You're Doing Great!! Affirmational game phrases.

I always loved the message in Space Harrier when you start a new stage. “You're doing great!” I always felt pumped up and delighted to face a new stage. It didn't treat the boss as the end but instead celebrated the effort and challenge ahead.
Check 3:37 for the You're Doing Great message..

What are some of the finest affirmations in games?

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Floor Kids

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Mario Golf games have convinced me to say “Nice On!” whenever someone hits the green, even though I‘m pretty sure it’s not a real phrase used in golf.

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I played so much Toadstool Tour last year, NICE ON and NICE SHOT became part of my daily vocabulary for a while.

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I like this one but think it has weird syntax feel, like it could be altered to be better. "Smokin' Sexy Style"? idk

@“Tradegood”#p52500 I thought ‘I’m sure I’ve seen Nice On used elsewhere, but I was thinking of Wii Sports Golf, so perhaps it’s a Nintendoism! It’s clearly under-utilised!

Not directed at the player but the Gloria's Theater level in Psychonauts lets you give an affirmation to an NPC.

I love the Street Fighter Alpha 3 anouncer.


Go for broke!

You have fists of god!

One of my all time favorites.



Ain't there somebody who can stop this fighting machine?!

@“Unbeknownst2U”#p52705 I love that teleportation jingle! not really an affirmation though, so I'm wondering if this is a case of mishearing!?

anyway here's one I always liked
as sassy as this game is you'd never think this song was being sarcastic. it says you're smart and great for playing this game, and it's right to say it.

I‘ve always enjoyed the level-up messages from Tes IV Oblivion. They’re so earnest and fit in with the tabletop feel that the game has. They would work well in a college or high school graduation card:[upl-image-preview url=//]

table from wiki: [](

I always liked the “Right on - you're way out in front!” from F-Zero X. That guy owns.


@“exodus”#p52761 I love that teleportation jingle! not really an affirmation though, so I’m wondering if this is a case of mishearing!?

It could very well be. I guess I always heard it as "Completion."

@“Unbeknownst2U”#p52929 ah!! They're saying “teleportation yeah, aah shoobadeedatdat”

@“exodus”#p52931 haha, because just saying you completed the level would be too obvious! Don't know how long it will take for me to un-train my ears from hearing that differently but you learn something new every day.

1080° Snowboarding would like you to know that you did a good job.

Just beat Gynoug and ran to this thread:

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This is not from a video game, but today I got this in my email inbox, and I can't imagine anything more affirmational.

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