wishlist hyper gunsport on steam

Thanks everybody!! one thing is that the game doesn‘t have online except through that community thing on steam, which is peer to peer… We just couldn’t afford to do it! The stadia version uses stadia online stuff and if we‘re honest it only works okay. To do it properly on console would take another several months and we suspected it wouldn’t be worth it with the volume of people we‘d have playing. But we also thought we’d be able to integrate parsec for console, but it doesn‘t look like that’s happening either.

Just to clarify that for everybody! Not the greatest thing to release a mostly-local multiplayer game during a pandemic but what can you do. If somehow the game proves to be popular maybe we will find a way to make it work...??

Still a pretty good offline game though, with circuit/story mode to play through, so hopefully that'll be cool for everybody!

In my experience the latency and video quality for parsec on PC is a lot better than the built in steam play together stuff.

Whoever’s hosting needs 5 mbit upstream per player and everyone’s gotta be relatively close to one another (maybe 500 miles or so?) to have good input delay. Hopefully we can get some games going that way.

Realistically speaking, I‘d only be playing local multiplayer on Switch if I already had it on Steam, most likely at other people’s houses. I guess its portability is good for something!

@“exodus”#p51976 That’s certainly tough for your communication and the perceived value of the game (moreso than what people really need, maybe).

I assume there is no deep story mode but, with regards to local play, how local-friendly is the game exactly? Sorry I don’t remember the controls of Gunsport but can you play with a single Joy-Con on Switch, for instance? Can you play local co-op vs. the CPU? Can you create local tournaments or round robins on a single machine?

You may as well reframe the communication around the local play values and get a different audience. Some local play games do really well because they managed to reach the right users.

@“chazumaru”#p51980 The steam page says it‘s local but it may not be obvious enough. The story mode isn’t deep, but it is street fighter level - intro cutscene, dialog between characters before each match, ending cutscene.

local friendly, well it all depends on how many controllers you have, but yes, you can play with a single joy-con with a specific control scheme which we will have to tutorialize a bit. You can play local co-op vs the cpu in the circuit/story mode, or single player with AI vs cpu, so there's about 3 hours of single player (or co-op) content in there.

It's less complicated than you may be thinking - it's more like an offline fighting game than anything else. you don't need another player in order to play through all the story, the only thing you need other players for is versus matches, and those are local. Not toooooo bad

Wristlet piper fun s'more lawn Bream

@“Gaagaagiins”#p53028 it's a stretch!!

Anyway everyone's wishlisting is helping, and it is bizarre the degree to which wishlists are 1:1 with me talking about it. I would have thought natural discovery would happen a little bit...


you should go on other podcasts too (I‘m sure you’ve considered this). And don't feel bad about promoting the game and asking people to wishlist. You have a long way to go before you reach mike duncan territory lol

@“After that rat, another and another.”#p53037 the episode where he said he was going to quit podcasting if enough people didn't preorder his book

no judgement on the guy trying to make a buck but it is amusing how much he's asking his audience to do. And it takes up like 1/3 of the episodes

I don‘t know who that is but I’m glad I‘m not too far along the path to a bad thing!

And you’re right, I should go on other podcasts!! I forget about that. I don‘t really know what the good ones are that’d vibe with my sensibilities, but I should do a little research anyway.

I can trace back how I found this forum. One day I wanted to listen to a podcast about Final Fantasy 9. I typed “Final Fantasy 9” into Podcast Addict and ‘Axe of the Blood God’ came up and I listened to that and one day an episode with a host who was also on ‘Bad End’ podcast. Eventually Tim guested on ‘Bad End’ so I started watching his stuff and that lead me to Insert Credit. Thanks Sakaguchi.


@“exodus”#p53054 what the good ones are that’d vibe with my sensibilities

the important cinema club has been mentioned a couple times on the IC podcast, and I'm pretty sure the scottish guy has been a guest there as well. They've mentioned doing a video game movie episode but don't know much about games. I certainly don't know how one becomes a guest on a podcast though just spitballing

Did it! I had to do a “look up my email” and “look up my password” to get into my steam account for the first time in five years so I’d like extra credit please

(I don’t actually)

@“fridgeboy”#p53091 yeahhhhh that‘s what I have to do with steam any time I log in that’s not around the holidays (when I have to judge games)

Extra credit for all!!


@“exodus”#p53054 And you’re right, I should go on other podcasts!! I forget about that. I don’t really know what the good ones are that’d vibe with my sensibilities, but I should do a little research anyway.

pretend I figured out a sly way to fish for an update on that thing that you and Tim are doing for Action Button where you're gonna sit down and talk about |3ULLET \/\/ITCH


In my opinion? Windjammers 2 is good but Hyper Gunsport is the real deal.


i will be playing as this team

I haven’t used Steam in a long time because I don’t really have a PC anymore. Thanks for the reminder though. Wishlisted and hope it gets the attention it deserves.