Winning the lottery in-game

I just remembered that I stopped playing Suikoden 3 because in one of the 3 (?) rotating main character's plots I off-handedly played the in-game lottery and actually won the maximum prize, and thus became able to buy extremely expensive gear easily. Switching the other characters at a required plot point resulted in me not having access to my fat stack of cash, which sucked the wind from my sails, and I never did finish that game.

Has anyone else had the good fortune of winning big in an in-game lottery or simulated casino, without the expected number of massive rerolls?

@“MDS-02”#p115564 I remember playing Dragon Quest III for the Game Boy Color and accidentally discovering that when you play the casino board game, if you land on a square that reduces your character’s strength, the next random battle you fight will max out your character level. I felt like a god

In my first play of Final Fantasy VII back in 97 I was fighting Emerald Weapon. I was seriously under leveled and under prepared. I used Cait Sith's Slots Limit Break and rolled “Game Over”, which instant kills all enemies. GGS.



@“MDS-02”#p115564 Has anyone else had the good fortune of winning big in an in-game lottery or simulated casino

If you accept the « good fortune » of save-scumming like a degenerate time traveling gambler every time I reach the casino in a Dragon Quest game, then sure, I did get lucky a few dozen times.

@“Osu 16 Bit”#p115597 mine was also in FF VII.

I was in the final battle and all my guys were frogs. Somehow I attacked for 1 damage and that was enough to win it.

Does the casino in DQXI (spoiler: ||no, not that one, the real ones||) count? I ask if they “count” because there are a few ways to substantially increase your odds of getting a huge win. If so, hell yeah I have.

If not... out of a deficiency in my mind that I'm almost certain is the sign of a much greater than average predilection to developing a real actual gambling addiction, I once took, like, a week, if not more, to grind out a jackpot on the slots when I was playing _Dragon Quest VI_ on my phone. I'm not gonna lie, it got _bad._ Like, tapping away on my phone while I was in class kind of bad.

And, honestly, I can't remember if I ever hit the mondo huge top jackpot, moreso than I just got close enough that I gave up.

Oh, wait, you said “without the expected number of massive rerolls.”

Actually, I think that did happen to me also when I played _Dragon Quest V._ I think I got the Loyalty Card from the Tombola game on, like, my first or second pull. So I had discounted items from shops for the majority of the game.

I remember in all the times I‘ve gotten far enough in EarthBound to roll for the Sword of Kings, I always wind up getting it in perfectly natural gameplay. No grinding required! All my friends always have horror stories of how long they plug away trying to get that thing and I’ve always gotten it without even trying to. Maybe I should head over to Las Vegas sometime

I won the Persona 5 Royal lottery. I spent probably ¥6000 and then won the grand prize of ¥5000 :+1: