A thread in which to introduce ones elf

Alright! Let’s talk about ours elves, why not!

I hate my elf, but here they are, having their fucking glitter bath:


I'm putting up a shelf this weekend and I might introduce that.

Next do a thread about videogame things that are too small.


My elf's a little shy.

you're all just making their job easier



there's somebody in my neighborhood who got rid of a bunch of books and dvds and just put them in a couple boxes on their front sidewalk.

I kept passing it and it dwindled over time until the only thing left was elf and a knight's tale.

tingle is elf

My home country’s Elf is the worst elf. (・ω・`)


@chazumaru#5714 I thought you meant Macron until I got three minutes into the video. I guess he's more of a gnome though?


@exodus#5707 a knight’s tale

Has anyone else here seen this?

It's way better then one might expect, but not to the point that I'd recommend it.

If you ever wondered what would happen if a movie with such a tired and bland premise that it had no business existing in the first place, was just brimming with excellent craft work, A Knight's Tale is your answer. There's cleverness in the script. The actors all give fantastic performances. The special effects team does a wonderful job with the lances. Yet, I never recommend anyone see it, because it's a story about a man who pretends to be a knight, and is then really good at knight competitions, and wins the girl... and that isn't a movie anyone needs to see. I don't think they could have made A Knight’s Tale any better, but they should have put all that talent into making a different and better movie.

It is a very well made bad movie.


@Geoff#5753 It is a very well made bad movie.

It might be interesting to make a thread about other well made bad movies (or well made bad games...!)

I feel like there must be a whole lot of these that all have very different reasons for being "bad"

Deedlit is my friend

@billy#5663 Went out in the sunshine this weekend, so did not put up that shelf. :frowning:

I have thought about watching A Knight‘s Tale so many times, but the trailer puts me off! And I guess it’s kind of set up so you know exactly what will happen and are just sort of waiting for the misunderstandings to get sorted out, which is my least favorite sort of plot. I don‘t know if I’ll ever manage it since I have SO MANY bad movies in my queue to watch already, heh.

There's an apartment building in this town that catches my eye whenever I walk past it.


This is literally its name for some reason.

[[img height=6 width=9]https://i.imgur.com/DRoR5mf.png[/img]](https://i.imgur.com/DRoR5mf.png)

my dad is an elf. here he is elfsplaining after work