Worst games that you like or even love

Okay. So, after CidNight's question blew up, I thought I had to open this to offer a nice counterpart, because, really, we know there are some games that people tend to hate or dislike and you have a soft spot for them. Or even find something really enjoyable in there that you might want to share, sooo… Here we are!

Way of the Warrior for the 3DO is the worst game I would buy an entire system just to play


i doubt this will be as poorly received around these parts, but gosh, i love Unlimited Saga. Just the whole aesthetic of the game, and how impenetrable it is at first, but gradually becomes something manageable within its own weird systems (like most Kawazu games, but like, x100). somehow i feel like, even with all the new SaGa love we're seeing, Unlimited will not be getting remaster.

I few come to mind:

Silent Storm - an early 2000s WWII tactics game similar to xcom. Sort of a weirdo take on WWII like operation darkness. Heavily janky but has great bullets tearing up environment effects, blasting ragdoll nazis and watching them flipping around everywhere. Hugely satisfying chaos in other words

Dusty Diamond's All Star Softball - Tose softball game distinguished by its sandlot method of choosing individual players with the aim of putting together a winning side. Players all have their own batting ability, arm strength, baserunning speed etc, but you can only learn these details by experience. Weird controls, only 1 song plays endlessly but I love it.

Dragon quest VI - Think I’m the only person in the world for whom this is their favorite DQ. Hard to explain why, something about how flat and exhausted it feels I find engaging

Raw Danger has come up on the show and the forums as a favorite. I love it too, and it’s pretty rough. Not sure if it fits in this thread

Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions. I bought a whole new system just to play the Xbox version. Despite taking place in a huge open world level you don‘t have a free roam mode. There’s car platforming and some punishingly hard levels. I liked it so much I accidentally bought the japanese version too.

**Solatorobo: Red The Hunter.** A game 12 years in the making where you're in a mech suit but the main verb is "throw". It's also way too easy but has excellent art.

**Star Fox Command** A game you have to play Star Fox Adventures to understand because it picks up the plot thread from there. It also uses *touch screen* controls for flight mechanics. Each stage is timed too. It's very frustrating but stupidly charming.

@marlfuchs2#11849 Wreckless the Yakuza Mission rules though. Second Clash is a better game, but maybe doesn't have any missions as good as the better Yakuza missions.

There's patches out there to play Star Fox Command with the D-pad and buttons and I really want to give the game a try that way.

Makoto Osaki, senior Producer/Director at Sega AM2 on series like Outrun, Virtua Fighter, Hatsune Miku etcetera once told me Pit Fighter is my beloved Kusoge.

For me I guess it would be Nintendo DS Asphalt Urban GT2, I played that game way more then anyone should.

T&C Surf Designs on NES is good. Certainly not a classic, but the high score/how long can you go aspect is strong once the controls sink in.

Skitchin is objectively awful but it’s always held a soft spot for me. I think it was one of the first yellow chipped EA carts I ever saw for the Genesis so it’s super memorable.

Also... PUBG...

@yeso#11716 wait, people don‘t like DQVI? That’s my favorite one of that trilogy!

@robinhoodie#11851 i will have to try this!

This is probably universal among people who owned it but JJ and Jeff. It‘s hard, it’s bad, it‘s gross, but the heads are big, the hands are big, the poop is big, and the jumps are big. You can’t hate that awful game no matter how hard you try.

@marlfuchs2#11865 https://cdromance.com/nds-roms/star-fox-command-d-pad-patched/

One that comes to mind for me is Elder Scrolls:Oblivion. This is arguably the worst game in a series that has lost a lot of cred over the years, but I loved the hell out of it. I played the wheels off it and was able to ignore its jank and terrible acting - I daresay I even love it. I love that you can do weird stuff like design your own bad magic spells that light you on fire or whatever.

It‘s not a super uncommon bad game to love, but I seriously love the Dynasty Warriors games (at least the good ones). There’s just something about the fairly mundane, but engaging combat that I honestly get a craving for every couple months.

Additionally, EDF, I don't think I need to say anything more about that.

I keep trying to think of something to put here! I think I have a hard time remembering whether or not something I like is bad ‘cause I don’t usually take the time to devote to things I don‘t think I’ll have a good time with…

Do people think _Legend of Legaia_ is bad? Cause I think that game owns

@CidNight#11868 I remember buying this at fry's electronics and the cashier telling me how great it was that you could “kill anyone,” and that he was playing through the game killing every npc he could find until they were all dead

@Gaagaagiins#11864 I think it’s the overlooked entry. IV had toroneko and the multi part structure, V is V, and then VII has its whole rep

@yeso#11892 Wow. That guy is a serial killer now.

@Gaagaagiins#11880 I have trouble with this too. If I like something, I usually do some kind of mental somersault to justify my liking it and just think it‘s good! (Not saying that’s what you're doing, I just mean I have a hard time even thinking about what “bad” things I like.)


All that is to say I LOOOOOVE _Metal Gear Solid 4._ I love the cutscenes, I love the characters, I love the visual design, the gameplay (all of it!), the robot fights, the CQC, the music, the American voice acting.

The sneaking feels as good as it ever did (maybe better), but there aren't many occasions when you use it/rely on it in the same way you did in MGS3. And I mean, you know, who wants a sequel to feel like a repetition of the last game, right? But this is different. Traditional MGS stealth is really only present in the first 40% of the game.

The guns feel pretty samey—though anyway why would you want to use one that isn't the tranq pistol? But that's more of an "issue" (depending on how you feel) with the whole series than with 4 in particular. That Solar pistol is hilarious. Let's put a tornado musket in there! The focus of play changes basically every couple hours. Love! Love! Love!

The character animations are incredible. Character animations tell a story which is otherwise totally up its own ass in a way that's emotionally compelling. Eye movements and cheek twitches and body language were NOT neglected by the animation team. The Greatest Hug in Video Games!!!

This isn't even really "awful" in the way we usually consider this question, so maybe this is a boring answer. Konami spent a TON of money making sure MGS4 would at least be very playable. That being said, does the game really have a reason to exist? No. Is it saying anything really interesting in the way Kojima(-produced) games usually do? Here and there, I think so. It's also got those boob-ogling jokes which still aren't funny. The bosses are hugely uninteresting. I don't care. This game is important to me. I'm comfortable with that.

yes I agree. Thought 5 was terrific as well. I found the incoherence, fragmentation, and bizarre emotional shifts in IV+V to be very engaging. I know 5 is somewhat threadbare and unfinished, but that just deepens the late Cold War paranoia for me