3DS eShop Recommendations

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p52540 Do you estimate the 3DS as up to snuff to play Summer Carnival '92 Recca?

@“captain”#p52606 sure, there‘s tons of flickering and what not but nothing that’s not in the original release.

[size=10]you[/size][size=12] CAN'T buy a [/size][size=15]game in the e[/size][size=18]shop if you [/size][size=22]don't have[/size] [size=25]space on [/size][size=29]your sd card [/size][size=33]to download it [/size][size=40][b]IMMEDIATELY???

@“captain”#p52630 Just to be cautious, are you sure this is a problem of space on the SD card and not a problem of having too many games installed in the menu? I remember the wording of the error message threw me off and it took me a few fumbles to realize I had not maxed out my SD Card but instead reached the limit of icons which can be installed at the same time on the home menu (which I believe is 300 icons, badges included).

@“chazumaru”#p52656 I‘m sure—it was because I was still using the 4GB card that came with the system (I really haven’t used it that much since I got it). Ace Attorney and the Bravely Default demo (which I… want to keep installed, for some reason) knocked out that storage space right away. Thankfully I just so happened to have recently unearthed an empty 32GB card while cleaning my parents' house.

The fact that the eShop does not tell you how much storage space a game will take up until you push the Tap To Purchase button is its own burst blood vessel.

@“captain”#p52677 I am both dismayed by, and weirdly proud of, how many times I've googled “how many GB is X number of 3DS storage blocks” over the years.

Slightly off topic, but I'm sitting here looking at Gotta Protectors wondering what the heck is going on with the English version of Gotta Protectors on Switch. I bet if I buy the 3DS version tonight, that will guarantee the English release of Gotta Protectors on Switch within a month.

It is still coming—the loc itself is done, apparently, and now they‘re in the process of determining when to put it out (which makes me think it’s scheduled to be revealed via a Direct or some other big venue). “It'll probably be announced early next year” was the last public statement, as of a few weeks ago.

I think it’s pretty important to specify eShop exclusives here as opposed to stuff you can potentially get physically. Here are a few of my picks:

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    Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale - Another one of Level-5’s Guild games, this one a lovely short adventure game (more of a walking simulator really, but a cute one) by the designers behind Boku no Natsuyasumi. Be a tokusatsu-obsessed elementary schooler in 1970s rural Japan, wander around your sunny prerendered town chatting with people, play a simple Triple Triad-esque trading card game with other kids. A very warm game.

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    _Crimson Shroud_ - Yasumi Matsuno.

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    _Gunman Clive_ - Nice little retro-esque platformer with a sketchbook aesthetic that looks best on 3DS. Better than its sequel.

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    _Kokuga_ - Severely underrated shooter by the designers of _Ikaruga_. Like a bullet hell game slowed down: you control a tank and have to manually aim your turret through semi-abstract labyrinths filled with webs of slow-moving projectiles. Much more challenging than it sounds, especially if you’re playing for high score grades.

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    _Liberation Maiden_ - Wacky, wonky 3D shoot-em-up from Grasshopper Manufacture. Very Dreamcast-y feel.

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    Sega 3D Classics series - Remastered by AM2. The 3D looks very good.

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    _Tokyo Crash Mobs_ - By the _Polarium_ and _Magnetica_ studio. I haven’t played it but I’m curious. Looks like one of the aesthetically weirdest games ever released under the Nintendo label.

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    various Picross games - The Club Nintendo _Twilight Princess_ game, the _Pokemon_ one, and _Picross 3D Round 2_ are exclusive and good.

  • @“2501”#p53162 Never heard of Tokyo Crash Mobs but I was sold within literally a single second of watching a trailer.

    Probably also worth mentioning that the 3DS eShop is currently the only remaining way to obtain DSiWare games - the whole small handful of them that might be worth playing (Dragon Quest Wars??)

    Here‘s a DSiWare list I put together the last time it seemed like the library might be going away: https://retronauts.com/article/1674/dead-or-dying-dsiwares-days-are-numbered (note that the Katamari game listed towards the bottom can’t actually be downloaded onto a 3DS anymore.)


    @“2501”#p53162 Tokyo Crash Mobs - By the Polarium and Magnetica studio. I haven’t played it but I’m curious. Looks like one of the aesthetically weirdest games ever released under the Nintendo label.

    It's pretty much what it looks like: Magnetica/Puzzloop but with digitised actors instead of coloured orbs. Koichi Yotsui of Suzuki Bakuhatsu fame handled the art direction, if that helps bring anything into focus.

    Nintendo made an official announcement earlier today; March 2023 is the cut-off date for purchasing games from the 3DS and WiiU eShops.


    3DS Digital Software Dumping Guide


    Undumped games


    And not eShop related, but these guides are helpful for dumping carts.

    Yes, think of the DSiware games, people!!

    I hope that all dsiware games were dumped. There are a lot of hidden gems and possible lost media there. Including some of historical significance, like an unexplained sequel to X.

    As of 4 years ago when I was searching, I found it very difficult to find DSiware game Roms online. Many relegate it to cheap mobile trash or don’t think of it much at all because of how briefly they were produced and how narrow the DSi install base was, but the experimental nature of it all, the late 2D gaming, low budget, yet non-apple-store-iness of it all is a perfect storm for some real unique stuff. On my 3DS I had a few installed— of the lesser known ones I have a Kappa game.

    Since then there’s been several major breakthroughs in DSi homebrew, but still a long path ahead, since again it is a very overlooked console… yet… so cool. I think it’s way cooler than what 3DS ended up being, entirely because it was 100% more 2D graphics, and 3ds let me down in that regard almost entirely.

    I’ll be the first to say it: the DSi is the Wonderswan of that generation. A wonderful Swan Song for 2D portable gaming. I don’t even know half the library 😂 I need to find a complete dumped multi region library of DSiWare and comb through several times. I doubt it exists, I doubt every game has been dumped.

    Just wanted to say pretty much all the 3DS Ace Attorney games are on sale on the eShop for about 5 bucks each

    @“dylanfills”#p62560 ace attorney 6 was my GOTY that year. that game is way too slept-on.

    (uhhh… is there a guide anywhere on how to connect a 3ds to the internet? i tried a few times and it just didn’t work…)

    @“NoJoTo”#p62606 https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/499/~/how-to-connect-to-the-internet

    @“whatsarobot”#p62580 With or without the DLC trial?