works that you feel you've experienced through cultural osmosis

@“whatsarobot”#p87070 it‘s good. It’s extremely good. Some might call it a

Good book

I‘ll second that New Oxford Annotated Bible, even if you’re reading a more poetic translation like the King James you‘ll want the footnotes from the NOAB because you’ll often come to a non sequitur passage where all of a sudden God is chasing Moses around trying to kill him in the middle of the Exodus narrative ( or something and you'll want a secular study bible and not whatever nonsense handwaving a more devotional Bible will have there.

You can skip Chronicles though. Heck, even the churches do.

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p87074 this is quickly becoming A Project which i am looking forward to. thanks for the tips.


You can skip Chronicles though.

dang, that sounds like it would be one of the coolest parts!

ERV is more my speed


@“DavidNoo”#p87060 Speaking of, are there any movies or shows you’ve seen that originally were maybe groundbreaking or did something fresh but have been iterated on so much they seem stale?

speaking for myself there’s been popular and well regarded things I wound up not enjoying, but every like 100% lock Canonical work I’ve encountered has been good I think. No real duds come to mind

There‘s also all sorts of meta stuff you can get into with all the scholarship regarding, for example, who actually wrote the different gospels, and how they're related to each other, which I find really interesting! There’s lots of other similar stuff that it would probably be fun to at least read a wikipedia article about, if not a whole book.

Bible? Is that like some kind of prequel to Bubble Bobble

@“Gaagaagiins”#p87085 yes and it's also the book Evangelion is based on.

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p87073 Yes! There are a lot of somewhat inexplicable parts, that even now with modern scholarship aren‘t exactly explicable, but at least it’s nice to know that it‘s not just you who’s confused. Of course, this is part of what makes it such a great work of literature. There is so much mystery, and so many ways in which one can interpret and think about so many passages.

@"Syzygy"#p87081 I can't remember if someone here that recommended this or if it was somewhere else, but there's a [Yale course]( online that someone mentioned to me once, that I still haven't gone through, but seems to have a similar premise. I really appreciated [this lecture series from Michael Sugrue]( that approaches it from a literary, historical, and philosophical perspective.

@"whatsarobot"#p87075 But if you skip Chronicles, you'll miss all the bits where it slightly disagrees with Kings regarding the order of Judean rulers!! (Yes, you should skip Chronicles.)


I can vouch for that course as well as for the new testament. I found both courses pretty gripping, actually I did suggest both in a post on this forum with a few more details.

@“SU2MM”#p87094 That is definitely where I heard about it!

@“Gaagaagiins”#p87085 Bible Babble

let's all be respectful of the Abrahamic God and His scripture. I will not hesitate to flag disrespectful posts

@“yeso”#385 I call him Abraha cos he dropped the mic.

I treat his bible canon cos he dropped the ball.

And I see his true self cos he dropped the soap.

[color=#1C1C1C]God’s an ass is what I meant, in case that was too subtle and ambiguous.[/color]

you don't hear much french hip hop. I wonder why

@“yeso”#p87134 Bad FM stations in Chicago would be my guess. I’ll have you know there is a whole playlist worth of French-spoken Christian Hip Hop!

two can play at that game

Goodfellas is a movie that I feel like I knew most of the major beats by the time I got around to watching it in the late ‘90s.