Would you buy a Switch in Two Thousand and Twenty-Three (Common Era)?


@“yeso”#p111938 I don’t think any of the console exclusives are worth spending several hundreds of dollars on

That’s why you make that face!



@“yeso”#p111948 what exclusives are you interested in? I’ll tell you why they’re bad if it helps with your fomo

in no particular order:

  • - death sandwich
  • - jimbo and stank: whirligig
  • - humidifier simulator
  • - humidifier simulator remake
  • I’m just trying to help

    I don‘t think anyone who doesn’t already have a Switch and isn't already invested in the ecosystem should consider a Switch in 2023, but folks who already are in that space should indeed consider replacing older models with newer, nicer models with functional Joy Cons.

    That said, there are always some people who like to wait until really late in a system's lifecycle to hop on board (and I've been that person), and for those specific individuals I think now is a great time to start looking at the market for the perfect time to jump in.


    @“willROAR”#p111946 brittle wrists are in love with the split joy con design

    YES, Joycons rule. Being able to have one in each hand while lounging around is great.

    It is the patrician's choice for your next trip to the roman baths or vomitorium @"TarpeianRock"#p111951

    @“yeso”#p111938 I kinda do, just on the strength of Nintendo's library alone.

    @“marurun”#p111955 OK but I suspect you are biased towards consoles which had Waku Waku 7 at launch.

    @“willROAR”#p111946 hey thank you! really appreciate that perspective. i think you've got me pegged, and i probably am going to be happy just playing catchup on lots of PC-available titles for the time being.

    Super Mario Odyssey is the greatest 3d platformer of all time. However, Death Stranding is #2 and is available on everything.

    I have one but have been considering pulling it back out to play all the weird incredible ports M2 and likeminded developers have created for the system (though I wish they would just port them to PC). STG (shmups) are especially interesting on switch because it is much more accessible to play in tate mode.

    I once starfished playing Switch with a joycon in each hand and there's just something about it that feels weird and throws me off. Am I not versatile enough?

    Though I have no more inside knowledge than your average forum denizen, Nintendo has GOT to be real close to announcing that next switch, or switch successor. the current switch is really struggling to run new games at this point, and third party game sales are dropping off, which means your larger devs will be putting whatever pressure they can on nintendo to get the next thing going, on top of whatever pressure nintendo has going internally.

    I could see this zelda being the last big switch game of this generation, with a new console out in december - but it feels like too short of a hype cycle, so more likely they'll announce something toward the end of the year and release it next. but I would be really surprised if they waited another full year before announcing the next platform, which I assume will launch with a mainline mario and be backward compatible with existing switch games.

    (btw I voted "no")

    @“exodus”#p111969 the Switch was released in March so Nintendo could announce something post Zelda and release in the spring. That would be very Nintendo of them.

    i once considered buying a switch lite, but only very briefly

    i don't enjoy enough nintendo games to justify the purchase. the closest i came to owning it was when my brother got it for his birthday once and my dad told me to keep it with me for a month so he wouldn't find the box. i played a lot of super mario odyssey because it was the bundled game

    I'm not gonna vote. The current 60/40 yes/no results reflect how I feel already haha. Forum user Yeso says Noso– we live in a world of grays, there is no black or white.

    Take yourself back to the year 1996. Nintendo has just released the *Gameboy Pocket*. There are murmurs of new hardware. B&W gameboy has been showing its age for the latter half of the 90's already. It seems like it's dead in the water, and game journalists are unanimous on this fact.
    Then, Pocket Monsters hits the scene. Instead of a next-generation handheld, nintendo rereleases Game Boy one last time, but now in color. The system is revitalized for practically another 5 years.
    This is kind of the situation we're in. Except there's no Pokemon, and there's still no telling what Nintendo's next move is gonna be. Look at the TotK trailer. Everyone was grumbling big time because they expect the worst when Nintendo doesn't show their hand. then today they released something fantastic.
    Usually I find Nintendo to be pretty predictable. But sometimes, especially with a new era of company hierarchy, I'm less confident in my speculation of major choices they're making behind the scenes right now.

    If you find one for a good price, like $200 or under, and *especially* if it's one of like 150,000 unpatched early switch consoles, go for it dude. They also *just* released a new limited edition for totk, so if you feel like you'll cherish it then get that one dude.

    From where I stand, I only see these reasons *not* to buy one, if you want one, and 5/6 of them are **totally speculative**:

  • - You think that Switch 2 is coming soon
  • - you think it *will have backwards compatibility*
  • - you think it will run switch1 games better than the og console
  • - you think switch 1 will instantly become cheaper than you purchased one for.
  • - you think it will otherwise become obsolete, like an eshop shutdown.
  • - You'd rather get a steam deck, which, for the most part, can emulate switch games at a better pace. This would be most reasonable imo. Or, you know what, if you're gonna go that route, just emulate on your PC lol. You probably aren't into that since you're asking this question in the first place.
  • I'd give you any one of those, but it's highly unlikely that all of those would be happening. also the price drop thing could happen a lot more slowly (if ever). Look at what has happened to 3DS, it has become stupid expensive.

    I'll remind everyone in this thread that I basically, (aside for playing botw and mario odyssey when they came out) only really got super hardcore into nintendo switch last december, and now I'm beating games and having a good old time.

    the realest question is this:


    @“TarpeianRock”#p111936 I figured I’d withhold some of the context just to gauge peoples’ overall thoughts, but I’m realizing I have a super-specific context. Basically, I’d almost exclusively use it hooked up to my monitor, and the draw for me is totally those exclusives that are so beloved.

    when I was a switch-hater, this was my excuse. I already live a portable life in a van down by the river/the sector 5 tube from FFVII. I figured if I'm always using it on my monitor, it's kind of a waste. Once I started using my switch heavily, that all changed. It's a neat device. It helps a lot to unlock the full potential and really feel like you're getting your money's worth if it's hackable though! IMHO, I don't know if that's your thing or not.


    @“yeso”#p111938 I don’t think any of the console exclusives are worth spending several hundreds of dollars on

    [img width=400]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ek9INkjWkAIOeng.jpg[/img]
    ~(meme disclaimer: I don't necessarily agree with this, I'm just meming over here and kind of taking dollar cost of first party nintendo games out of the equation! whether you pirate or not is a personal choice that doesn't need to be made public.)


    @“marurun”#p111953 That said, there are always some people who like to wait until really late in a system’s lifecycle to hop on board (and I’ve been that person), and for those specific individuals I think now is a great time to start looking at the market for the perfect time to jump in.


    Again, I was very switch-averse, skeptical. IDK if you ever saw or remember my posts about it. I bought a switch to play one game and then I resold it. I repeated that pattern that three times!!!! I got my final switch in 2020 *for a song*, and only put about 4 games on it. (One of which was waku waku 7, lol @"marurun"#906 @"◉◉maru"#146 )Then last year I went absolutely *ham* on the machine.
    But, you know, botw looks and performs far better on emulators, and it's likely that so will totk....

    @“exodus”#p111969 Given the amount of money Nintendo has made porting and re-releasing WiiU and the occasional 3DS title for Switch, basically from underperforming platforms to an overperforming one, I‘m not sure the next Nintendo device will be backwards compatible. The Switch has a huge library and I don’t think Nintendo or third parties want the market for a new platform to be cannibalized. Look at where backwards compatibility got them with the WiiU and 3DS: reduced platform performance. Look where splitting with the past got them: outstanding Switch sales, hardware and software. I simply do not see Nintendo prioritizing backwards compatibility at this point.


    @“marurun”#p112023 I simply do not see Nintendo prioritizing backwards compatibility at this point.

    man, i had no idea that backwards compatibility was ever even in question for modern consoles. just took for granted that it's a given.

    No BC means I‘ll be PO’ed.

    @“tomjonjon”#p112027 Rated M for mature

    I‘ll tell you what I love about the Switch: It just works, all the time. In six years, I’ve never had a game freeze, or not load, or had to toggle any weird settings. System updates take like 30 seconds, tops. And when I want to take a break, I just put it in sleep mode, and can pick it right back up whenever I want without having to sit through any load screens. That's a small detail, but it feels huge to me!

    The Switch has turned video games into just like reading a book. I pick it up and put it down when I feel like it, and it always feels seamless. Other consoles and PC gaming just feel cumbersome to me now.