Your personal 2020 Video Game Awards

Would love to know what games everyone enjoyed the most in 2020, so I thought I'd propose anyone who wants to to write down their personal 2020 Game Awards. It can be a list or you can come up with any category you want I mean it is YOUR OWN VGA

I'm kinda new to the forums (been lurking for a little while), but the IC Show has influenced a lot of what I've played this year (and will definitely influence it even more in 2021 [i'm looking at you, Marc Ecko's Getting Up]). The community here in the forums is also hella cool so I'm excited to hear what y'all have to say.

Anyways here's a little something I wrote about my faves this year. You might notice that none of them were actually released in 2020 lol

And my favorite games of 2020 are.......

15 - Wattam >>>> lots of charm, amazing music and vibes for days make up for the simple gameplay geared towards younger audiences (it's from the same creator as Katamari!)

14 - The Last Guardian >>>> it's got the floppiest controls I've ever tried and the level design is quite underwhelming, HOWEVER, Trico's AI blew my mind. I talked to them OUT LOUD as if they were one of my cats man I mean holy shit. The ending also made me sob for quite a while.

13 - Panzer Dragoon >>>> VERY COOL action game with VERY COOL music. I'm pretty sure the second one (IC Podcast's former BGOAT) will blow my mind, can't wait for that. )

12- Doom >>>> i mean it's doom it's pretty fun. more fun than most games that's for sure. I also tried Brutal Doom for a little while but it made me want to vomit so I stopped.

11 - Super Mario World >>>> pretty much a perfect video game. It is however a lot less interesting than the next one which is

10 - Jumping Flash >>>> triple jumping into the stratosphere feels AMAZING. I also love the visual so much. This marks my 2021 video game resolution which is to play more 7/10ish weird ass games. They can be tremendously enjoyable. I've been playing mostly canonical masterpieces for so long I'm getting kinda tired of that.

9 - Bloodborne >>>> i like how it's very spooky

8 - Super Mario Brothers 3 (SNES) >>>> I LOVED playing this on SMB All Stars. It might have been on my top 10 games ever if not for the puzzle-y levels. I really dislike those please let me just keep jumping towards the right end of the screen Mr. Miyamoto :(

7 - Super Mario 64 (fan port) >>>> prettyyyy cool to play this at 60fps with a modern camera scheme. It is on my top 5 games ever list, but I have played it a billion times already sooo

6 - Nex Machina: Death Machine >>>> the most underrated twin stick shooter ever please stop playing nuclear throne and enter the gungeon and go play this it is incredible. the most adrenaline i've felt in 2020 that's for sure.

5 - Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere >>>> played the fan translation of the JP version. I loved it. Thick with vibes and POLITICAL DRAMA. It made me an instant fan of airplane arcady stuff. I can't wait to play the next ones in the series and more general airplane arcady stuff (I'm taking recommendations)

4 - Death Stranding >>>> it IS a video game I promise. A very very good one.

3 - OutRun 2 >>>> not so much a racing game as it is an action game? i dunno man. look, I got no love for racing games, yet I would recommend this to anyone who has ever touched a controller in their lives. try it out and you'll see what I mean.

2 - NieR:Automata >>>> it's like Your Fondest Memories Of The PS2: The Videogame. Thick, thick, thick vibes on this one, I loved to be in that world. I can't wait to get all the endings please lend me your PS4 again Dan.

1 - Mother 3 >>>> the most transformative experience I've ever had with a video game. It truly made me want to become a better person.


That's it for best games! Here are other categories

My least favorite game of 2020 is....

UNCHARTED 4 holyyy shit it is sooo boring. I think i only felt more bored playing a video game when I tried Conker's Bad Fur Day. it's got the worse pacing I've ever seen in a game, which sucks cause the crazy set pieces you get every four hours can be pretty dang cool. They go by too fast and then you're back to being bored though. 4/10.

And the games from 2020 that I want to play the most are...

A Short Hike >>>> i dipped my toes in it and I know I'm gonna love it. Just waiting for the perfect moment, like a free, warm sunday afternoon (which is a very rare thing for me to have [the being free part cause i live in brazil it is often warm here])

Final Fantasy VII Remake >>>> I'm actually going through the original right now and loving it. I want to eat that new rendition of Midgar.

Umurangi Generation >>>> it looks pretty cool

And the games not from 2020 that I want to play the most in 2021 are...

ZeroRanger, Drakengard, Nier, Jet Set Radio, Deadly Premonition, Lost Odyssey, DQV, Raw Danger, Guardian Heroes, Ace Combat 4, SkyGunner, Marc Ecko's Getting Up and LSD (list might change a lot as time goes by).

Not sure if anyone cared to read this far but if you have I hope you have a great 2021!!! I also wish people that didn't get this far a great 2021 but how will they ever know that

ok, for me it is

1 - pathologic 2

2 - disco elysium

3 - dark savior

4 - cliffhanger edward randy

the rest in no particular order

  • * germs nerawerata machi (as far into the game as I could get)
  • * microsoft flight simulator (with onair plugin)
  • * shenmue 3
  • * petal crash
  • * cyberpunk 2077
  • * yaku7a
  • * the borges game by robert yang forgot what it's called
  • >

    @fugazi57#12508 Raw Danger

    prioritize this one, and recommend playing it while it's still winter (if you live in a cold weather place)

    Games from 2020 that meant something to me in 2020:

    GG Aleste 3 - It could have and frankly should have been a novelty or at best a tech demo, but somehow the bonus game that was made for M2's new Game Gear Aleste collection is my game of the year 2020 and it's not remotely close. This game is delightful. The weapons are balanced, the songs use motifs from the series but all sound way better than the original soundtracks, the bosses are all fun and fair and huge. It's an honest to goodness Compile shooter, it doesn't feel retro, it just feels lost.

    Hades and Animal Crossing - I'll put these together because they were 2020's best ways to kill time. With their seemingly endless grinds and cascades of currencies to trade for different currencies, these games force you to play them a lot, which is something I would have actively hated in a normal year, but this year I'm ultimately glad I had them, even if I hope I never play them again.

    Disc Room - You can only do one thing in Disc Room, and that's get torn in half by a spinning blade. Somehow, even after Nuclear Throne and Super Crate Box, JW Nijman still has a lot to show you about that goshdarn disc.

    One Step From Eden - Anyone that tells you Hades is the best roguelite of 2020 hasn't played this game.

    Streets of Rage 4 - The opposite of GG Aleste 3's approach. This game winks at you so hard its mascara falls off. But why not when these games are so damn fun.

    Games from yore that I had a good time with in 2020:

    FunHouse - "Hey, it's only pinball"

    Pokémon Sword - This game actually lets you play competitive Pokémon without asking for years of your life beforehand. As such it's showed me that competitive Pokémon is pretty cool. It's like poker but you and your opponent are both cheating and you both have a gun aimed at each other under the table. And the gun is Pikachu.

    Nuclear Throne - The best game of the 2010s is still good in 2020. Who would've known?

    Magic The Gathering - There was no Friday Night Magic in 2020, the only time you could play a draft was literally every waking moment. From Eldraine to Zendikar Rising this year may have killed Constructed, but Limited has never been better and there was just so much of it.

    Chess - Between everyone and their dog getting a lichess acount in lockdown to The Queen's Gambit's meticulous attention to the intricacies of the game, 2020 was a banner year for chess. Even Gordon Hayward was streaming it on twitch. What a world.

    I like the fact we are including games that are not necessarily from this year. Okay these are the games I enjoyed the most this year:

  • - Disco Elysium
  • - Final Fantasy XIV
  • - Flower, Sun and Rain
  • - Doom 64 (my favorite classic Doom from now on)
  • - Doom Eternal
  • - The Firemen
  • - Ninja Saviors: The Return of the Warriors
  • - Hades
  • - 13 Sentinels
  • - moon
  • - Black Mesa (one of the best remakes I have played, ended up liking it more than Alyx)
  • - Shinsekai: Into the depths
  • - Petal Crash
  • - Song of Horror
  • - 51 Worldwide Games
  • - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2
  • had an amazing time with Spelunky 2, even after I had written off platformers

    From what I‘ve played…

    -Kentucky Route Zero

    -FFVII remake

    -Manifold Garden

    -Doom (2016)

    -The Beginner’s Guide

    -The Stanley Parable

    -Ori and the Blind Forest

    -13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim


    Aaaand I want to put something in, which is this:

    Sorry, but I love Hamauzu's work, and this is coming from a great year in terms of compositions.

    Best First Time

    1 - Streets of Rage 4 XBO 2020

    2 - Moving Out XBO 2020

    3 - Sturmwind DC 2013

    4 - Sunset Overdrive XBO 2014

    5 - Sayonara Wild Hearts SW 2019

    HM - Drake Hollow Beta XBO 2020

    **Best Reappraisal**
    Actraiser SNES 1990

    **Best Classic Revisited**
    Outrun Coast 2 Coast XBOX 2006

    **Worst Reappraisal**
    Guardian Heroes SAT 1996

    **Biggest Disappointment**
    Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity PC 1995

    So, if I played a game before March, I honestly don‘t remember it. BUT. I have been keeping a log of every game I have played since the stay at home orders went out in March, and whether or not I have completed them. I played quite a few games dating all the way back to the Master System, and dug deep into JRPGs for the first time in at least 10-15 years. I’ll just toss out a few favorites:

    **Game that made me reevaluate Adventure Games/Visual Novels - Snatcher**
    _This is my personal favorite game that I played during 2020. The story Gillian Seed and his hunting of the nefarious Snatchers is Blade Runner: The Movie: The Game: Spilled Over Invasion of the Body Snatchers: The Book: The Game. And even though it is most played by scrolling through menus and choosing options and has some frustratingly tricky shooting sections, I ate up all of it. I enjoyed its structure enough that, after a lifetime of hating on adventure games and visual novels, I am finally willing to reconsider the genre in 2021._

    **Game that I feel more people should play just for the sheer novelty - West of Loathing**
    _It is silly, made of primarily black and white line art with an emphasis on stick figures, and has excellent turn based RPG combat. I slurped it down in one sitting with a smile on my face. Its manifest destiny, but dumb, in a clever way. Don't expect it to like answer to any of the issues of that time period. Its like a goofy kid's retelling of the Wild Wild West and I love it._

    **Game that irritated me the most - Kingdom Hearts 3 + Re: Mind DLC**
    _Why did I play this to completion on critical mode and then PLAY THE DLC WHICH I PAID OVER TWENTY DOLLARS FOR. I like hate played this game, after playing every single preceding Kingdom Hearts title which for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed. Last week, a friend of mine was talking about the events of the game, and he asked my opinion on a plot point and I responded, "when did that even happen in the GAME" to which he responded, "dude I watched you play that sequence on twitch." I feel like that says it all._

    **Game that reminded me why the 90s rule - Virtua Racing: Sega AGES**
    _3 tracks. 2 driving modes. One game, running at 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution on the Nintendo Switch. I played so much Virtua Racing one my own and with friends that it actually cracked the top 5 games that I played on the Switch this year. I got lost in each one of the tracks, trying to master each turn to make each lap shorter than the last in a quest to not sit in the 500th place tier on those leaderboards. My eyes are practically imprinted with the 3D graphics of the Model 1 board in all of its glory. And the MUSIC. Its just good vibes all around._

    **Game that came out this year that I enjoyed the most - Sackboy**
    _I do not think I have much to say about this game other than that I lost 30 hours in its intricate levels filled with enticing collectibles and fantastic music. What Sumo Digital did here with popular music and its original score is more interesting than what some developers have done with their own scores. Maybe I'm a huge sellout baby poser, but setting a level to the beat of Jungle Boogie isn't something I knew I needed until I played Sackboy_

    **Game that came out this year that I feel is truly the best - Half Life: Alyx**
    _I bought a first generation Oculus Rift just so I could buy into this game. It was the first game I played during quarantine, and to date one of the few games where I felt like I was peering into the future. The adaptation of the first person shooting that defines Half Life to VR works so well that going back to a standard controller to play the earlier Half Life games afterwards felt almost unbearable. The design of the levels and the story structure are so good that it somehow managed to bandage over the wound that's been seeping energy from me since Half Life 2: Episode 2 ended on a cliffhanger......and it promises MORE HALF LIFE as concludes. I'm ready. Don't kill the momentum you've built here with Alyx by making us wait 13 years VALVE._

    **Game that I replayed this year that made me want to die - Sonic Adventure 2**
    _Man that there story telling is so super serious, but also pretty terrible. Like, I get that Sonic Team wanted to make a series of games that had story of a grandiose nature like say, Final Fantasy was rocking in the late 90s, but its like no one sat down to read the script or revise anything after an afternoon brainstorming session. And those emerald hunting levels make me want to DIE._

    I played a lot of video games this year for the first time in several years so I spent a lot of time reacquainting myself with what I like and deciding if I still like it. And uh, trying to find new stuff to like so I guess I just played games normally. OK. Anyway next year I resolve to play more new games,

    **Best Final Fantasy I played this year; best reappraisal**

    **Best old game I played this year that was new to me**
    Thunder Force IV, I got to the last level but I'm still trying to beat it on Kids Mode. Owned

    **Best new game I played this year**

    **Game I played this year that I'm most surprised my son likes to watch**
    Shining Force II. When he wants to play it he says "let's check in on Chester"

    **Best game that I stayed up until 2am playing once and deleted from my console so I wouldn't lose my life to it**
    Slay the Spire

    **Worst reappraisal**
    Ocarina of Time

    **Best game I played this year**
    Suikoden II haha. After playing it in I think three different decades I'm more convinced of its greatness than ever

    @fugazi57#12508 oh hey!! if you (or anyone else!!) ever want to throw down in Arena, my tag is EsperControl#31574.

    my games of 2020 in no order:
    -magic the gathering arena, again
    -Final Fantasy VII Remake (my goty)
    -Animal Crossing New Horizons (*the* goty)
    -Dragon Quest XI
    -Yakuza 0

    i didn’t do much gaming!! or at least, I didn’t do much gaming beyond the stuff I really wanted to get around to. also I watched longplays of Sonic Adventure 1 and Metal Gear Solid 3, both games i‘ve beaten before, and Klonoa, a game i cherish deeply for personal reasons.

    BEST VR Experience:

    Introducing a bunch of Korean teens to Nirvana by singing “Come as you are” in a VRChat karaoke room

    Sometimes cultural exchanges happen in the weirdest places, and sometimes you make connections that you didn't anticipate, even if they last for a brief moment.

    _**Level that took me the longest to beat**_
    Fzero GX - Chapter 3. I had purchased Fzero GX new and had, until last week, never beaten Chapter 3 despite many many attempts over several years. I finally beat it last week and I'm starting to wrap my head around Fzero's movement mechanics, which are bonkers.

    _**Game that sums up my feelings about the quarantine**_
    Anodyne 2. This was free on Epic the week that the pandemic lockdown started and I was starting to enter the surreal world that we call the new normal. I wasn't used to being so isolated and entering Anyodyn 2's fantasy world helped with that.

    _**best 3ds game**_
    Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers. What other game turns you and your entire friends into animals, and then places them in a post apocalyptic setting, one that's more optimistic than others, while also combining a lot of game systems and having a boat load of minigames. What other game lets you fight rock monsters while moonlighting as a storekeeper, while you assemble the parts to build a huge laser.

    _**GAME of the YEAR**_
    Battle Mania Daiginjou - The game that taught me how to love videogames again. Unexpected in every way. Multifaceted. A banging soundtrack. Boss encounters that are *funny*.

    *edit* honerable mentions

    Quadrilateral Cowboy - At long last played this finely crafted funky First Person Cyberpunk Puzzle Game. Like others I wish it were longer, and that a map making community had developed around it. But has the best Environmental Storytelling of any game. Bar none

    Kentucky Route Zero act 5 - When the new act dropped I had to replay the entire game, breaking my rule of not revisiting previous chapters when a new one was released, but it was good because it had been so long since I had last encountered it I was pretty sure I'd lose a lot of plot details.

    Actually if I could re-do my list I would put Doki Doki Literature Club on it


    @marlfuchs2#12559 Introducing a bunch of Korean teens to Nirvana by singing “Come as you are” in a VRChat karaoke room

    Wow, this is incredible.

    I just finished a blog post listing the games I played this year along with an style thought about the game. These are my favorite games from the year:

    Death Stranding is the game that made me write things about games.
    Chrono Trigger is the RPG we need and don’t deserve.
    Titanfall 2 is a jet-pack shotgun to the face.
    A Short Hike is the best part of Zelda.
    Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the first time I’ve played Final Fantasy 7, but not the last time I’ll play Final Fantasy 7.
    Outer Wilds is a planetary puzzle box a planetary puzzle box a planetary puzzle box.

    And these are my favorite reviews:
    Earthbound is vibing.
    Lithium City is a neon amuse bouche.

    The rest are [here](


    @bone#12562 Titanfall 2 is a jet-pack shotgun to the face.

    TitanFall 2 is, to me, the Fusion Jazz Album of AAA games. It's like when session musicians who normally operate in the background get together to make a single album where they all show off. It's everyone at the top of their craft firing on all cylinders to produce something that only AAA games are good at: High spectacle campaigns with a lot of polish everywhere, and a multiplayer mode with a lot of novel stuff happening that still works. To me, it represents a high water mark of AAA, and something I can still get excited about.

    I got a discarded PS3 a few months back and finally got to play Tokyo Jungle; it was everything I hoped for and more. I'm not sure any game will ever be able to top a Pomeranian sex simulator.

    As far as games I enjoyed playing the most in 2020, that'd be Deception IV: Nightmare Princess. It took four games and 20 years for the series to give in to absurdity and turn the camp up to 11, and it's a beautiful thing to behold.



    really enjoying the answers everyone, i knew this community would deliver on the super interesting stuff I've never even heard about! Loving the read and the discoveries

    not much consensus but lots of interesting taste(compliment does not apply to my weird ideas), very good to see I think

    Some games roughly in the order I played them:

    **The Witness:** I got spoiled (if you've played it, you know what "the spoiler" is) on this one, thinking I'd never play it anyways but it was given for free on EGS. Well, it still found its way to being my favorite puzzle game along with others because I can't make choices. Deeply satisfying on multiple levels and I wish more games were like this. Luckily, [Taiji]( looks like the same game in a good way. High hopes for it!

    **Anodyne 2:** Unique 2D/3D environments with a surprising amount of stuff to find while the game itself stays simple to play. You can press a button to turn into a car!

    **GOTY - A Short Hike:** This mini BotW charmed me enough to play it 2 times 100%. Then there was an update with a boat and that was the 3rd time. Writing this is making me crave a 4th...

    **Outer Wilds:** I don't have anything to say that hasn't been said already. This game grew and continues to grow on me since I finished it. The internal logic of the weird alien world makes for many many many "of course!" moments and a truly immersive world.

    **Firewatch:** "Alone in the quiet woods, but you see a figure watching you in the distance" is very much my aesthetic. I think that playing as a character with their own thoughts and motivations but making mostly small choices constantly is a great approach for games to take. The story hit me kind of hard in the end.

    **Hades:** Feels great seeing Supergiant combine all their previous efforts to make this. In the early access period, so much Stuff for me to consume was put into this game and it's also balanced as heck. Maybe too balanced; the vast majority of things have their use, it feels like you almost always are at the power levels they want you to be in and runs can feel samey after an (admittedly very long) while. Love the make-your-own difficulty that basically every game should have!

    **Spelunky 2:** Here's a roguelike that's basically the opposite of Hades. It will give the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I like how these games came out within 2 days of each other! More Spelunky was all I could ask for, this is it and more.

    **CrossCode:** Well known, but absolutely underlooked. It's like Chrono Trigger but with action combat that is more deep and skillful than it seems, with Zelda dungeons full of Zelda-y puzzles. Best things about it is how well it flows from combat to puzzles to platforming and the large amount of content, a big amount optional and probably attributed to early access. This and Hades are making me think that early access for single player games is super good!

    Resident Evil 2 - Best Game From 2019 I Didn't Get Around To Until This Year. It might be my new favorite Resident Evil. Really tight and lean, that perfect length where it feels satisfying to play through the first time, but then you can replay it over and over and get a different kind of satisfaction running through it as fast as possible. Much as I loved Final Fantasy VII Remake, I really appreciated how Capcom resisted the temptation to extrapolate on the original experience according to modern standards of how much “content” a game should have.

    **Alan Wake** - Best Revisitation/Reappraisal. I replayed this in preparation for that Alan Wake DLC for Control, which I still haven't gotten around to playing, lol. Alan Wake rules. It's much less of a horror game than I really remembered, it's very much an action game, but the lighting still gave it a really creepy atmosphere that absolutely holds up. The farm level where you fight hordes of possessed dudes while that Poets of the Fall song plays still owns super hard. I hadn't realized when I played Control that the song from the Ashtray Maze was the same guys (portraying the same fictional band!)

    **Phantasy Star IV** - Best New Acquaintance. I'd never played a Phantasy Star before. I wish I had! Although I'm not sure I'd have appreciated it if I'd played it before I got into Dragon Quest, which I feel was slightly more accessible, at least the modern ports. I wish M2 could have gotten a chance to do a Sega Ages version of PSIV with a built-in reference guide reminding me what all the skills and techniques do, like they did for the first one, lol. I definitely had to go back to the wiki a lot.

    **Animal Crossing: New Horizons** - Almost Game of the Year. It was kind of my default, just because I didn't play that many games that really blew me away. That's not a slight against Animal Crossing, though. I really loved it. But I'm also generally a pretty solitary gamer. I'm not usually that gung-ho to play with other people. Plus as much as I love developing my town and improving my home, I have a hard time justifying spending that much time on a game I've basically beaten as an adult with limited time and tons of other games to play. I kind of wish I could. There's all kinds of cool shit I'd like to go back and build in Subnautica and Dragon Quest Builders 2, also. So yeah, I'm not really suited to get out of this game exactly what I feel like I'm supposed to get out of it.

    **Yakuza: Like a Dragon** - Probably, Actually Game of the Year. I started this a couple days ago and it's one of those games where I just knew right away I was gonna love it. I immediately got sucked into the story and even apart from the compelling, dramatic stuff it's just so effortlessly funny. The only other Yakuza game I've played is 0, which I like, but I've never really gotten too far into it. I'm not quite as into beat'em up combat as I am into JRPG battles. It's weird how well the switch works. The series already had random battles, basically! And I can't even really remember the last JRPG where the combat system hit all of my buttons like this one does. I said this in the New Games thread but it feels like a cross between Paper Mario and Grandia. Most of the battles so far are pretty easy but I'm sure the difficulty will ramp up as all of the different systems get introduced.

    **Spider-man Remastered/Miles Morales** - Holy Shit, Look at Those Graphics. If anyone gets a chance to play the Spider-man games on the PS5, I'm telling you: fuck 4K. Play the 1080p Performance RT mode. Flawless 60 frames per second with Ray Traced reflections all over the dang place. The reflections are lower res and lower crowd/traffic density than the default Fidelity mode but you'll never notice when you're just slinging by that glass high rise, all of Manhattan reflected in the windows. Also now that I've had time to adjust, PS4 Peter Parker's face looked hecka weird and I'm glad they changed it.

    Thats what I've got! I still need to play Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II at some point. I'm sure I'll probably like them, but I wouldn't have had anything especially interesting to say about them.

    I really enjoyed my time with Animal Crossing, although like most people I got to a point where I didn‘t find the daily grind compelling enough to keep up with it. It’s solid though and I probably would‘ve kept up with it longer if I didn’t spend several early-quarantine days grinding as much as possible.

    I also just recently started Death Stranding and I love it. I barely understand what's going on but I'm finding the walking oddly enthralling. The story is fascinating but also incomprehensible at this point.

    I guess I should also shout out the two games I spent a ton of time alternating between playing and doing open source contribution stuff for. I did some early hacking away at the then-leaked, now-somewhat-sanctioned Mario 64 port fork, sm64ex. I think I might have actually been the first guy to publicly get a version out there that had the analog camera patch working. I also did some minor fixes for it, writing support for cylindrical billboarding into the Mario 64 engine and fixing a couple of menu problems on puppycam. That was a lot of fun.

    I also did some work for OpenDingux this year, the free and open source operating system for chinese handheld game consoles. I got a couple patches merged into gmenu2x (the launcher) but mostly I worked on a couple of ports. I ported OpenXcom over and added in some halfway-decent joystick controls for moving the cursor around and panning the camera. It's playable to the point where I had a great time with it and someone else ported my fork to RetroFW, another linux distribution for handhelds. That was neat. I also did the bare-minimum amount of work needed to get the analog camera patches working on the port of Mario 64 to OpenDingux. Got a lot of mileage out of that one personally.


    @bodydouble#12615 I got a discarded PS3 a few months back and finally got to play Tokyo Jungle; it was everything I hoped for and more. I’m not sure any game will ever be able to top a Pomeranian sex simulator.

    Also did this! Picked up a PS3 slim for $5 at a yard sale. Very cool little game. Downloaded that and a few others like Nier.