wishlist hyper gunsport on steam

come on do it…it's the least we can do for brandon. like this post if you have wishlisted hyper gunsport on steam.

Already done, after listening to this week's episode!

we should get some games going here and a tournament at some point yeah

I sneaked into my brother's computer without him noticing and wishlisted it with his steam account too

I intend to wishlist it once I get home and have access to my personal computer.

I really hope it comes to Switch someday, because that's where I do all of my playing of currently-releasing games! Is that a thing that might happen, @exodus ?

Don't forget to wishlist Hyper Gunsport on Steam


Don’t forget to wishlist Hyper Gunsport on Steam

I wishlisted it on Steam even though I'll be buying it on Switch!

@"whatsarobot"#p51322 Oh buddy you bet!!
[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/AwDF2wF.png]

I‘ve wishlisted on Steam, and will buy it on Steam and Switch because I’m the kind of person that would do that.

General online play on Steam, local / friend play on Switch, of course.

I will buy it on whichever platform the IC crew here settles on. Keen for some Sport with everyone! (Even though my lag from across the world will be awful)

@“rejj”#p51443 Now that you mention it, an IC Gunsport Tournament would be interesting……

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/2ydKtG6.png]


@“rejj”#p51443 whichever platform the IC crew here settles on

should we get a poll going to see how to set up a tourney? When exactly (or not so exactly) this game coming out?

alright, i'll make a steam account…

@“connierad”#p51418 heck yeah

I for one cannot wait to do that one maneuver brandon says everyone tries assuming it will work but which doesn't end up working very well

(you know the one)

Gunsport on Switch might be what finally convinces me to get a Switch.

Help, I accidentally wishlisted “Guns Port”.

Wishlisted. I enjoyed my time with it on Stadia. Would love to be an easy win for someone in a tournament.

Finally did it. Excited to finally play this game sometime in 2022…!