Your Ten Namecard Games

What ten games would you write on the back of a namecard to represent your tastes in games?

~(I believe this question differs from other instances of 'top' or 'essential' games, and is not necessarily a statement of endorsement, but rather is meant as a calling card shorthand. It can be a fun challenge to try to capture the breadth / corners of your interests with a moderately sized set.)

My list (edited to match emerging norms of giving at least a short explanation of significance)

**1. Sim Earth (PC)** - Virtual terrarium with very high number of moving parts, achieved with limited computing power, and asks “what could we be doing with this computational power?”

**2. Panekit (PS1)** - physics creativity sandbox with solid goals without imposing.

**3. Wip3out (PS1)** - peak of ps1 visuals, beautiful graphic design, bumping music, NeGcon controls

**4. Treasure World (DS)** - collect things to dress up your character and decorate your home with a seemingly infinite list of items, but to do so you need to go out and proto-streetpass wifi signals. Hoarding plus encouragement to go outside.

**5. Kirby Super Star (SNES)** - play a game with a friend, surprising additional moves per power with varied, yet intuitive inputs.

**6. Pirates! (NES)** - random generation of a story thread to follow and more mechanics than reasonable.

**7. Groove Jikoku V (PS1)** - wario ware zone out but earn money for gatcha audio clips to play with in a music mixer that you can jam to if you’re not shy.

**8. UnReal World (PC)** - survival simulation that doesn’t care much for being a game. Living in a cabin in the woods, spawns self-imposed routines of checking your traps, watching for the first freeze of the winter, starting the morning fire.

**9. Kenki Ippatsu Crane Master ni Narou! (PS1)** - figure out a control scheme with too many buttons and sparse UI, clicks your brain over into something. This game hints at what it could become (full building simulator), but only goes the first step. The rest of the game just is in your mind.

**10. Colin McRae Rally (GBA)** - Let’s include physical handling in even the most low power circumstances, and make it polygonal.

interesting prompt, which i'm not totally sure i understand, but i think my list would look something like this:

Seaman, Grim Fandango, ~~Alien Crush~~ Danganronpa, Mario Kart 8, NBA Street Vol 2, ~~Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball~~ Kirby's Dream Land, Disco Elysium, bit Generations Coloris, Mother 3, Thumper

**EDIT**: In retrospect, Dusty Diamond's and NBA Street are a bit redundant, so I'm swapping in Dangaronpa. Same with Alien Crush and Thumper (dark weird vibes and killer soundtracks with streamlined gameplay mechanics), so I'm swapping in Kirby's Dream Land.

A list? Count me in. I still have some favorites I couldn‘t manage to mention, but per the prompt I felt compelled to prioritize a “category” of game and choose a representative (or 3…) to justify it, rather than throw up a single game in a style I typically don’t like. My goal here was that, by looking at this list, someone could confidently infer whether or not I'd like any other game in the world based on my priorities shown here. If this is to represent my taste, I figured I should be laying down the rules and not the exceptions!

#1: _EarthBound_ (1994) ---

Category: Boundary-pushing unconventional ("cult classic?" ew no) JRPG
Runners Up: _Panzer Dragoon Saga_ (1998), _Live A Live_ (1994)

#2: _Oikospiel_ (2017) ---

Category: Uncompromising dedication to a singular vision
Runners Up: _Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty_ (2001), _Katamari Damacy_ (2004)

#3: _Ihatovo Monogatari_ (1993) ---

Category: Walking and talking with intensely honest emotion
Runners Up: _Moon: Remix RPG Adventure_ (1997), _Sumire_ (2021),

#4: _Pocky & Rocky_ (1993) ---

Category: Overhead run-and-gun without the guns
Runners Up: _Purikura Daisakusen_ (1996), _Ninja Princess_ (1985)

#5: _Chulip_ (2002) ---

Category: Walking and talking with intensely honest emotion (in 3D)
Runners Up: _Shenmue_ (1999), _Planet Laika_ (1999)

#6: _Wild Arms_ (1996) ---

Category: Unassuming "typical" JRPG with structural surprises and a huge heart
Runners Up: _Dragon Quest IV_ (1990), _Mystic Ark_ (1995)

#7: _Mushihimesama_ (2004) ---

Category: Shmup
Runners Up: _G-Darius_ (1997), _Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil_ (2002)

#8: _Ys Origin_ (2006) ---

Category: 2D Zelda
Runners Up: _The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening_ (1993), _Alundra_ (1997)

#9: _Yume Nikki_ (2004) ---

Category: Surreal un-reality
Runners Up: _Panic!_ (1994), _Facets_ (2018)

#10: _Castlevania: Rondo of Blood_ (1993) ---

Category: Stylish, tightly-designed 2D platformer
Runners Up: _Yoshi's Woolly World_ (2014), _Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight_ (2016)

Here are ten of my favourite games that when I think of them they make me go “I wanna play that right now!!”

  • - Mega Man Legends 2

    3rd person shooter-adventure
  • - **Gitaroo Man**
    rhythm action rock opera/after school special
  • - **Mother 3**
    turn-based JRPG with rhythm elements
  • - **Final Fantasy VIII**
    turn-based JRPG without rhythm elements unless you count Squall's gunblade trigger pulls
  • -

    # **GOD HAND**

    3rd person roaming beat 'em up
  • - **Bloodborne**
    horror action RPG
  • - **Hotel Dusk**
    mystery VN, smartass simulator
  • - **Rez**
    rail shooter with the soul of a rhtyhm game
  • - **Shatter**
    kickass soundtrack married to my favourite breakout clone
  • 1.

    Ridge Racer (PSX) '94/'95

    The first PlayStation game I played. Add in the ability to play your own discs after the game loads for maximum enjoyment. The Blue album by Weezer was a favorite of mine at the time.

  • 2.

    **Crusi'n USA** (ARCADE) **'94**
    I don't know how many times I would just put a 5 dollar bill in this machine and play it till the end. Hot tub Bill Clinton.

  • 3.

    **Sunset Riders** (ARCADE) **'91**
    I too would like to be buried with my money.

  • 4.

    **Tecmo Super Bowl** (NES) **'91**
    The perfect sports videgame.

  • 5.

    **Fallout: New Vegas** (XBOX360) **'10**
    I just recently finished a playthrough of this (my 3rd) and I can still think of multiple character builds and alliances I'd like to try.

  • 6.

    **T&C Surf Designs** (NES) **'88**
    Once you figure out the controls this is a fun score attack game. A real NES weirdo.

  • 7.

    **Demon Attack** (ATARI2600) **'82**
    Looks great, plays great. A wonderful single screen arcade shooter that I've been playing for about 37 years.

  • 8.

    **Final Fight: Double Impact** (XBOX360) **'10**
    A bit of cheating but Final Fight and Magic Sword were both arcade machines I would always play if I saw them. An easy way to enjoy these today.

  • 9.

    **1080° Snowboarding** (N64) **'98**
    Ricky Winterborn in the half-pipe. My friend and I spent months 1-upping each others scores.

  • 10.

    **Zombies Ate My Neighbors** (SNES) **'93**
    This gets hard as nails but hard to top in co-op. Giant babies make great boss monsters.

  • @“connrrr”#p100093 nice shoutout to Shatter and it's soundtrack!

    Organized in no particular order

  • 1.

    Candybox 2. You gotta fill in the gaps with your imagination.

  • 2.

    Final Fantasy IX. The beautiful settings, light hearted characters and the fact it's Final Fantasy

  • 3.

    Super Mario Bros. 3. Easy to turn on and immediately start playing. I like the All Stars edition, I played that the most.

  • 4.

    The Witcher 3. I like big open world fantasy games without too much bullshit. I also enjoyed the Witcher 1 quite a bit.

  • 5.

    Metal Gear Solid 5* (*Gameplay only!) The story sucks, don't give me that!

  • 6.

    Zone of Enders 2. Flying around in a big mech endlessly fighting robots rules.

  • 7.

    Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (or any of these puyo puyo games) I like to turn brain into speed focused puzzle machine with good music sometimes.

  • 8.

    Divinity Original Sin 2. Big detailed fantasy story going on, some tactical things to think about. I can pick up a lot of items!

  • 9.

    Star Wars Podracer. Even though I hate Star Wars, I want to play a racing game where I can go like 800 mph.

  • 10.

    Friends of Ringo Ishikawa. I kinda like these beat em ups, but I also like there to be something more!

  • conclusions. I like fantasy games, I like games that feel real good, I like games that have slapping sound tracks, I like games that have a deeper layer to them.

    Didn't have room for: 2d RPGs that slap. I like those too.

    I‘m taking notes of a bunch of those you’re mentioning.

    Mine are:

    .- Mirror's Edge, representative of first person games with amazing movement and tight control schemes.

    .- Lumines, representative of puzzle games and joyful soundtracks.

    .- Attack of the Friday Monsters, representative of both short story-focused games and TCG homages.

    .- Alter Ego, representative of choice games and “games I can't speedrun cause they emotionally destroy me in silly ways”.

    .- Picross 3D: Round 2, representative of experiences that could only really work on the strange hardware that is the DS.

    .- Raw Danger, representative of episodic games to play after work and brilliantly obtuse menus.

    .- Pikmin, representative of the bunch of games I played on the weekends with my cousin at my grandma‘s house.

    .- Vib-Ribbon, representative of the sacred tradition of hardware gimmicks.

    .- Not Tetris 2, representative of hard to master niche games and Tetris variations.

    .- Katamari Damacy, as the best videogame experience I’ve ever had and maybe my favorite piece of art.

    At the risk of outing myself as the biggest normie poser in the thread so far –

  • 1. DIsco Elsyium – One of those games that feels like we're finally getting to the good games
  • 2. Bloodborne -- Best vibes & best action-combat of the From Games
  • 3. Super Mario 64 -- better elden ring
  • 4. Caves of Qud -- Proudly advertises the games that influenced it, still feels _creatio ex nihilo_
  • 5. No Man's Sky -- One of those games that makes you wish we'd already reached the good games
  • 6. Into the Breach -- If only our government aspired to this same level of transparency
  • 7. Halo 3 -- Great campaign & still don't think anyone's made a game that looks better
  • 8. Persona 5 Royal -- Game turned me into one of those japan-likers
  • 9. Cookie Clicker -- Should be our go-to "labor of love" reference
  • 10. Pentiment -- I wish I could say something nice about this game without just thinking about microsoft
  • I‘m all over the map, but still basically STG-heavy so no one thinks I’ve been replaced by an alien life form.

    Armed Police Batrider (sentimental favourite)
    Killer7 (for its atmosphere and aesthetic)
    Rose Camelia (something of a novelty but still influenced me heavily)
    Silhouette Mirage (I mean this is me we're talking about here, so)
    Darius Gaiden (the absolute pinnacle of 2D horizontal STGs of the 90's and a fantastic OST)
    Jumping Flash! 2 (still my biggest what if, as in 'what if 3D platformers were descended from this instead of Super Mario 64')
    Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (atmospheric, cool, and spare, and got me into SMT)
    Etrian Odyssey Nexus (a celebration game that capped off an amazing series)
    Katamari Damacy (still love it, even if it's not as much as I did in 2010 or so)
    Outrun (I can watch attract mode over and over, and I hear Last Wave in my dreams)


    @“deepspacefine”#p100106 Halo 3 – … still don’t think anyone’s made a game that looks better


    i have to blurt it out before i read anyone else's.

    my first instinct was to make a statement by only picking three, but then i thought of one i wanted to add, and another, and so on. then i started to want to push on the definition of a game. and i wanted a way to indicate that my favorite videogames are the ones that'll be made a thousand years from now and that won't be recognizable to us as a videogames.

    i settled on a numbered list starting at 8 with the three games i'll put on any damn list, giving my top 7 spots to a future beyond the horizon of my own life.

    don't know if this namecard will convey all that, but i gave it my best effort.

  • 8. NiGHTS
  • 9. [Rayman](
  • 10. [MYST](
  • >

    @“connrrr”#p100093 God Hand

    never heard of that one. is it related to **GOD HAND**?

    I'm going to interpret this as “which 10 games do you rate way higher than most people” to keep myself from putting like, Zelda and Mario on there.

    **_1. Armed Police Batrider_**
    While it is definitively the best game ever made, Armed Police Batrider has unfortunately still never had its day in the sun. It's never had a console port, it's never been on a list of the best games of the 90s, there are no plushies or deformed plastic dolls of Birthday or Carpet lining the walls of your local hot topic. There is no multi billion dollar movie franchise with Chris Pratt playing DD. There are no trading cards or tv shows or remakes or sequels. It's just sitting there, in that unopened 7z file with all the MAME games you torrented last April while you were hoping that your Steam Deck preorder would move up the queue, quietly waiting for you to have the time of your life with it.

    **_2. Cybattler_**
    A lot of people don't like shmups because you can't turn around in them. Or at least I'm not quite sure why people don't like shmups as much as they should, and that's one of the possible explanations I came up with in my head just now. Anyway you can shoot in 8 directions in this one. You're also a giant robot. Also it's called Cybattler.

    **_3. Dangun Feveron_**
    As you fire your proton torpedos at the oncoming enemy ship and its pilot is thrown violently from their cockpit you notice something strange. The pilot appears to be doing that goofy John Travolta finger pointin dance as they are thrown into the void. In space, no one can hear you scream, but if you could hear this person scream, they would be screaming "HEAVEN IS HERE INSIDE MY SOUL!"

    **_4. Dimahoo_**
    Are you great? We are great.

    **_5. Dogyuun_**
    It's not the best Toaplan shooter, but boy howdy does it have that soundtrack. That soundtrack and that opening cinematic. And that bit where you just have a real goofy rockem sockem robots fight. Good game.

    **_6. FixEight_**
    I never understand why OutZone overshadows FixEight to the degree that it does. FixEight has a huge varied cast, no clunky time limit mechanic, no checkpoints. It's just OutZone but better in almost every way. It's also a 3 player shmup (or whatever you want to call it) and there aren't many of those.

    **_7. Ghox_**
    Ghox is to Breakout what Windjammers is to Pong: a decades later complete reimaging of a game that had up until then mostly been responsible for by the numbers clones. It's a beautiful, inventive game with a great soundtrack and diverging level paths a la Outrun. It rules.

    **_8. Rage of the Dragons_**
    When you hit someone with a launcher in Rage of the Dragons the inputs for the combo you need to do to juggle them pop up in huge letters. You don't have to do that one, but that one is guaranteed to work if you punch it in fast enough. This solves one of the biggest issues with playing random Fighting Games at the arcade, you either have no idea what you're doing or you have to play with some simplified control scheme and mash buttons. Sure it's a quick time event but it's a really good one that will let a beginner do a cool looking and damaging combo and let them feel like they earned it. Obviously no one has ever done this since.

    **_9. Shienryu_**
    Back in 1993, Tsutomu Tabata made Daioh while at Athena and it ruled. Then in 1997 he left Athena and with some other Athena staff helped start Warashi and made....Daioh again. The thing is though, that Daioh is a hell of a good time, and Daioh but slightly better is a hell of a great time.

    **_10. Xexex_**
    This is Konami's best game. Forget your Metal Gears and your Castles Vania, your Bucky O Hares and your Yu Gi Ohs. Back in 1991 Konami dared to ask "What if R Type had tentacles on the ship and a hot blond guy as the villain?" and God bless them for that.