You've Got The (After)Touch

Burnout 3 and Revenge are great games. Along with the mechanic of taking down opponents mid-race, it had the “Aftertouch” mechanic where the game slows down and the player can use their totaled car's momentum to do take-downs (timestamp is 03:47)

I think it's a neat mechanic that maintains the game's momentum and makes the player to salvage or make the most of a presented situation. There aren't that many games with a mechanic like Aftertouch (that I know of). There are some that are similar, though.

For instance. one example is Max Payne 3's second wind mechanic. If Max has a painkiller when shot by a fatal blow, the game slows and the player has to shoot the person who dealt the hit. Successfully doing so keeps the game going (albeit from a prone position). Another example is Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros / Phantom Pain, where the game slows down upon detection to have a chance at preventing an alarm.

Are there games that have an Aftertouch mechanic or something close to it? What games or kind of games do you think may benefit from incorporating such a mechanic?

I can’t recall which one(s), but one:some of the EA Soorts golf games left you Aftertouch the ball post swing, to apply draw/fade while it was already in flight

100% unrealistic, but cool and fun!

Bloodborne has it, in a way, where you can regain a chunk of your lifebar if you damage an enemy within a certain window after it's lost.

Borderlands also has a second wind mechanic where you can revive yourself if you get a kill within a certain window after losing your healthbar. You're rooted in place (as you lay on the ground bleeding out, i suppose) so it becomes pretty frantic--I thought this was a pretty cool mechanic at the time.

Also--I fully appreciate any and all Stan Bush references