Yakuza recommendation


@“JoJoestar”#p84738 Yeso is a cold slavic 58 year old man that doesn’t enjoy being exposed to positive feelings too directly (just kidding yeso please don’t be mad).

Gotta say that's the best trolling moment I ever got and I laughed so hard after discovering it.

@“yeso”#p84741 That’s understandable. I enjoyed 7’s positivity and I know it resonated with a lot of people as well. Yakuza game stories are incredibly heavy-handed though I appreciate their honesty. It really wants to tell you how honorable it is to be a funny crime man when we know in reality organized crime is the worst.

It’s a sort of fantasy that is elevated by the melodrama and having character redemptions further solidifies it as a goofy soap opera. Maybe I’m just a sucker for this stuff because I find this series infectious with just how much meaningful gameplay and story it gives you time and time again. Like I can’t say there’s a single game I’ve regretted playing because they’re all so good.

@“Danimal”#p84746 yeah, 0 is most closely linked to 4 story-wise. callbacks to 1&2 are mostly superficial.

@“JCP”#p84735 okay! Well this thread and this week‘s news have made me finally sit down with the first 90 minutes of Like a Dragon. It’s so into storytelling so far that I can't really comment on the new combat yet.

warms my heart to see folks getting into yakuzas <3

0 really is the perfect starting point, and kiwami 1&2 build on it so well. 4 is my 2nd favorite in the series (i've beaten them all except the PSP ones and ishin)

7 is a new direction and also great, even if so far i prefer the old combat system that they kept in the judgment games holy shit do not sleep on those so good oh no this is hundreds of hours of stuff and not very helpful i'm sorry please don't go


@“yeso”#p84741 it’s more that I don’t trust them

Would you trust me if I said you're the coolest gamer grandpa I know

My top yakuza recommendation would probably be the Battles Without Honor and Humanity series by Kenji Fukasaku. Just some of the best gangster movies you‘ll ever see. Or Beat Takeshi’s Sonatine. Then if you like those check out the work Seijun Suzuki did at Nikkatsu in the 60s: Branded to Kill, Youth of the Beast, Tokyo Drifter. A bit less plot heavy and more focused on set pieces, inventive staging, and pop art excess. If that‘s not really your style then maybe Kurosawa’s Drunken Angel or Stray Dog, Masahiro Shinoda‘s noir masterpiece Pale Flower, Keisuke Kinoshita’s cautionary tale The Rose on His Arm, or if you want even more off the wall than Suzuki, maybe Takashi Miike's Dead or Alive trilogy.

A good rule of thumb is anything with Tetsuya Watari is worth watching. He hasn't been in too much recent stuff though, I guess he moved on to voice acting in some video game series called _Dragonesque_ or something, but I wouldn't know anything about that.

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p84957 it‘s crazy how few people i’ve met who‘ve seen battles without honor or humanity, despite it’s greatness and how much it'd resonate with folks who, as you said, adore gangster films

just riveting stuff watching founding fathers of the families try to survive in the decades to come

Kikujiro is of course the greatest yakuza film of all

I actually really enjoyed >!Haruka‘s!< section in Yakuza 5, but hey, I’m a sucker for rhythm games, even if they aren't great lol

the handshakes with sweaty adult male fans made me so uncomfortable lol

@"JoJoestar"#p84951 neither gamer nor

@“thumpus”#p84967 if I never hear that song again that would be fine though

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p84957 have you seen Boiling Point ?

@"billy "#p84969 i love the song so much :smiling_face_with_tear:

@“thumpus”#p84971 so did i! some time around the seven hundredth rendition of it i decided i’d had my fill. i think i was mostly annoyed that they didn’t have a bigger rotation.

@“yeso”#p84970 no unfortunately I‘ve been delinquent on my Kitano watching. I want to though, but for whatever reason these days I only have energy for the movie I watch each week for a film club, I’ll try to sneak one on there

Boiling Point is a wild one. Germane to the thread bc it has some Yakuza 3 aesthetics, I wonder

if there was any direct inspiration.


@"billy "#p84709 Order B (connoisseur recommendation): 1, 2, 3, 4, DS, 5, 0, K1, 6, K2, J, 7, LJ

Currently three games into this order and I can recommend it so far. I really love the PS2 aesthetic, way more than later games.

I only have room in my life for one of these games around every year or two so it's gonna be a long journey.

I have this feeling that 2 might end up my favourite game of the series, but also I think it will probably be 0.

I keep wanting to get into the series but keep bouncing off of Zero (playing maybe 1-2hrs at a time). How much time should I give it to stick?

I‘ve played a few Yakuza games. Yakuza 5 was my first one and I spent like 5 hours just doing taxi race missions and unlocking SEGA music before dropping the game. Then I tried Yakuza 0 and was put off by the fact that it breaks period a lot, often doesn’t seem aesthetically 80‘s japan enough or differentiate itself from other games in the series, but that’s just my impression. One day I will commit to the series again and probably start with the first one, on playstation 2. possibly the undub. The series also kind of makes me get post-japan-trip-depression, pining to return to that society. I also haven‘t played Like A Dragon, and since I’m really into Dragon Quest, that could also be the one.

Come to think of it, next time I‘m at my spot where I download large games, I should use my gamepass to download Like a Dragon, if it’s on there.


the whole reason I‘m responding in this thread in the first place, is that I am hearing the whispers of an edo-period Yakuza game…

Now that is something I would find very interesting. I think, you know, if they stick to the period this time, that could be one that would really suck me in. I already know it’s easier for me to project myself into an edo-period gangster than a modern day one. I hope it's good!