Wonderswan/color - dive in?


Forgot to share this here yesterday! (I blame that insane podcast episode that got me distracted and questioning life and the American Way.)

### Happy 25th anniversary to the WonderSwan, first released on March 4, 1999.


WS is very cool and nice. I was able to snag a Flashmasta a while ago, and had some fun playing the port of Devil Dice / XI called XI Little the other day. In color with some pretty nice graphics and not much of a language barrier. Check it out!

i have a b/w wonderswan en route to me. possibly the stupidest thing i’ve ever bought and that’s the including many many guitar pedals that were a waste of time and money. my brother asked me what i was planning to play on it and i simply do not know at this juncture.

original carts are too expensive here. seems some can be got cheap from japan but i guess i need to get that flashmasta once they’re back in stock. if i dig it i might look to “upgrading” to a WS colo[u]r but felt it was good to “start” with black and white. sort of adhering to the wonderswan chronology a little bit even in the year 2024