Your Video Game Wishlist

My current PS4 wishlist sits on two post-it notes on the edge of my coffee table. This was composed a few months ago when I sat down and went through the entire “All Games” list on the PS store. My hope in doing so was that I didn‘t miss anything I wanted to play at some point in the future.

I’ve done this with nearly every video game system I‘ve owned and am currently going through the 3DS catalog having recently picked up a 2DS (wedge model). For some reason, I’ve stuck with post-its when making my lists. For years, my white DS slim had a yellow post it stuck to the outside with the games I was hunting down.

In the end, it's usually down to some quick math of how much time I have available and the cost of the game to determine when I'll pick up a game (especially the digital ones). I try not to get games if I'm not in the mood to play them.

How does everyone else manage their wishlist? Do you have a dream wishlist too? (This is my shorter list that includes games like Dicing Knight. and Panzer Dragoon Saga among others that I'll keep an eye on Ebay for)

right now my wishlist is based on listening to the PS2CULAR episode of insert credit podcast lol.

specifically, I want Bujingai, Raw Danger, and Chulip!

I have watched multiple “all games for x console” lists and made wishlists out of those. Then whenever I go to a game store I pull them up. So yeah, I make them!

Oh and... I might casually suggest not getting 198X unless you're really big on schmaltziness.

hmm, my wishlist is mainly xbox/ps2/gamecube era

Outrun 2/ 2006 (Xbox or PS2)

Tourist Trophy (Polyphony digital made a bike game, basically GT4, but with bikes)

Double Steal Sequel

Steambot Chronicles

Star Fox Adventure / Assault

The Super Monkey Ball series

Rouge Squadron series for Gamecube


I do feel like the PS2/Xbox/GC era is now starting to creep into collector territory so a lot of those titles are kind of hard to come by in stores. Naturally I could just ebay the lot of these, but where's the fun in that?

Steambot is gonna be pricey whether you find it on eBay or on the wild!!

I’ve started noting down stuff I wanted about three, four years ago because I got tired of buying the same software two or sometime three times (looking at you, Rage Racer).

My brain somehow gets stuck on the status of certain games, vividly remembering that I wanted them but forgetting to update that the issue had already been resolved last year. So I can’t afford to give it the benefit of the doubt anymore.

If I see a game I want to buy and it’s not on the list, there is a strong chance I might already own it and so I rarely take the risk to buy it. And so far, this has proved rather successful. I think I already escaped four or five new duplicates that I would have swore I didn’t own until I came back home to double-check.

Therefore, it’s not so much a « wishlist » but rather a « safe to buy list ». I use the Notes app on my iPhone, just to make sure I have it on hand whenever it might be useful (browsing through a shop or looking at auctions online).

For digital purchases, I just use the wishlist / favorited feature of the shops.

I‘m unclear on your list - you mark the games you have, or the games you don’t? Above you said you made a want list, but then you said if something‘s not on the list it’s safe to buy.

Is it that you made a want list a long time ago, and now use it as a list of things you own, because you assume you bought them? Seems like there's a better way!

I find it annoying that the wishlist is the only effective way to browse and buy games on the switch. If I want to buy something and keep my place in the store, really the only thing I can do is wishlist it and come back to the game later. If you click through to purchase anything it resets your position in the store. with a thousand items in any given list, that's a bit of a nuisance.


@exodus#5776 you said if something’s not on the list it’s safe to buy.

Hmm I don’t think so? I believe I wrote the opposite? Anyway, to clarify, the games on the list are software I have confirmed I do not own yet. (Of course, I nevertheless did screw up a couple of times.)

AH!! I misread it. Well, good!

aw man, update on my wishlist but…


had fun today on my day off adventuring to a new gaming shop that opened here in Socal 😁

BUFFY! ha ha

where's this new place? it's called OG collectibles?

yes it's in Downey California, just opened up this past weekend.

next time I go I'll ask them what "OG" stands for lol.

I took a bunch of pics and videos too since I wanna practice video editing; some of their prices are ridic! lol

Downey, huh - well I can‘t say these games were too cheap, but I’ll check it out next time I'm able to go to socal again!

another wishlist update but I found another one!


unfortunately I'm not in the mood to spend right now (I think Chulip is $100). Also I've never been to that shop, but it's like a 90 minute drive from OC to San Diego, and I havent had a day to relax in weeks lol.

I have some other wishlist games that I didn't mention but found recently too:

007 Blood Stone for xbox 360. I saw this game on a Metal Jesus video and decided to be on the lookout for it. There's a used goods shop close to me called "Eco Town" and I was lucky to find a copy there for $15!

Gunblade NY & LA Machineguns for Wii. I've been wanting this game coz the OST is on spotify and it's amazing! This game is actually quite pricy - goes for $70, but luckily I had an ebay coupon to use so I spent it on that game (because I got outbid on trying to purchase my 3rd copy of Arc Rise Fantasia lol)

also I wanna add Bullet Witch to my wishlist coz I keep hearing Brandon talk about it on the Insert Credit podcast lol

The way Gunblade NY has shot up is crazy. I have it from when it was super cheap at Gamestop.

I don't have a wish list to much anymore outside of big hardware purchases (Neo Geo and a flash cart), but I much like @chazumaru definitely have the what I already own list so that I don't double purchase games. This is especially helpful right now on say 360 and PS3 stuff which I've been getting dirt cheap for a while now. I do tend to keep an Ebay saved search on for the small odds and ends I am looking for game wise though, it works well for pretty common games you don't want to pay too much for.

@p3ters#7407 My friend Ian works at Luna Video Games! He works at the other store, but sometimes he‘s in that one as well. He’s a nice dude! I prefer the store he works in too, but it‘ll be a bit further of a drive. Still, if you head down there, tell him hello (if he’s there)!

bullet witch rules but be prepared for a bad frame rate.

oh man, I found another one today.


$30 with no manual, which makes me feel like I overpaid for my copy but whatever.

This was at Lost Levels in Claremont CA, a real cool store! They had a thing today where they were selling old TVs and some PVMs, but the early birds picked up all the good stuff. Once I got there there weren't really any TVs I wanted lol.

they opened at 8AM. I actually got up at 6 but my bed just felt so good I didn't wanna leave it lol. On the bright side since I was home at 8AM I was able to buy the Ikaruga soundtrack on vinyl 😄

they didnt have any copies of Bujingai or Bullet Witch unfortunately, but they did have a copy of Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball! I kinda wanted it, but I don't have a xbox and it's not backwards compatible with 360 lol

i am at a point where i own a lot of games i haven‘t played AND i’m excited to get to them, so buying new stuff isn't a priority. i keep a list on my phone which is quite small; mostly games that people keep talking about even after the launch buzz (Disco Elysium is top of the list rn). i also noted down some of the PS2CULARs, i just picked up Breath of Fire V at one of the few retro stores remaining in my city, will get into it soon!

oh hecks yah! I finally found a copy of Bujingai!!

didnt buy it tho unfortunately, coz umm…



this was at a store called Video Game Geeks in Anaheim, close to Disneyland. They had another game I was looking for that I forgot I was looking for - Bubble Bobble Old & New. It was $20 cart only; what a great deal actually!! I passed on it tho, coz I did a quick ebay check and decided to buy a boxed copy that wasnt too badly priced :p

the aforementioned OG Collectibles posted on IG this morning a bunch of new pickups, including Chulip!! I almost got into the car to grab it, but zoomed in on the price sticker and it said $125. That’s a bit more than what I want to spend on it haha.

@p3ters#12052 Bujingai! This year was the year I discovered I‘ve accidentally been a Red Entertainment fan for years. In addition to Bujingai, they also made Blood Will Tell (aka Dororo), the Gungrave games, the Bonk (PC Genjin) series, the Sakura Wars series, and a bunch of other stuff. I’d never noticed any two of these were the same developer, haha.

Hope you find a copy of Bujingai in better shape eventually. If you have a way to play Japanese versions, those are often more affordable.