You Have Now Saved Your Game!

Was having a conversation about graphics related to saving games (save points and dialog boxes, checkpoints, etc). One that immediately came to mind was the FF7 save point.


Another was the typewriters from the early Resident Evil games.


What are your favourite save related graphics in games? Also, what graphics do you imagine when the Insert Credit podcast saves its game?

[“You have now saved your game!”,“You Have Now Saved Your Game!”]

I like the dithered rainbow polygon cone in grandia. It's such an ugly mess that I appreciate it very much.

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@“hammy”#p58727 what was that shape even supposed to be? Is it the katakana コ? What could it mean??

What was XV's save graphic? The glowing glyphs on the campsite or the Coleman logo?

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I just kind of think it's rad when a modern big-budget game has save points. Nice music too:


@“connrrr”#p58744 what was that shape even supposed to be? Is it the katakana コ? What could it mean??

This [has come up before](!! I think the consensus was that it's a stylized telephone receiver??

Parasite Eve has phones with red blinking lights. It’s cute that Aya comments something slightly different when you save like, “I should call HQ and check in.”

@“kory”#p58779 maybe it is a C, but it stands for Coleman.

Final Fantasy has the best save points.

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I also like Nier Automata letting you save at vending machines. Like the act of drinking a futuristic diet coke gives 2B permanence in the world.

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@“kory”#p58779 it’s a stylized telephone receiver??

...or it's a staple

The first thing that came to mind for me were the neon pink cassette tapes in GTA: Vice City. I think they look pretty rad

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[upl-image-preview url=//]

My Little Save Point Can't Be This Cute

@“captain”#p58811 I have thought it was a question mark for 25 years and you all are making me seriously doubt myself!

ED: since I’m currently playing it, going to say the Breath of Fire IV save tome. Love me a Big Fat Book ‘o Saves.

@“fenix”#p58908 So did I, friend, so did I…

@“fenix”#p58908 I‘m glad I only started this game like 3 weeks ago and haven’t established it as a question mark for more than a month