Xtractaurs: Dinosaur themed, browser based toys to life game

Hi All!

I‘m quite new to this forum but I’ve heard on the podcast that it‘s a good place to track down obscure games so perhaps I’ll try my luck.

Back in my youth I didn‘t own a console and my family was rather tight fisted. As a result I played a lot of browser games. Upon seeing the bargain offered by Xtractaurs however, a toy which also gave access to an online game, my well trained miserliness broke down and I decided to give it a try. The issue was, though I still have the toys to this day, the website was shuttered in 2012 which, given it was a browser game, rendered it unplayable.

Even in its day Xtractaurs was poorly documented. The only gameplay screenshots I’ve found are from promotional material and this little flikr page (https://www.flickr.com/photos/xtractaurs/albums/72157622295838189). Given this lack of documentation I have little hope the game will ever be playable again but remain cautiously optimistic that some gameplay footage or screenshots exist which I haven't been able to track down.

Thanks for sharing. This is fascinating. Here‘s the way back machine link. It’s a flash heavy site so you can't really do anything


That looks like a pretty interesting toy.


Like @"hellomrkearns"#p68983, I am very pessimistic about the chances of recovering the website, unfortunately. Given the concept, I wonder if the project originally started for the Hyperscan, maybe? The end product was released in 2009 so, given how long it takes to release this kind of thing, the original proposal must have been making the rounds in Mattel’s product pitches since at least 2004. The Hyperscan was released in 2006.


I know the team that made most of the hyperscan stuff, I can ask them!