pure folk music. Way cool to see him posted here.

Any recommendations for artists/mixes in the vein of DJ Healer aka Traumprinz aka DJ Metatron, especially the Planet Lonely and Planet Uterus mixes? Sample-oriented beats that are varied and dreamy?


Check out the album Laissez Passer by TootArd

More of a blues rock infused style of Arabic music. I think their other albums aren't like this though:


For more classical Oud (Arabic lute) music with some jazz mixed in, I recommend Marcel Khalife's album Caress:

@“darkseiken”#p81345 thanks for the recs!

So thanks to the Goblin Bunker Live I was introduced to Equip and R23X, I'm enjoying this quite a bit. Any other artists I should be paying attention to in a similar style? Bonus if they are on Bandcamp.

@“CrumarBones”#p74526 you might enjoy kangding ray


@“thebryanjzx90”#p82015 Equip is playing at 100% Electronicon this weekend, that lineup and the label that runs it might be a good starting place






@“TracyDMcGrath”#p82018 awesome I will definitely check this out, thanks!

what‘s the name of that shoegaze band from singapore? Does anyone know what I’m talking about or did I imagine this?

@“yeso”#p82729 Stellarium?

@“connrrr”#p82730 might be gracias

@“pasquinelli”#p82016 very late but I do enjoy kangding ray, thanks

Last night some lady at a party was amazed I had never listened to Neu! before, so I have been listening to them all day today. I guess it‘s officially time for me to become obsessed with Krautrock, a whole world of music I’m completely unfamiliar with, so everyone please give me your recommendations now while I know nothing and can be easily influenced.

I am in one of my moods again where I dislike everything and have an allergic reaction to anything remotely familiar feeling. Usually this lasts about three or four days. So while we have the opportunity, someone please recommend me music I‘ve almost certainly never listened to, before I go back to my normal ways and start listening to the same stuff I’ve been listening to since high school. I don‘t know how closely people on here pay attention to my posts, but I think if you’ve read everything I write on here, took careful notes, and reviewed them on a regular basis like the good student you are, you probably have a good idea of what music I‘m familiar with and what I’m not. Otherwise, just use your intuition.

*Bonus points for music released in the past 5 years by musicians who are still active and at their prime (my biggest blind spot)

@“marurun”#p72009 I‘m gonna cherry pick a couple things from your original post to form some recs for you.

To go with your love of yes, I’m gonna maybe assume you‘ve already checked out bands like king crimson and Genesis (or if you haven’t, there you go) and instead recommend Gentle Giant. They‘re from the same period and one of the most consistently good classic prog bands until they weren’t. Also, check out the solo projects of the yes guys if you haven‘t already, specifically Chris squire and bill Bruford. Throw Steve Hackett from Genesis in there too.

If you like the instrumental noodly vibes of LTE, check out Pigelt and Chon. They also fulfil your request for busy drums, and I’ll also add on that note Maps and Atlases.

Great idea for a thread, I'm probably gonna make some requests of my own soon…

I want to get into more j-rock. So far I've just looked into some of the bands from anime that I like. I know I like Cö Shu Nie, Centimillimental, and The Pillows. If anyone knows more bands anything like those, hit me with em.


I've had some exposure to Gentle Giant. I don't find them as reliable as Yes for my tastes, but there are definitely some tracks that are great. I have explored solo projects as well. Squire's is the only one that hooked me. I need to look into those instrumental recommendations.

@“marurun”#p109293 ok, cool! Let me see if I can cut a little deeper for yes-like classic prog. Have you checked out bacamarte, camel, curved air, or van der graaf generator? And I totally get Chris squire's solo stuff being the one for you, fish out of water is so dang good.

I wanna get into more Korean music. I'm basic so the only artists I really listen to are Epik High and Oh Hyuk/Hyukoh.

I am seeking recommendations from or adjacent to the following genres:

  • - shoegaze/dream pop
  • - hip hop
  • Female-led vocals aren't necessary but would be welcome!