Your favorite fake cars

I've noticed a lot of people here like cars and games and cargames and cargame things… It seems like a good place to talk about your favorite “fake” cars in video games.

The first ones I can think of are all from the Burnout series. It's pretty obvious where the inspiration comes from, but they did seem to tweak actual designs to make them cooler (to me (also, easier to sell an extravagant design in a video game rather than real life, I imagine)).





Why that's gotta be the Assoluto Bisonte from R4. I would like to someday build a real version of this

I do really like the cars from the Burnout series! Especially Burnout 3.

Cool idea for a thread! I’m fascinated by devs that put in so much work creating a whole ecosystem of cars to sidestep the expense or hassle of using licensed automobiles. I remember Saint's Row the Third had a pretty fun and diverse set of fictional cars, but none really stand out in my mind right now.

I've always had a soft spot for the smooth, compact little ellipsoid starter cars from the first Ridge Racer on PS1. I really loved the look, which reminded me of a Mitsubishi Eclipse, but mostly I just wasn’t good enough at the time to unlock much else...


I realized I misunderstood the thread completely.

So here's Amy's car from Sonic R cause it's cute as heck.

I'm gonna have to delve deep into my racing catalog here but for now give me the simplicity of a ridge racer terrazi ambitious:


which I suspect might also be the car in the ridge racer post above mine!

@exodus#23444 ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well :slight_smile:

hard to decide between the f-type and the coupe. warning, only play this game if it is 1994-5

@exodus#23444 that's like 87% Mitsubishi FTO from the front I wonder what the back is like?

On the topic of carmakers not playing ball, I'm still disappointed in how stingy Toyota has been in recent years despite having the supposedly cool fun CEO that loves racing his cars. But also on the flip side, you get stuff like Genki Racing Project putting any kind of car they want in and just leaving off the name. "Noo Mr. Toyoda I don't know how you could possibly think this 'Type A80' in our game about racing through traffic on the Tokyo expressway could possibly be a Supra!? "

I'm going to stretch the definition of “car” to its limit here, and offer

The cars from Vigilante 8 are all great! (gifs from n64thstreet)

dropping the cars from above is a cool effect, dang. If I were making a 3D racing game I would be stealing that. I see that the wapiti 4wd is an oh, deer! car as well, hmm.

I like a lot of the cars from the Tokyo Xtreme Racing series (please bring that back), but that‘s cheating… They’re all “real” cars.

@thebryanjzx90#23449 Especially with how all their cars now look like the came from video games!

@kory#23434 I bet hanging out and making up fake manufacturers and lines of cars for a game is one of the most fun things ever.

Reminds me also of that Castrol Celica (you all know the one)

@adamazing#23458 yessss, that would have been my number one if it weren’t a real car…I have a vivid memory of one sick stunt where I hit a bump and somehow vaulted CLEAN OVER the rival Lancia ahead of me…if only the Saturn had a “share” button lol'15.jpg'16.jpg

I really love the Toyota S-FR from GT Sport. I know it‘s a concept car but whatever it’s a concept for doesn‘t seem to exist and there’s been no mention of it for 5 years and thus I feel like it qualifies as a fake car.

If this car ever sees the light of day I will:

  • 1. probably try and buy it.
  • 2. delete this reply.


    RPGs are great in how they get you to use your imagination.

    The prospect of an 11 year old fighting an entire big rig is pretty entertaining.

    @exodus#23454 Not stealing! Inspired by! Just like this! Exclamation!

    @beets#23466 that's neat. Like a Fiat Mini Cooper Miata thing