Worst games you’ve really enjoyed?

I have often had a great time playing games which are regarded as bad by many.

I had more fun this year with Balan Wonderworld than almost every other game I played this year, despite its widely reported limitations.

Aaargh Condor is a Commodore 64 game about flinging a stick at a bird, and nothing else. The entire gameplay loop is less than ten seconds. It came on one of the many cheap collection of games.

I was 5 years old, and having a surprisingly decent time trying to figure out what the point of the game was and how to win. My siblings were 8-10 years old (basically adults) and they insisted that this game was rubbish and we must try another game. I recall loading the game on my own another time and becoming skilled enough to rescue the ‘naked baby’ (wait, was that a badly drawn damsel?)

Do you have any specific memories, recent or distant, of having a jolly time with a game that is undeniably crummy?