Why did they remove the Game Boy from the NY Nintendo Store? Wrong answers only.


mario joined the military and died at war

Replaced it with one of those tiny android handhelds.


It was spotted at an anti-war protesting holding a sign that said “no blood for AA batteries”

They are waiting till they get an exploded switch or 3ds from a more recent war cause they want to be in touch with the youths

It spoke again.

Turns out it did a war crime. :grimacing:

Visitors kept mistaking it for a giant Oreo cookie and they got tired of calling 911.

Reggie Loved-Son went back in time and killed Baby Saddam Hussein, but only some of the time paradox could be resolved in this timeline

The store started melting around it.

Cuts to the VA

Reggie is bored and needs post-retirement entertainment, but 'tendo is cheap

the answer is obvious: the melted gulf war game boy is a locus of death and suffering, and nintendo corporate is preparing for an occult ceremony

Sadaam hussein came back to finish the job.

@“BinaryFlux”#p123224 lmao