Actually good mobile games?

We‘re probably all somehow skeptical about mobile gaming. To some degree at least.

And yet I’m not the one to dismiss anything as a whole.

I wanna know the good mobile games, I wanna know the best examples, the fewer actually the better, of this unstoppabl-y growing platform of gaming.

But it‘s difficult for me to find good suggestions, and navigating the Stores on android and apple devices it’s very confusing.

So much trash.

And also many games that potentially look fun, but then bombard you with those usual ingredients of mobile gaming that can only obstacle my appreciation for them (example…a nice tennis game, like a “virtua tennis”/arcade tennis game. I would love. I thought I found a decent one sometime ago but then right away it presented me the usual “loot” mechanics of improvement of my gear and I couldn‘t avoid feeling nauseated…I don’t want to spend time on a menu full of numbers. I want gameplay).

So I ask here, sure that some interesting options would come up.

I offer, in return, the only two titles that I can suggest on my side:

  • - Rocket League SideSwipe
  • - #Drive
  • I'm afraid the second one got recently a bit bloated more than necessary with those aforementioned elements (I need to doublecheck), but I find it extremely charming and enjoyable from time to time. The graphic style is ACTUALLY good, and it's worthy a try for sure.

    I would also mention Mario Run, I think the formula is pretty successful and it's well-realized.

    Aside from these I really don't know.

    Ah, important: I m looking for mobile games that can actually be enjoyed on the fly with the touchscreen (tough design challenge) of a mobile phone.
    Not for games that REQUIRE a gamepad accessory...
    Example: I played a bit stardew valley on my phone, theoretically a very good game for the platform..but I found the touch controls to take away too much of the joyful and stress-free gameplay that the game would want to offer.

    A few that I've enjoyed are:

    [Alto's Adventure]( - An endless "runner" style game but on a snowboard
    [Grindstone]( - a single screen style path drawing type puzzle game
    [Lyne]( - a simple looking puzzle game
    [FlipFlop Solitaire]( - A very good and unique take on the classic card game

    Million Onion Hotel is fun

    Edit: thought of a few more:

    Neko Atsume:
    hap Inc.'s games

    I heard there used to be a game about blasting alien freaks that people liked

    some good ones in here

    [Ridiculous Fishing](
    [Vampire Survivors](
    [Meow Tower](
    Donut Country
    Part Time UFO

    Speaking of Ridiculous Fishing -

    None of these games have intrusive ads.

    **Antiyoy** is my fave phone strategy game. For me, it perfectly straddles the amount of mental engagement I want to have in a phone game. It's sort of between checkers and chess in complexity. When I was most into the game it could make time disappear insanely fast. I remember 6 hours of an international flight passing like a half hour. Before you get too good at it. It has wonderful flow. It also has a fairly active user-generated map community, and the dev adds new maps once in a while.

    I've long felt that **Atomas** is severely underrated. I've seen someone compare it to games like Threes/2048, but Atomas has a built-in risk/reward/push-your-luck aspect that I find far more compelling. It's the kind of puzzle game that you get very fast at, which leads to people on the train staring over your shoulder trying to figure out the rules.

    **Cookie Clicker**. Does everyone know about Cookie Clicker? I think of it as the first blockbuster idle game. Makes me think of a game that might have gotten attention on the old IC website. A parodic tone on top of a game that gets sort of deep. It almkst had a Frog Fractions vibe. You're basically playing yourself, so I suppose it's as deep as you want it to be. I don't plan on making a spreadsheet, but I try to optimize.

    **Datawing** must be mentioned. This one also feels underrated to me. I think it had a run, but is destined to be forgotten, which is a shame. I see it as an attempt to bring a Steam indie darling attitude to mobile, and--well--maybe not addictive enough. Maybe shouldn't have an end state. Great experience. I do think it it should control a little tighter.

    Bullet Hell Monday is a great shooter for phones. It is a lot of very bite size missions.

    Buried Bornes is a simple dungeon crawler with great art and a pretty compelling one more go feel.

    The four I'd recommend are

    Desert Golfing


    Ridiculous Fishing


    “Sky” from thatgameconpany is really neat and cozy, with the big caveat being that it is unfortunately micro-monetized.

    a few years ago I was pretty addicted to Meteorfall. deck building roguelite. i saw there was a new version released recently that changes things up quite a bit but i havent tried it yet

    I’ve been playing a lot of Monster Train which is also available on Steam. I got it on a recommendation when I was going to be flying and was a great little game that got me hooked playing well after my trip.

    I’ve been quite impressed with it as it went above and beyond my expectations as a mere “Slay-the-Spire-alike”. It has a daily challenge which is fun and keeps me coming back for more so would recommend for those who like card games.

    Holedown is an extremely satisfying game about digging by bouncing rubber balls which works very nicely in little chunks and, in a pleasant departure from most mobile games, is one you can beat and be done with or beat at keep on hand to goof around in the endless mode. Great fun, very smart, wonderful little game.

    [Knotwords]( (which shares a designer with Holdedown) is a clever little word game that plays somewhere between a crossword puzzle (grid of interconnected words) and sudoku (discrete elements you have to distribute within sub-zones of the full puzzle). Has daily challenges both full size and mini, lots of fun ways of judging your own skill (mostly in the form of timers which don't matter), works great.

    [Pirates Outlaws]( is a pirate flavored card game about mostly combat. Really charming art style, fun character variety, easy to play in bursts. Features a few ways to give them a couple bucks. Also on PC and Switch if that's more your jam.

    Oh and of course you can always just put [literally Symphony of the Night]( or [literally Final Fantasy Tactics]( on there. Square has a pretty good track record of porting their big hitter RPGs to mobile (Dragon Quest 1-6 and 8 but no 7? You cowards) so you can't really go wrong there. I find touch controls work great for JRPGs, which usually just involve moving around a field in easy ways, tapping to advance dialog, or tapping some menu options.


    @“TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee”#p123878 Square has a pretty good track record of porting their big hitter RPGs to mobile (Dragon Quest 1-6 and 8 but no 7? You cowards) so you can’t really go wrong there.

    This was going to be my contribution to this thread. While I didn't play 8 this way, the Android ports of the first 6 _Dragon Quest_ games are great. They aren't necessarily the most pleasant way possible of playing the games on a few parameters, but they're the best way of playing them while your non dominant arm is wrapped around a pole on the bus, or you're interrupted during a boss battle to go up a level at a station to transfer to the other subway line, or you gotta take a shit at work. They're workhorse, serviceable ports of these games for the platform, as far as I can tell--they're the only versions of most of these games that I have played, but I did play all 6 of the Android ports, and had a great time of it while I was still commuting via public transport daily.


    @“Lunar”#p123864 as a mere “Slay-the-Spire-alike”

    Just plain ol _Slay the Spire_ is on Apple arcade now. Also, _Into the Breach_ is included with a Netflix sub. _Easy Come, Easy Golf/Clap Handz Golf/Everybody's Golf_ or whatever it's called now is really good.

    _Final Fantasy: Tactics_ was pretty good on the phone! I had a lot of fun with that

    gonna throw out poinpy, it requires a netflix subscription which is lame but its made by the downwell dev and conversely involves going up!

    So many cool suggestions, thanks!!

    I will give a try to all of these! :slight_smile:

    I was actually super curious about the Dragon Quest Android versions, definitely had some concerns about them, but I see that I should really shut it and buy them!
    That's great to know.
    The only doubt I'm left with about them is: how does the save works? I mean, exactly bcs of the nature of mobile gaming, I'm kinda afraid about losing a lot of progress bcs of a sudden need to lock the phone, or having to swap app bcs I'm receiving a call I can't ignore, etc.

    How does it handle these kinds of situations?

    @“AnitaAbednego”#p146214 They also back up your saves to your Google Drive or whatever

    Battle for Polytopia is an excellent strategy game that is pretty easy to pick up and I have put far too many hours in.

    Also the lack of attention that Fantasian gets whenever Apple Arcade gets whenever discussed makes me sad. The game has issues sure (especially the late game) but it has interesting mechanics and the handmade diorama environments are beautiful.

    I didn‘t know this so maybe somebody else didn’t know this: Samorost is free on your dang phone. 2 and 3 also available for modest prices.