Actually good mobile games?

Alien: Blackout is a really good mobile spin off of Alien Isolation. The gameplay is a bit more Night Trap/Double Switch, in that you are guiding a group of people through the environment and trying to track/trick the xenomorph via the station‘s security systems. You need headphones and I feel it demands (and deserves) your full attention while playing. It’s kind of rough if you are in an environment where you can only kinda half pay attention to it. But it definitely stands out for me when this topic comes up.

As someone who never cared for the Professor Layton games, I really liked Layton Brothers: Mystery Room and do remember it fondly. It essentially turns it more towards the Ace Attorney style adventure game, than how the mainline Professor Layton games just have you solving kinda disassociated trivia-stle puzzles that aren't related to the plot. The soundtrack is great too, with alltime goat Yuzo Koshiro working on it.

@“sosadillatron”#p156392 Had no idea about this, and it being actually a spin off of Isolation is neat, since I loved that game, but it being a mobile game spinoff/sequel coming like 5 years after Isolation is odd, gotta say. It also sadly seems delisted (though I imagine some of the suggestions in this thread would be)

@“Badoor”#p156394 Sorry. I should've double checked if it was still up. I feel like I checked on it a year or so ago and it was still available.

*sigh* ... another good game gone from the world.