Who wants to help a bit with Hyper Gunsport

I need a few people with a little time who can help me test Hyper Gunsport‘s difficulty balance. The situation is this:

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    I have done an okay pass on Hyper Gunsport circuit difficulty. The circuit is the single player (or co-op) mode where you defeat all the other teams, get a little story, unlock other teams, etc. I have not been dealing with whether it’s balanced for other people because I've been doing a lot of things!!!

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    I need a few people (three, assuming @"andrewelmore"#687 can still do this) who have the time to do this *by end of thursday PDT*. I assume this will take you between 4-6 hours but you don't need to do it all in one day. It'll take a while because noting your thoughts for each match takes some time!

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    assuming one circuit or another is more problematic, I may have you all test it again after I do an adjustment.

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    of course, I'll also be asking you to report any bugs you happen see along the way.

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    I'll give you $200 and a credit in the video game

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    to be straight about this up front, if there are more than three volunteers I will be choosing people I know a little better (sorry! gotta choose somehow and this is a tight turnaround)

  • Lemme know ASAP and I'll DM folks!! Trying to get this started tomorrowwwwwww

    Tagging some folks I think might be interested in freelance doings: @"ohfivepro"#169 @"Suteneko"#784 @"穴"#580 @"Kimimi"#156 @"xhekros"#418


    Wait, will it be difficult to pay someone who is a resident of a different country?

    I‘m mostly free, I’ll do it!!

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p79688 probably gonna do paypal on this‘n, so if you’ve got that, it's not difficult! Also of the people I specifically tagged on think maybe one lives in the US ha ha. either one or zero. so yeah

    @“exodus”#p79691 I would love to then, if that‘s alright! I’ve got nothing but time too, so the deadline is no problem.

    I'm available and super down to do this.

    I’d love to help test. I’m sure you won’t be short on volunteers on this forum though!

    I would, however I cannot commit to that deadline right now due to a bunch of Other Stuff Going On. I'd hate to screw you over, especially if others here have an abundance of time to dedicate presently.

    Yeah, I would be interested in helping out on this and will be free all of Wednesday and the majority of Thursday.

    I'm in the UK though so you are 7 or 8 hours behind me time wise.

    Enjoyed helping out Bankbank on bug testing and the re-balancing of Amshay. So expect will enjoy doing the same here.

    I don't mind participating in it if you need anyone else to be a helping hand. If not, I think I have to get also down to one thing.

    Don‘t think you’ve got a shortage of volunteers but I‘m available to help if it’s possible to do so on Mac or consoles!

    Yup, sounds like this is fully covered but if people fall through happy to be a backup

    @“exodus”#p79686 absolutely, let's go! </s>(^o^)/

    @“exodus”#p79686 I‘m down for helping with whatever is needed as always! I’m already on the Necrosoft discord server because of the Ukraine bundle thing from a couple of months back so it should be easy :smiley:

    I would offer to help but given that I‘m still on sick leave I’d highly likely be committing some kind of fraud and I'd be Hyper Gun to Jail.

    Shout out to the IC community for being good eggs too.

    I will dm folks tonight! Gotta do my final balancing tweaks first ;_;


    Are any of you folks gonna be at EVO or want to be at EVO? Because I might need somebody to take care of a booth for me, since I'm not sure I can make it.