Which was the first "the raid" style movie?

If we can have a separate train category, there‘s 2013’s Snowpiercer which features a train with 100's of cars that Chris Evans needs to battle through as he works his way toward the front. This was based on the 1999 French comic Le Transperceneige.

The anime for Sword Art Online came out in 2012 which is about escaping a digital video game world trying to reach the top of a tower. SAO started as a web novel in 2002.

The earliest anime or manga example I can think of is Dragon Ball in 1986 where Goku needs to make his way through Muscle Tower.

Researching Muscle Tower, since I know author Akira Toriyama typically pulls from other sources, wss based on 1972's The Game of Death starring Bruce Lee which I saw was previously mentioned.

I just came across this, so haven't watched it yet, but Russian Raid sounds Raidish.