Which console is the King of Racing?

Could it be the original PlayStation with Gran Turismo, the Ridge Racer series, the Wipeout series, Destruction Derby and classic Need for Speed?

Is the Xbox 360 king with versions of Daytona USA, Outrun 2, Burnout Revenge and Paradise, Forza Motorsport and Horizon, Project Gotham Racing and modern Need for Speed?

Perhaps a case could be made for the Saturn, Dreamcast or Nintendo 64. Maybe even 8 or 16-bit consoles are worth examining.

360 in a walk. All the Criterion games. Outrun 2006 and Daytona. Forza and Forza Horizon 1. Best version of Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005. Sonic Racing covers your kart racers. So simulation racers, arcade racers, kart racers, the only thing really missing is a strong futuristic racer along the lines of Wipeout or F-Zero.

@robinhoodie#6443 Not to fly OT, but I feel in general people are going to start recognizing and talking about how good the 360 is/was in the next few years.

PSP had a lot of racing games and other driving games especially early on. Ridge Racer and Wipeout were two of the big series, but you also had Burnout games, an OutRun game and some other weird driving stuff like the Pursuit Force series.

I don‘t think it’s the N64, but I will say that console is probably the one with the highest ratio of good racing games to good non-racing games. Arguably higher than 1:1 between Lego Racers, Cruis'n, San Francisco Rush, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart 64, Excitebike 64, Wipeout 64, Wave Race 64, etc. 64.

@Geoff#6453 PSP is also very good. I think what puts it and the 360 in the top contenders spot is both can easily accommodate offline multiplayer. PSP through AD Hoc and 360 through System link. While both support say Outrun 2006 and Midnight Club, the PSP might actually be the winner here as you can play multiplayer offline Burnout and Wipeout and Ridge Racer and Split/Second, Options that do not exist elsewhere. The 360 exclusives would I think only really be Blur and Project Gotham Racing.

Whoa whoa whoa. OutRun Online Arcade is missing a lot of tracks and shit. Not good enough!

@Blrb#6460 On 360? Yeah agreed. But Coast 2 Coast is backwards compatible.

Wow! This whole time I was thinking of Online Arcade when people mentioned Outrun 2006. So I've been playing the worse version (which is fun as hell)?!? :open_mouth:

@robinhoodie#6461 If we're counting backwards compatibility (fair enough!) I reckon PS2+PS has the best variety?

@sosadillatron#6462 Luckily there is no bad version of _OutRun 2_!

The PC version is king though, especially considering it can run at stupendously high resolutions on basically any computer. Just make sure you install the mods to restore the visual effects from the console versions etc.

PS2 probably, but that might just be the one I have the most experience with.

Gran Turismo
Tourist Trophy
Tokyo Xtreme Racer
Need For Speed
Choro Q

Interesting fact, Wipeout 64 existed because Sega sued Sony for breach of contract after Sony bought Psygnosis and cancelled all deals Psygnosis already had in place with Sega and Nintendo.

Same shit with Tomb Raider BTW, it launched on Saturn first because Sega had a deal that actually started out on 32x and was called project Pyramid.

Anyway this is a two game deal for me, Saturn because Sega Rally and Nights into dreams.

@Fishie#6482 God, if Sega Touring Car had better controls or Manx TT more tracks I would consider that generation a much tighter race.

I’d jokingly say the Saturn wins with Sega Rally alone (even more so with Sega Rally Plus and its full analogue controls) but I think the right answer is either PS2 or Xbox 360.

PS2 covers all subgenres, has a great port of Sega Rally (arcade version), a decent port of OutRun 2006 and F355, GT-like simulation aplenty when everyone tried their own GT clone (ex. Enthusia from Konami), Western arcade games like Burnout and Need For Speed Underground, arguably one of the best Ridge games, several rally games, some Crazy Taxi, the last great Shutokō Battle (Zero), and Kaidō Battle 1&2. I am not sure it has a truly great kart game, but it has easily the best generation of ChoroQ games.

Xbox360 has crazy variety, the best home port of Daytona USA, exclusive sequels to PGR and Forza, somehow an (okayish) exclusive Ridge, open world racing games like Test Drive Unlimited and Burnout Paradise and NFS Most Wanted, and survived long enough to get lesser versions of Forza Horizon 2 and Sonic Racing.

Both home consoles also benefit from top notch peripherals (racing wheels etc.) and helpful retrocomp. The 360 controller was probably a better standard controller for racing games and the console made both the widescreen ratio and online play standard features of racing games so I’d give it the nudge over PS2 for these reasons.

@chazumaru#6486 If the 360 Daytona had local system link play, I could see people just building their own home arcade around the 360 port of that game with Virtual On as a bonus.