Would you buy a Switch in Two Thousand and Twenty-Three (Common Era)?

Have some creeping console FOMO issues I am mentally working through…

absolutely not

Only if you really wanted to play the exclusives. I‘d otherwise be holding off on what its Successor will look like because I’d be astonished if it didn't have some degree of backwards compatibility.

For me, the key argument is what does a Switch offer over a now easily-gettable Steam Deck in 2023? So it boils down more to a question of how much does one care about Nintendo exclusives? There are some really good Nintendo exclusives that could easily justify a purchase! If that's part of your FOMO, then yeah, go get that thing.

The other main difference that comes to mind for me is the variable play styles possible with the Switch, specifically going TATE mode with the [FlipGrip](https://www.fangamer.com/products/flip-grip), which presents vertical shooters and pinball games in the best possible format.

If part of your hesitation is concern about your purchase being made irrelevant by a theoretical upcoming Switch 2... I'm just a dingus on a message board, but I remain skeptical that we're going to see anything in the near future that makes a substantial difference.

All that said, if I were to make the choice between a Switch and a Steam Deck today, I'd go Steam Deck. I love being able to tinker with it, giant library, so many systems emulatable, and the form factor fits my big mits better than the JoyCons.

I think a better question would be which games you're fearing missing out on, and how much you think you will want to play a console game for a handful of hours away from a television.

As for the latter point, that experience isn't perfect but it isn't not what it promises to be, if you get what I mean. Even still, unless you have a very particular kind of commute or a particular reason you think you'll want to play console games away from a TV, I'm not sure it will wow you. A great use case for a Switch, though, is if you have more Game Players in your household than you have places to sit down and play games. My Switch got a ton of playtime in my apartment where I hogged the main television with all the game consoles and the only sort of gaming capable PC, but both my partner and her little brother would want to be Gaming while hanging out there.

As for the former point, I mean, certain games fit the Switch platform like a glove and are, assuming you make use of its portability anyway, perhaps the best platform to get a game on (or it at least is basically equivalent to a PC or PS5 or Xbox version in all the ways that really count, plus, it's easy to.... haha.... Switch between a sit down home console experience and a portable one. However it's very hard to recommend specifically the Switch version of any game that is on another platform, doubly so if you already own it and just think it might be a game you'd play more if you could play it on your commute or something. While, yes, sometimes the Switch version is equivalent in all the ways that count, in many cases it's also just worse in those ways that count, and is basically almost never better (besides ofc portability).

So, really, piracy aside, the question kind of becomes "how much do you care about playing first party Nintendo games," or perhaps even "how hard do you think you're gonna kick yourself when most if not all of those legitimately good first party Nintendo games get re-released on their next console or get ported to PC maybe even?"

In summary, it's a hard maybe. If the price difference and less easy access aren't a factor to you, you'd maybe have to ask yourself if what you really want is a Steam Deck.

I am imagining a world where I can get a Switch 2.0 or whatever, and “demote” the family switch to hand-held and travel use. This is hilarious to me because I really don't travel frequently or even enjoy playing on hand-helds as a general use case. But at the same time, I imagine playing Shiren 5 on a plane or something. (This is still not going to happen.)


@“messemet”#p111923 I remain skeptical that we’re going to see anything in the near future that makes a substantial difference.

I think I agree with your take here even if I'm also just a message board dingus and just repeating your speculation. So I guess I'd say that if you are interested in first party Nintendo games, the follow up question is how long you think you can wait to play the newest _Zelda_ game or whatever it may be.

I voted yes then quickly rescinded my vote. The reason being is that I did buy a switch just recently but it was a gift for my girlfriend. It was also the handheld only model. I figured that didn’t really apply to why the poll was created.

Switch OLED? For sure. Great battery life, great dock, great screen, great recommendation topic, probably the best first party lineup ever (at least as far as Nintendo is concerned).

In an attempt to add one more point in the Steam Deck‘s favor, has anyone had hands-on with emulating Switch games via Yuzu on the Steam Deck? I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I‘ve heard some conflicting reports — sometimes it’s basically 1:1 with Switch performance or even exceeding, other times it's completely unplayable…

Though if I understand correctly, you would still need a Switch anyways to be able to dump the games, so perhaps a moot point in the long run.

I figured I‘d withhold some of the context just to gauge peoples’ overall thoughts, but I‘m realizing I have a super-specific context. Basically, I’d almost exclusively use it hooked up to my monitor, and the draw for me is totally those exclusives that are so beloved.

@“tomjonjon”#p111930 Just because you are an outlier, doesn't mean you are not part of the dataset!

I don't think any of the console exclusives are worth spending several hundreds of dollars on

@“TarpeianRock”#p111936 keep an eye out for a refurbished unit. The standard Switch is out of stock right now, though.

I wish I were in the market for a Lite because [every colour is in stock right now](https://www.nintendo.com/en-ca/store/products/nintendo-switch-lite-coral-refurbished-113307/), which is really cool. Would you buy a refurbished Switch Lite in 2 thousand 23 ce?

goddamn Tears of the Kingdom trailer :expressionless:


@“Gaagaagiins”#p111925 the question kind of becomes “how much do you care about playing first party Nintendo games,” or perhaps even “how hard do you think you’re gonna kick yourself when most if not all of those legitimately good first party Nintendo games get re-released on their next console or get ported to PC maybe even?”

Yep, that's the thing for me. I'd put gobs of hours into a bunch of the exclusives and then I'd be mad next year if/when a new Switch that can run everything smoother came out. Good old constantly-wanting-what-you-can't/don't-have.

@“TarpeianRock”#p111936 Deleted my long, winding, professed love for the Switch because I missed this pretty important context!

I’m bias because my brittle wrists are in love with the split joy con design but I’m also bias because I love those exclusives dearly so, all with a bit of salt…

If you’re lucky to have the means that it’s not too big of a purchase, I still think an exclusively docked Switch with those handy split Joy Cons is a pretty cool, fun investment. Hundreds of hours to enjoy now than trying to cram in later on top of whatever else is newer.

If it would be one of the only big purchase of the year, would exclude a lot of other games / future opportunities, and you’d be angry if a potential Switch 2 would play it all better… I think you already know in your heart you want to wait another year or so. Work on your back catalog in the mean time. Hundreds of hours of great old games to enjoy too!

And if Nintendo goes full Nintendo and their next console isn’t backwards compatible?
All the Switch stuff will (probably) just be cheaper and easier to get into them too.

I wouldn't do it, but if you do there is a lot of exclusives that are fun, and other games that play really well on there. I just know if I bought my first Switch in April 2023, the Switch 2 would get announce in May and released in November.

@“TarpeianRock”#p111942 what exclusives are you interested in? I‘ll tell you why they’re bad if it helps with your fomo

What calendar are we talking here? Julian, Gregorian, Mayan, Lunar?

It is year of the rabbit, so it's auspicious for a psx or xbox 360 purchase, not sure about switch. But switch is the only place to play Cadence of Hyrule, so it's worth it imo.